The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 310: Kissing Up, Male God, Please Drink

On the set, whether it was the lighting artist, cameraman, or prop and field crew, all gathered together secretly, staring at the beautiful man in ancient costume with glowing eyes, they exerted their all to widen their eyes to the max.

After that day when male god Ou Qian came, their moral conduct has long turned to being shameful.

So vivid aaaahhhh, it’s like dreaming aaaahhhhh.

This was the movie emperor Ou Qian! The superstar Ou Qian would actually come to them to play a small supporting role!

It’s said that Director Wang and Ou Qian were old friends, but even if there’s friendship between them, wasn’t Director Wang’s face to big?

After a half day’s work, the male god Ou Qian made up all the scenes that Wei Teng had filmed before, leaving only the last scene where he exterminated the whole Yang family. The old performers who played as Yang’s father and mother and the family’s retainers were all present with Shan Shui too.

Yang Yurou was hidden under the bed by Mother Yang. She saw Ji Qing’s boots and then saw her mother fell to the ground by the man’s sword slash on her throat. When Mother Yang died, the camera shot would move from Shan Shui’s back of the head to her close-up face, then turned to Ji Qing’s red boots and Mother Yang’s corpse, there will also be a close-up appearance of Mother Yang’s tragic death.

When Nan Xun arrived, Ou Qian just finished filming the previous scenes, leaving only the last scene of exterminating the whole Yang family along with killing Mother Yang. Ou Qian saw the previous scenes and seemed to be dissatisfied with it, so he was seen discussing some issues with Director Wang.

As if seeing Nan Xun’s arrival with the corner of his eyes, he raised his head and swept a glance towards her side, then to everybody’s surprise, he actually sent an attack towards Nan Xun by displaying a slight smile before he went back to discuss things with Director Wang.

Nan Xun’s jaws opened wide, staying at the same place similar to a dumbstruck wooden chicken.

Sister Qing came over to remind her to change her outfit when suddenly Nan Xun grabbed her arm in excitement, “Sister Qin, Sister Qin, Great Ou Qian is dressed up, is it possible that, that he will play Ji Qing’s role??”

Sister Qin can hardly suppress a smile, “That’s right, I was also surprised when I knew that the superstar Ou Qian would actually agree to play a supporting role. Sister knew you’re Ou Qian’s little fan, but keep in mind that you can’t screw up when filming. During the day, all of Ou Qian’s scenes passed with just one take, if you get NG five to six times when you play with him, then I’m afraid the great god would be annoyed by you.”

Nan Xun only nodded like pounding garlic.

Nan Xun was very excited in her heart ah, she thought that it would take four or five years before she can play with big boss which then finally could make further progress, but she didn’t expect…

Oh f*ck, this happiness came so fast!

“Little Eight, Little Eight, is this really just a coincidence? Isn’t it because the big boss made a special trip to play this role with me? After all, there are a lot of intimate scenes between us in the new script.” Nan Xun shyly covered her face.

Little Eight sneered, “Dear da, how big is your face to actually have this kind of thought ah? First, the big boss has a long friendship with Director Wang, it’s just a personal favor. Second, this script was modified by the screenwriter, there’s nothing to do with big boss.”

Nan Xun sighed then asked, “It’s been so long, and I haven’t left a day without posting his sketches on Man-Man, furthermore, I have been expressing my fiery love too, why haven’t Ou Qian’s evil value drop by a single point?”

Little Eight also sighed and said faintly, “It really doesn’t drop, not even by one point. To be honest, this grandpa is moved by your actions, but it’s useless for only this grandpa to be moved ah, there’s no reaction from the big boss at all.”

Nan Xun was no longer happy; she was even feeling a little moody now. She worked diligently for so long, it’s still alright if Ou Qian’s evil value drop by as little as 0.5 ah, but no, sh1t, there’s no progress at all.

When the sulking Nan Xun looked at the male god, there was a trace of resentment in her eyes.

The lighting and props personnel were all ready, and it was time to start the ‘extinguishing family’ scene.

In the moonless night everyone at Yang’s house has already fallen into deep sleep when dozens of people in black climbed the wall and entered the residence, the two guards who were at night vigil were killed with a single blow.

One by one, the sleeping people were awakened as the killing began.

Corpses were strewn everywhere as their blood turned into a red river.

Father Yang resisted desperately, but no matter how powerful his martial art was, he still can’t fight dozens of enemies by himself, he soon was heavily wounded from countless swords.

When dozens of people in the Yang family almost all dead, the mansion’s front door was opened with a creak, and a man in red clothing paced in leisurely.

He walked in leisurely, his pair of crimson boots walked through pools of blood, his blood-red robe fluttered in the night, his silver hair that was different from ordinary people were conspicuous.

Looking at Father Yang who was besieged by men in black, he slowly raised his hand to make a signal.

Upon seeing this, those men in black retreated behind him.

The peerless unparalleled man looked at the wounded father Yang, his mouth slanted in a sneer and his voice was as cold as ice, “Yang family’s martial art is just like this. Or, is it that you haven’t used all your strength?”

After saying this, his eyes flashed all of a sudden as he pulled out a soft sword from his waist, his figure suddenly jumped into the air, lifting his sword high up to stab his enemy directly.

The two’s fight lasted for a full five minutes; their movements were extremely skillful.

When Ji Qing finally pierced Father Yang’s throat, he pulled out his sword that was stained red with blood, the tip was still dripping fresh blood to the ground.

The man took a deep breath of the bloody smell of the courtyard, his face looked as if he was intoxicated.

For him, this bloody scent from the Yang family was more charming than all incense in the world, it was a scent that he had been waiting for a long time to wash his soul.

At this moment, he finally got the revenge of over ten years for exterminating his family.

Then, holding a long sword in his hand, he walked towards the backyard of Yang’s mansion step by step.

Kill! Leave no one alive.


If it weren’t for Director Wang using the clapperboard, everyone would still be incapable of extricating themselves from that play.

“Aaaahh, Great Ou Qian was so abnormal when he killed people, but why did I find it so charming? It’s over, I have officially gone crazy!” An assistant makeup artist stomped in excitement.

When everyone was still being excited, Nan Xun took a bottle of mineral water and rushed over, “Th-that, Great Ou Qian, you have worked hard, please drink this!”

Everyone: …

Oh sh1t, that shy wife appearance simply made them unable to look straight.

Others also really wanted to give the male god water or wipe his sweat ah, but everyone in the circle knew that male god Ou Qian never drinks water from outside, his assistant especially prepared and brought water separately for him.

Therefore, Shan Shui’s action was useless.

Sure enough, male god Ou Qian took the water politely, but he didn’t drink it immediately, although he politely said, “Thank you.”

Before he could speak more, the assistant on his side took the initiative to take the mineral water in his hand, and then handed him another bottle of water.

The male god looked at his little fan’s disappointed expression, raised his eyebrows and explained, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s just a habit. You should have heard some scandals in showbiz that a famous singer drank water given by other people and became mute from having his throat poisoned.”

After a brief pause, he added a summary, “At my level, there are plenty of people who are jealous of me.”

Nan Xun: …

Although it’s all facts, was it okay to say it so bluntly?


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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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