You Look Like You’re Made of Money

Chapter 31: Part 2 — He wanted to personally tell her, I am sorry.

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Originally Su Yan didn’t have any expectations for a barbecue on the street side. It was only to accompany Jiang Jingchuan. Who would have thought that after she very cautiously opened her mouth to eat a bite of cold noodles, she did not say another word, and fully indulged herself in eating the kebab skewers and drinking the iced beverage. She felt that this barbeque was more delicious than anything she had eaten before!

Seeing Su Yan’s mouth full of oil as she continued to eat, Jiang Jingchuan took a paper towel and wiped her mouth while smiling.

On the table beside them sat a pair of school sweethearts. The young girl saw Jiang Jingchuan show such gentle thoughtfulness, then looked back at her boyfriend, only to see him playing in his mobile while eating the roasted kebab skewers, showing no interest in her at all from the beginning. She immediately became angry, huffing in rage she pinched her boyfriend’s waist, which made him rub his waist while angrily glaring at her, “Why did you do that!”

The young girl was very angry, “You only know how to play with your phone, you bastard! Why don’t you go and date your phone!”

The young boy felt helpless, and did not say anything, but also obediently turned off his phone.

The young girl however, felt that it wasn’t enough, the flames of fury in her heart which were already burning, burned even brighter. Now, it simply couldn’t be doused, “Take a look at others then look at yourself, are you dating like this? You want to break up, don’t you?!”

Su Yan felt that the quarrel between that pair of sweethearts was very amusing, she watched them with great interest. In her previous era, let alone fighting with your husband, the majority of the women did not even dare to glare at them.

When the boy looked around, he noticed the pair of Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan. He observed Su Yan carefully, then couldn’t help but steal a few more glimpses. He then lowered his head and muttered, “If you can become like that, I could also show gentle and soft consideration.”

“What did you say, you bastard!”

The young man quickly picked up the skewers of unfinished food and put the money on the table while yelling at the owner’s wife, “Boss, here is the money.”

After saying that, he sneaked a few more glances at Su Yan before hastily slipping away. The young girl was so angry that she pounded on the table before going after him.

Considering her war-like appearance, it can be estimated that the young man would need to kowtow a lot.

Su Yan smiled, admiration in her eyes, “This young lady is truly interesting.”

Jiang Jingchuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Should I pray for that boy?”

After they finished eating, the two people were filled to the point of bursting, so they took a walk in the nearby vicinity. Su Yan hugged Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, then recalled the afternoon when Wan Yi had called. She decided to tell Jiang Jingchuan, the atmosphere now was just right. She said with a bit of hesitation: “Jingchuan, I have a matter I want to tell you, but don’t know whether it is proper or not.”

“There is nothing proper or improper. We are husband and wife, you can tell me anything.” Jiang Jingchuan's mood was very good and his tone was very relaxed.

“Last time a good friend of mine came over. I should have told you, but the reason why she came was because Shen Peiran was looking for her. I had told her very clearly, and hoped that she could lend me a hand and talk with Shen Peiran and tell him that it is impossible between me and him. Today Shen Peiran again went to look for her, she met him and told him a few things.” Su Yan’s tone was neither too tight nor too relaxed. There was no uneasiness in her voice as she spoke of Shen Peiran, on the contrary it was like talking about a stranger, “Shen Peiran’s feelings were somewhat agitated, my friend was worried that he might do something too drastic, therefore, she called to warn me.”

After pondering for a while, Jiang Jingchuan asked: “As per your understanding of him, what do you think he will do?”

After knowing Su Yan’s thoughts, Jiang Jingchuan’s concerns regarding Shen Perian can be counted as nothing.

“Do not know.” Su Yan shook her head, she from the start didn't understand Shen Peiran. She didn't at all know what he could do if he was angry, since it was like this, she had decided to tell Jiang Jingchuan. In any case, she hoped it gave Jiang Jingchuan a feeling that she was very honest and relied on him.

As long as Jiang Jingchuan believed in her, she would not be cornered by Shen Peiran’s matter.

Jiang Jingchuan could roughly guess what Shen Peiran was thinking. He felt it was really ridiculous. In actuality, he didn’t at all minded whether or not Su Yan’s first time was with him. Although in few matters he was somewhat of a male chauvinist, but he didn’t have a virgin complex. He has no right to interfere in Su Yan’s past, nor can he do anything about it. It’s her memory and her past. And from Shen Peiran’s perspective, Su Yan had betrayed him, that’s why he was emotionally riled up.

“Are you afraid?” Jiang Jingchuan closely observed Su Yan’s expression.

Su Yan hesitated for a while before nodding, “To be honest, a little. I have already decided that I will not have any contact with him in the future, but he is still very persistent, I don’t know what he will do next, and I am somewhat worried inside.”

“Hm, I understand.” Jiang Jingchuan stroked her head, comforting her, “Don’t feel anxious. I am still here, no one would dare to do anything to you.”

Hearing those words, a large part of Su Yan’s heart relaxed, but thinking over, she again couldn’t help but say: “Jingchuan, I have a matter I want to request of you, actually Shen Peiran had not caused any harm to me, and also he and I were schoolmates. If you can, can you promise me that unless he did something extreme, we also will not harm him, okay?”

Don’t know where the original body had gone now, she pushed Shen Peiran far away for her own sake, but inwardly she dedsperately wished that Shen Peiran could peacefully let go. She was not that much of an honest and good person, and furthermore was very selfish. Since she had also taken over the original’s body and also her life, although it is impossible to love the person she loved, at the least she could guarantee that the person the original body loved would not be retaliated against by Jiang Jingchuan.

It would be too tragic.

She doesn’t know what Jiang Jingchuan’s bottom line was, but she was afraid that Shen Peiran’s repeated actions would end up provoking Jiang Jingchuan.

Jiang Jingchuan’s expression was complex when he looked at Su Yan, he sighed ambiguously: “You still care about him.”

Those words…...

Su Yan didn’t know what should be said at this time, and had no other choice but to come close and hug him. She firmly hugged his waist, then said in a muffled voice: “You are jealous, right?”

Forget it, forget  it, better continue to tease and coax him.

Who said that it was her fault.

Jiang Jingchuan didn’t speak. Which man would easily admit that he was jealous. He knew that Su Yan and Shen Peiran were impossible now, but hearing her expressing concern about other people still put him in a bad mood.

In a very bad mood.

“Even if you are jealous, it does not matter. I want to tell you that my manner had already been clear cut from the start. It is impossible with him. Jingchuan, you don’t know but the thing I fear the most is not him doing something, but losing you.” What Su Yan said was true. She really didn’t know what Shen Peiran would do, but she dreaded Jiang Jingchuan’s attitude since the beginning.

She was truly satisfied with her current life, she was also very satisfied with Jiang Jingchuan. Was it wrong if she did not want to lose the life she had right now?  

As expected, those words really soothed Jiang Jingchuan’s ruffled fur. He subconsciously smiled. He hugged her back, and said under his breath: “Mr. Jiang isn’t so stingy, although he really loathes Shen Peiran, he will not do things that will harm a person’s character. What's more, he will not do anything which would make Mrs. Jiang unhappy. Therefore, Mrs. Jiang can set her mind at ease.”

These were Jiang Jingchuan’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Since the beginning, he didn’t want to deal with Shen Peiran. Unless one day Shen Peiran became large and formidable enough in the business world, then he would fight at close quarters with him, open and aboveboard, otherwise he will never dispose of a man whom he considered weak.

Well. In simple terms, it would be dangerous if Jiang Jingchuan was forced.

It was equivalent to a university student hitting a primary student. Too disdainful.  

It would be a one sided battle.

Su Yan wasn’t surprised by Jiang Jingchuan’s words. She just wanted to personally hear him say that. Shen Peiran also was not someone formidable. Strictly speaking, he also did not do anything objectionable to harm others, and Jiang Jingchuan had common sense. He would handle this matter rationally.

“Mrs. Jiang suddenly feels that Mr. Jiang is getting more handsome. What to do?” Su Yan continued to coax him.

What to do? Return to base and tackle it!!

Open country warfare is no good.

In the wee hours of the morning at 3 clock, Su Yan was already tired enough and wanted to fall asleep. Under the bed there were several small raincoat sheaths lying disorderly on the floor. Jiang Jingchuan held Su Yan in his arms, not willing to let her go. What kind of man would he be if he let his wife feel afraid. He kissed Su Yan for a while, then whispered: “What you are afraid of won’t happen, I assure you.”

Shen Peiran, certainly needs to be dealt with.

The next morning, as usual, when Su Yan was still meeting with Duke Zhou, Jiang Jingchuan was already up and having breakfast. Auntie Wang again and again looked downstairs then asked: “Sir, would you like to call Madam up for breakfast?”

Auntie Wang felt that if Su Yan could accompany Jiang Jingchaun to have breakfast together, then would escort him till the door as he left for work, just like before. It would have been very good, but since several days ago, Su Yan would sleep till noon and wake up directly to eat lunch.

Jiang Jingchuan coughed lightly and awkwardly shook his head, “No, no need. Let her sleep well.”

Last night they had really tossed around too many times.

Auntie Wang was a very experienced person. Looking at Jiang Jingchuan’s range of expressions, she understood everything. She immediately ran to the kitchen and said this very clearly, today they would continue to give madam nourishing food to build up her health!

Coming out of the kitchen, Auntie Wang, who was regarded as the number one teammate under Su Yan, naturally looked for every opportunity there was to brush up her madam’s favorable impression, “Sir, the meal which madam carried to you yesterday, did it suit your tastes?”

Jiang Jingchuan recalled yesterday’s tender moments and his face softened, “Yes, it was pretty good.”

Especially the dessert after the meal, it was too delicious!

Cough cough, at least as a hand lover, Jiang Jingchuan felt that yesterday was perfect.

“Yesterday, as soon as madam heard that sir was going to work overtime, she entered the kitchen and said to make several dishes. She was rather in a hurry at that time, the food’s appearance was different from the usual. If Sir had felt that the taste was to his liking then it would be good.” Overtly informing sir of madam’s actions to let him know madam cared for him, and because she was in a hurry, she made the cooks rush their cooking.

Jiang Jingchuan smiled after hearing that, “I had a good meal. I need to go to the company early today, let the cooks make several dishes which the madam loves.”

“Yes!” Auntie Wang carefully observed Jiang Jingchuan’s expression, then felt satisfied.


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