Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 31: Frontline Journalist (4) Part 2

Ah Jin talked about Mani's family as well.

He had already sent his family out of the country a long time ago.

The reason he remained in the country now was that he did not want to leave the city.

If not for this trip today, he would have been ready to leave in a few days.

He was ready to give up on the increasingly chaotic country.

The two chatted and became more cheerful.

Mani told him that if the situation was not bad now, he would have been friends with Ah Jin for sure and would have invited them both to dinner at home.

Ah Jin sighed and shook her head, "Brother Mani, actually, I have something I want to trouble you with."

Mani graciously said, "Sir, you can say whatever you want. It's my honor to help you."

Ah Jin continued, "The two of us are unfamiliar with the country, and there is so much chaos here. We are terrified. Do you know of any place where we can buy something to protect ourselves?"

Mani was silent for a moment, then nodded.

"Yes, Sir, there are good places to buy in these chaotic times. I have a trustworthy friend. I can introduce you to him."

Ah Jin said, "In that case, I'll trouble you."

After hearing this, Mani turned the car around and went in another direction.

Traveling for half an hour, Mani led them both to a residential area.

"Hey, old buddy, how's it going?"

Mani went up to greet him.

"Look who's here. Long time no see, Mani."

Mani sidestepped and introduced Ah Jin to him.

"This is my employer, Mr. Zhou."

"Hello, Mr. Zhou. Nice to meet you."

"Sir, this is my friend Daniel."

"Hello, Daniel. Nice to meet you too."

Daniel was obviously shocked by the local language Ah Jin was speaking to him in.

"Wow, Mr. Zhou, you speak the Country's A language so well."

"Many thanks for the compliment."

Ah Jin gave Mani another look, to the point where Mani added, "Daniel, Mr. Zhou is here today to buy some weapons for self-defense. Do you have any good recommendations?"

Daniel was happier.

"I just got in a good batch of weapons from Country B. This way, please, Mr. Zhou."

Ah Jin followed him into the room.

The room was filled with all sorts of hanging equipment.

There were many Ah Jin did not recognize.

She only picked a few that Daniel recommended and grabbed a few more that she could use.

Before leaving, she also chose a pistol for Sanlang for self-defense and bought a bulletproof vest for him to wear.

Ah Jin also left her phone number to Daniel for contact in the future.

After that, she asked Mani to take them both to a safe hotel to stay.

It was still a bad hotel, but they weren't picky.

In this case, it was good to have a place to stay.

During the evening, Mani knocked on the door and offered them an invitation to go for a drink.

There were still taverns and nightclubs open even in the chaos of the night.

Ah Jin gladly accepted the invitation.

The taverns were a great place to go, the best place to gather information.

Mani led them to a small alley in the middle of nowhere.

Streetlights did not illuminate the road.

The whole city was like a giant beast that swallowed people, and there were faint sounds of gunshots in the distance.

The nasty stuff was even eviler under the umbrella of darkness.

There were many taverns and nightclubs once they entered the alley.

From the taverns and nightclubs also came the faint sounds of conversation and music.

This place and outside the alley distinctly formed two worlds.

They followed Mani into a tavern.

By looking at how he was highly familiar with it, he should be a regular customer here.

The three of them ordered three large beers and then sat at the bar and talked.

Mani said that even now, in this city, only here was safer.

At night the place was even more crowded with different people.

He said they could buy anything they wanted here, as long as they had money and weren't afraid to die.

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