Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 310 - Loving My Love Rival(3)

“Two yuan, two yuan! They’re all two yuan, two yuan. You won’t lose from buying it nor will you be tricked! Don’t miss this opportunity, it’s only two yuan!”

“Look here, look here. But two children’s outfits and you only have to pay twenty yuan!”

“It’s a clearance! I’m selling this at a large discount. That’s it, that’s it! The boss is crazy!”

The moment Su Wan walked into Jiulin Street, loudspeakers and hollers enveloped her ears. It rose and fell in succession. Her ears buzzed nonstop.

It was really noisy. Su Wan couldn’t help but quicken her pace and walk into Yan Mubai’s store according to her memory.

Before she got there, a lady wearing flowery clothes stopped her.

“Hey, why are you here again? Our Brother Bai doesn’t hit women! But if you keep pestering him, I’ll scratch you!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Who the heck is Brother Bai?

“Who are you?”

Su Wan glanced coldly at the lady wearing a flowery dress. She looked pretty young and she had a plain appearance but why was she wearing a flowery dress that made her look much older?

“What’s it to you? Gold-digger, stay the hell away!”

Seeing Su Wan’s cold gaze, The flowery-dressed girl subconsciously puffed her chest out and exclaimed in a louder voice as well, immediately attracting the other vendors at other stalls. Everyone looked at Su Wan and revealed an interested expression.

Su Wan was speechless.

In the original plot, Yan Mubai and Xiao Qing were sworn brothers. Xiao Qing had called Yan Mubai before he got into an accident. He knew that Su Wan dumped Xiao Qing and he had gone to drink at a bar due to the breakup and got into an accident as a result. Due to this, Yan Mubai naturally didn’t treat Su Wan well.

About three days ago, the two attended Xiao Qing’s funeral. Su Wan recalled leaving something at Xiao Qing’s place. He was an orphan so Yan Mubai had taken care of all his remnants. In the end, Su Wan had no choice but to look for Yan Mubai at Jiulin Street. Who knew that the two started arguing in front of his store. Because Yan Mubai had a pretty good relationship with the people here, everyone came to advise them, thinking they were a couple fighting.

Su Wan grabbed her own things in the end and the two parted unhappily. The neighbors enjoyed gossip so they came to ask Yan Mubai if Su Wan was his girlfriend. Because he was still in a fit of anger, Yan Mubai cursed her out and said she was a gold-digger. The vendors at Jiulin Street then imagined Su Wan to be a gold-digger who dumped the innocent peddler.

Of course, this wasn’t it.

Although Yan Mubai was poor and had smooth skin, he was handsome. Standing in front of the stall, he looked like a celebrity. The young ladies here all wanted to get close to him. The girl wearing a flowery dress that stopped Su Wan was Liu Ying. She was one of Brother Bai’s admirers.

Because of Liu Ying’s loud voice, lots of people had come over, pointing at them. They were clearly all watching the show.

Su Wan gazed at them, a smile flickering past her face.

Because the original body’s figure was on the petite side, Su Wan was unable to see Yan Mubai’s store, surrounded by the crowd. That’s why she smiled and hollered, “Yan Mubai, Yan Mubai! Come out!”

Everyone subconsciously moved out of the way so that Su Wan could walk over after hearing her holler loudly.

At this time, a certain person walked out quickly and appeared in front of everyone.

Although he was just wearing a simple casual outfit and his hair was messy, it was unable to conceal his handsomeness and elegance.

“Wife, you’re here!”

Su Rui smiled awkwardly at Su Wan and exclaimed, “You came in time. Help me clean up quickly!”

General Su refused to admit that he had been in the warehouse since he entered the mission world and he was pressed down by the counterfeit products piled up on top of him.

Seeing Su Rui holding Su Wan’s hands and taking her inside the room, everyone scattered. Meanwhile, Liu Ying stayed at her spot and stomped her feet harshly seeing the two’s figures.

Good men are all other’s. There's no way to live~

Su Wan followed Su Rui to his dozen square meter or so shop. The moment she entered, she saw the ground full of bags and she was quite speechless. “Have you been mugged?”

Su Rui was speechless.


Su Rui looked at Su Wan, embarrassed. “Um, you know that Yan Mubai had just gotten a batch of goods using all of the money he has. Say, isn’t he dumb? He didn’t even leave some money for his rent. It costs quite a few ten thousand! He used all his money on what? These counterfeit products!”

Forgive General Su for being an academician, warrior, and cook in the past. But nani. He was never a vendor so he didn’t know how to sell goods!

Looking at the room full of counterfeit products, General Su felt a headache.

“Okay, okay. It’s fine. I know how to sell them!”

Looking at Su Rui’s embarrassed expression, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. “Let’s clean this up first. Hang the new styled products in the most obvious spots so they can attract the customers’ attention. The old styled products can be placed in the shopping cart in front and used for clearance.”

General Su was speechless.

Though he had no idea what his wife was talking about, it seemed like she knew what she was doing.

My wife is always the best~

The two got straight to work mode. Su Wan ordered Su Rui around and he helped her out. By the time the two finished sorting out all the bags, it had gotten completely dark outside. The other stores on Jiulin Street were already closed for the night.

“Huff, so tired.”

General Su had never done such tedious work. He felt like it was more tiring to sort out a store than going on the battlefield.

“This is the lifestyle of an ordinary person.”

Su Wan smiled at Su Rui. She had done all sorts of work in the past. Selling goods and whatnot is so easy.

“I’m a bit hungry. Let’s go eat first.”

Su Rui closed the store and brought Su Wan into his arms as they walked onto the street.

“Let’s not eat outside. I’ll cook for you when we go home.”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui. Yan Mubai, did you forget that you’re penniless right now? I heard that you can’t even pay rent so you have to sleep overnight at your store?

Su Rui was speechless.

Su Rui didn’t really understand Yan Mubai’s thought. He had earned quite a bit by selling counterfeit products at the Jiulin Street, yet he mailed money back to his hometown to his parents so that they can use it for his brother’s marriage.

However, he ended up being homeless in the city.

In the original plot, Yan Mubai had lived a down and out lifestyle like this too. Up until Xiao Qing came to visit him.

Yan Mubai naturally didn’t know that the beautiful Miss Xiao in front of him was his good brother. He only knew that Miss Xiao was beautiful and kind. Even though he made sarcastic comments at her because of Xiao Qing’s death, she still helped him out enthusiastically. She never wanted any return.

Su Rui was speechless.

General Su wanted to calm for a while. He was unable to accept this plot.

The male had become a female while the female had become a male. General Su had heard of this before but you’re a straight man! How do you go from being a straight man to liking a guy!

Even if you become a woman, shouldn’t you become a lesbian?


Of course, if they’re a lesbian or whatnot, they mustn’t seek his wife out as a partner! Don’t even think about it.

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