Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 311 - Loving My Love Rival (4)

Su Wan’s neighborhood was far from Jiulin Street. Because it was dark outside, there weren’t many people outside. As a result, Su Wan brought Su Rui along with her and they took the bus home.

After they got off the bus stop, they had to walk down a street before arriving at the neighborhood.

“Wife, you must be tired. Let me carry you.”

Su Rui thought back to how Su Wan had helped him for a few hours and felt bad for his wife. People said that poor couples would live hard lives. But in terms of this simple lifestyle, General Su thought it was quite novel but tiring.

By the time Su Rui carried Su Wan to her neighborhood, he saw a white Chevrolet parked in front of the door. There was a woman whose suit draped over her shoulders and leaned against the car smoking. She was Xiao Qing.

Seeing this bizarre female lead, General Su paused his footsteps.

“What’s the matteR?”

Su Wan was lying on his back and on the verge of falling asleep. She slowly opened her eyes but before she could wake up completely, Xiao Qing had already ran over. “Mubai, what happened to Xiao Wan? Is she injured?”

Xiao Qing had long forgotten that he was Miss Xiao as he ran over and asked Su Rui anxiously.

Su Rui knitted his brows and exclaimed, “Get out of the way. You don’t need to worry about her.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Fine. He had just recalled his identity right now.

“Uh. More or less, I’m responsible for Xiao Qing’s death. I admit this! But I didn’t do it on purpose! I know that he’s an orphan and you two are the closest to him. If you guys need anything, let me know. As long as I can help you guys, I will!”

Xiao Qing couldn’t help but glance at Su Wan on Su Rui’s back. “Miss Su, don’t, don’t blame yourself too much. This...heaven determines fate. Xiao Qing’s accident isn’t your fault. Please don’t fret over this and do something stupid!”

Xiao Qing didn’t know what to say right now. He wanted to tell them that he was Xiao Qing and that he was still alive.

But what use would it be telling them?

Would Su Wan be willing to be with a woman?

Nani. His life. It was full of too much hardship.

Hearing Xiao Qing’s words, Su Wan jumped off from Su Rui’s back and glanced at him with a dim gaze. “Many thanks to Miss Xiao for specially coming over to tell us this. You’re right. Fate is determined. Maybe A-Qing and I aren’t fated this life. I hope he’ll reincarnate to a wealthy family in his afterlife and live a life without worry and with a beautiful woman.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Little Wanwan, you’re really kind and cute. I am living a life without worry and I have beautiful women by my side too. I’m a beautiful woman myself. Do I count? Sob, I don’t want to talk anymore. Let me cry~

“Xiao Qing.”

Gu Shuxing gradually got off the horse carriage seeing that Su Wan was okay. He glanced at Xiao Qing and said, “It’s almost seven. You should return to the hospital!”

Return to the hospital?

Xiao Qing furrowed his brows upon hearing Gu Shuxing’s words. His gaze landed on Su Rui again. “Yan Mubai, did you guys come back from Jiulin Street? You mustn’t have eaten yet right? It’s late. Let me treat you out for dinner at Yi Jiangnan okay? You can order whatever you want!”

Xiao Qing remembered promising Su Wan that he’d bring her to Yi Jiangnan to eat when they were still together in the past. The place was really close to the company Su Wan worked at. It was a really top-tier expensive private restaurant.

Su Rui hesitated before nodding in the end. “Since Miss Xiao is passionately offering us, then let’s not be so polite. Xiao Wan, right?”


Su Wan nodded, her expression faint. “Sorry for troubling Miss Xiao.”

“Ah, what are you talking about? And please stop calling me Miss Xiao. Call me Xiao Qing.”

Whenever he heard someone call him Miss Xiao, Xiao Qing felt sorrowful~

“Here, let’s get back in the horse carriage.”

Xiao Qing didn’t bother to be polite. After dragging Su Rui and Su Wan inside, he immediately turned to say to Gu Shuxing, “Driver, Yi Jiangnan!”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

I’m a driver now?

Gu Shuxing wore a cold expression and started the engine while keeping quiet. He didn’t like talking. Although he was displeased with Xiao Qing since a while ago, thinking that the two families were friends and how she was a patient in his hospital, he had to tolerate this for the time being.

There weren’t many customers in the restaurant when the four arrived at Yi Jiangnan. Xiao Qing requested an exquisite private room. After entering, he asked for a thirty-year old bottle of Maotai liquor as well as a bottle of Lafite,

He transformed from an innocent boy to a “Ms Perfect.” Even if he couldn’t flirt with ladies anymore, he could at least experience the life of a wealthy person. He could be unruly since he had the money!

“Here, you guys can order whatever you want. You can order two of the same dishes if you like it and then another one for takeout!”

Xiao Qing pushed the menu to Su Wan and Su Rui, acting rich.

Su Wan, Su Rui, and Gu Shuxing were all speechless.

The three of us don’t know this person. We really don’t know her...

“You can order whatever.”

Su Wan flipped through the menu, her expression complicated. “When A-Qing was still alive, he always talked about inviting me here to eat. Now that I think about it, this restaurant is no different from the restaurant across the street. As long as I can fill my stomach.”

“Xiao Wan…”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Xiao Qing immediately looked at her with a deep gaze.


Detecting Xiao Qing’s strange gaze, Su Rui immediately coughed. “Xiao Wan, A-Qing isn’t here anymore. I know you can’t get over it but you have to look forward.”

“That’s right.”

Gu Shuxing who had been quiet the entire time also shifted his gaze to look at Su Wan solemnly. “The dead have already passed. Miss Su, you’re still young and you have a long way to go.”


Su Wan nodded hearing the two’s words.

Xiao Qing also looked down, seemingly in deep thought.

Right. He had already “died.” No matter what, he refused to let Su Wan continue to be upset over a dead person.

He subconsciously glanced at Gu Shuxing who was just talking.

This stiff-looking young handsome man was just advising Su Wan. Could he be interested in her?

He already has a fiancee yet he’s being a womanizer like other men. Men like him weren’t reliable. He was too unreliable!

Thinking this, Xiao Qing’s gaze landed on Su Rui again. The only man that Xiao Qing was at ease with was Yan Mubai besides him!

They knew each other and Yan Mubai was a sensible and loyal person!

He was a good man. He was hardworking, passionate, loyal, and filial.

Mn. Besides having financial problems, he was pretty good overall!

Xiao Qing couldn’t help but shift his gaze between Su Rui and Su Wan.

You don’t say but the two did quite look like a couple.

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Nani. Why do I still feel uncomfortable?

Matchmaking my ex-girlfriend with my good brother isn’t something a normal person would do!

The meal cost tens of thousands of dollars and in the end, Gu Shuxing had paid the bill.

Coming out of the restaurant, Xiao Qing looked at Su Rui and Su Wan, saying, “We’re close to Jiulin Street. Mubai, I’ll take you back first and then Xiao Wan!”

“It’s fine.”

Su Wan immediately shook her head. “Bring me back along the way. Mubai wasn’t able to pay rent and he was kicked out by the landlord. He can’t just stay in the store all the time. It just so happens that there’s a spare room at my place so I’ll let him live there for a bit. When he earns his money back and can afford rent, we’ll talk then!”

Xiao Qing was dumbstruck.

Nani? Though I plan on matchmaking you guys, you don’t need to be so quick!

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