Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 312 - Loving My Love Rival(5)

Gu Shixing drove Su Wan and Su Rui over to their neighborhood. He watched as the two entered the house walking shoulder to shoulder. Xiao Qing sat on the passenger seat and glanced at the two figures with a complicated expression. He clenched his teeth and clutched his patient clothes tightly.

“Xiao Qing?”

Detecting Xiao Qing’s unusualness, Gu Shuxing looked at him confused. He exclaimed in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”

Xiao Qing immediately shouted at him.

Gu Shuxing didn’t know what to say.


Gu Shuxing looked down and started the engine, keeping quiet.

Su Rui and Su Wan had walked up the stairs and watched Gu Shuxing drive the car away through the window. Su Wan couldn’t resist the urge to smile. “Dear, how do you think Gu Shuxing feels? Would he think Xiao Qing is really special?”

In the original plot, the original owner, Su Wan, broke up with Xiao Qing and after that, she started gaining favorable feelings towards Gu Shuxing. However, he was a gloomy and indifferent person. He didn’t react to Su Wan’s advances at all.

After finding out that Xiao Qing “died” in a car accident, Su Wan also felt a bit guilty. Her plan to pursue her adonis had ceased since and then she left the city silently.

Needless to say, within Xiao Qing and Gu Shuxing’s story, she played the role of a cannon fodder.

Because of Su Wan’s existence, Xiao Qing had reborn into Xiao Qing and since then, misunderstood the situation and thought that Gu Shuxing stole his girlfriend.

Because of this, Xiao Qing naturally opposed Gu Shuxing. After Su Wan, this cannon fodder left, Gu Shuxing’s actual female supporting lead, finally came.

Yao Shanshan, Gu Shuxing’s first love.

Whether it was her appearance or background, or even manners and IQ, she was the epitome of a goddess.

She returned from abroad and planned on making up with Gu Shuxing. Seeing such a perfect goddess throwing herself in the arms of a scumbag, Xiao Qing was naturally unhappy. He started to make things difficult for Gu Shuxing as a “fiancee.” Even more, he did his best to slander Gu Shuxing in front of Yao Shanshan. But the more he did this, the more Yao Shanshan thought “she” cared about Gu Shuxing. As a result, the two women’s relationship became even more tense.

At this time, Xiao Qing still hadn’t realized that she was Yao Shanshan’s love rival.

He still talked to Yan Mubai in front of Yao Shanshan. As a real intelligent woman, Yao Shanshan was able to tell that Yan Mubai was interested in Xiao Qing. Therefore, she got the two of them drunk and tossed them in bed. Then, she led Gu Shuxing over to catch the couple in the act.

Unfortunately, Yao Shanshan underestimated Xiao Qing’s fighting strength.

Who cares about sleeping on the same bed as Yan Mubai? He even showered with him before!

Xiao Qing remained calm despite Yao Shanshan’s framing. It was because of his indifference and calmness that caused Gu Shuxing to look at his crude but special fiancee in a new light.

He was really curious. How could a woman be so careless?

Fine. Forgive the male lead for not knowing that a crude man was living in the soul of his Miss Xiao, his goddess.

People say that once a man is curious about a woman, then it is the start of a relationship.

Gu Shuxing gradually found out that Xiao Qing wasn’t as bad as he thought she was. He started seeing her care for Yan Mubai and the businessmen on Jiulin Street without asking for a return. Even more, she went to visit the orphans in an orphanage every week at a fixed time.

She had been doing all of this silently and she never told anyone about this.

She had a beautiful soul.

The male lead finally noticed the female lead’s halo. As a result, his attitude regarding Xiao Qing gradually changed. When Xiao Family was in trouble, only Gu Shuxing helped the family out, neglecting sleep and forgetting about food...

Whether they gradually grew feelings for each other, or complemented one another’s personality, or love at first sight, the two finally became a couple.

Xiao Qing decided to bid farewell to his past and treat this life as a new life. He kept on living under Xiao Qing’s name.

Recalling the anxiety Xiao Qing felt after Gu Shuxing confessed to him in the original plot, Su Wan couldn’t help but ask, “Hubby, say, what if Gu Shuxing finds out that Xiao Qing is actually a man? Will he still like ‘her?’”

Su Rui was speechless.

This was a great question. General Su didn’t know what to say.

Su Wan watched as Su Rui kept quiet behind her. She knew that General Su was just shocked by this world’s plot.

General Su, as it turns out, there’s a topic that you don’t want to talk about either!

Su Wan was suddenly interested now. She smiled and turned to look at Su Rui. She smiled and exclaimed, “How about we swap roles for this mission?”


Su Rui immediately had a bad omen hearing Su Wan’s words.

Wife, what are you trying to play?

“This time, you’re in charge of separating them and I’ll matchmake them, okay?”

Su Wan blinked and then eagerly waited for Su Rui’s response.


General Su was shocked. His wife isn’t a fujoshi, is she?

Although he was shocked for a while, Su Rui couldn’t help but laugh in the end. “Since you want to play, I’ll play with you. But the loser can’t cry, okay?”

Su Rui was speechless.

You make it sound like I’ll lose for sure~

Speaking of, after all these worlds’ missions, she hadn’t matchmake any male lead and female leads together yet. Why did she suddenly become interested now?


Su Wan exclaimed that this was a secret~

General Su was dumbstruck.

Wife, I know you’re up to something. Don’t think that I don’t~

He slept in Su Wan’s room for the night. The next morning, by the time he got up, Su Wan had prepared breakfast. As for herself, she was standing in front of the mirror and fixing her outfit.

“You’re going to work?”

Seeing Su Wan wear the black outfit, Su Rui furrowed his brows. “Wife, if you’re going to work, what do I do at the store then?”

“I can solve this easily. Sort yourself and then stand next to the door. You’re a live signboard! As long as you stand in a good pose and smile elegantly, the ladies passing by the streets might be charmed by your looks. Then they’ll rush into the store to buy things!”

While fixing her suit, Su Wan smiled.

Su Rui felt black lines falling down his forehead. How can he, a grand general, go on the streets to sell his looks?

“How about I close the store for today?”

Su Rui replied in a low voice while eating his breakfast.

It wasn’t that General Su despised merchants, but he wasn’t used to serving people and watching their attitudes. He refused to fawn over people.

“Mn, that works too.”

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wan nodded at him. “I’m going to quit my job by the end of the month. By then, we can start our own business.”

The two wanted to create their own business. This was also a unique lifestyle.

Who said this wouldn’t be a happy life?

Su Wan left the house in advance to go to work today. After hse left, Su Rui helped her clean up the room.

After that, Su Rui wanted to go downstairs to buy a finance magazine to learn about the financial situation in this world but at this time, his phone started ringing in his pocket.

Seeing the “Dongzi” on the screen, Su Rui hesitated for a while before recalling that he was Xu Dong, Yan Mubai’s good brother at Jiulin Street.

“Hey, Dongzi?”

Su Rui picked up the call while putting his shoes on. Then he heard Xu Dong’s panicky voice, “Brother Bai, come over quickly! Aunt Wang has been hit by the local government officer.”

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