Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 31 Part 1

The news report was that there was a change of personnel at the upper ranks of Country A.

The former member retired, and a new member of the House of Representatives took over.

The report barely touched on the issue and did not elaborate much.

Two months after his takeover, the civil war broke out.

Ah Jin focused on this person.

He did not have much information available on the Internet.

Now that the war broke out, the traces were even more untraceable.

Ah Jin hacked into Country A's system and pulled up the personnel files.

Arda, a native of Country A, graduated from 233 University, from a small border town.

He had been doing a low-level job before and was promoted because of his good performance.

Only two months after the promotion, a civil war broke out.

His position was a failure, and it was unfortunate for this person.

Ah Jin looked at the information of this border town.

After searching this small city, its city's edge was Country B.

Country B was a big country that produced contraband.

Whether or not there was a relationship between the two was hard to say.

Ah Jin said to Sanlang, "Come on, let's go grab someone to ask."

Sanlang was a bit confused.

"Grab someone? Grab who?"

Ah Jin smiled wickedly.

"Whoever is useful. You go and borrow a car from the staff of the embassy. Just say that we want to go out to collect information and do not have a car. We will return it at night."

Sanlang blankly went.

For a brain-damaged fan, the Great God worked beyond his understanding.

In a short while, Sanlang came back.

"Brother Zhou, the embassy personnel, said they couldn't let us borrow a car, but he could provide the phone number of the Rent-A-Car. They are both safe and reliable people."

Ah Jin called and rented another car.

Thankfully she came out with a lot of cash.

The person said they would be waiting for them in front of the embassy in an hour.

The driver could also stay as long as the money was paid.

The driver could be hired.

After all, they did not know the way.

The city was pretty much destroyed.

It was good that the phone worked fine, forget about the Internet and GPS.

An hour later, the car arrived.

The driver's name was Mani, a 30 or 40-year-old uncle.

His face was covered with years of experience.

He looked like a man who had been through the storm.

Ah Jin hired Mani, and he was warm and thoughtful.

He knew what to say along the way.

Ah Jin asked him about the contraband on the road, and Mani's face was filled with anger when he said, "Sir, this thing is too harmful. So many people in my country are ruined because of this matter. A lot of people in my country have lost their families because of this. There was chaos for a while because of this, and then the government banned it so strictly that even the customs were closed."

"Oh? That serious, then you know where this stuff comes in from in general?"

Mani looked even more indignant.

"Where else but Country B. That group of dogs, they will go to hell one day sooner or later."

After saying that, he sighed.

"Sir, I'm not going to hide it from you. There are rumors everywhere that the war is caused by this. Because the government closed the customs with Country B, due to this, Country B was extremely upset and decided to start the war so they could open the customs gate."

They were all folk rumors, but rumors originated from daily life and may not be without merit.

The truth sometimes could be just plain scary.

The two men, Ah Jin and Mani, were talking in front of Sanlang, and he couldn't understand the conversation.

In his heart was nothing but infinite admiration for Ah Jin.

Could he talk after just three days of reading the Complete Translation Guide?

Sanlang felt it was likely they were not living in the same world.

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