The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 31 - Owe Money, Use yourself to Compensate

Thanks to my editor Gold Fairy~

When Cheng Jinyu woke up it was already past 8. He carefully looked at his watch and realized it was actually already 8 AM. He definitely set an alarm for 7. How come it didn't go off?

Cheng Jinyu did not have time to look for the reason. The arranged time to meet the material supplier was coming up soon. He needed to hurry and go to the location.

After Cheng Jinyu washed his face and brushed his teeth in a flash, he took out a suit from his closet and changed. He hurried downstairs and unexpectedly saw Gu Bokai sitting on the couch watching TV.

“You’re still here?”

“I’m the boss.” Gu Bokai straightforwardly said, “I can go to work whenever I want.”

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to him. He hurried to walk outside but he only took a few steps before he turned his head around. “Do you have any matters today? Is Xiao Ma here? Can I use your car?”

Gu Bokai’s eyes gleamed. “Why should I let you use my car? What benefit do I get?”

Cheng Jinyu did not want to acknowledge him. He simply turned his head around and ran out. Previously, he always left very early. He considered it a morning exercise and usually jogged until he reached the bus stop near the villa.

Only today, time was a bit crunched.  8 AM was rush hour time. It was very likely that the bus would be extremely full.

Cheng Jinyu hurried and ran. Behind him, an attractive Lamborghini followed after. Beaming with smiles Gu Bokai said, “You have your own car, but you don't use it, and insist on running. Are you kidding me?”

“Do you think I can drive?” Cheng Jinyu, panting with rage, replied.

“Can't drive! Then there's nothing you can do. You can just slowly run. Seeing that you’re this anxious, there must be something important, right? It wouldn’t be good to be late. Perhaps these past few days of hard work will go to waste.”

Cheng Jinyu thought that it was like what Gu Bokai said. Nothing was as important as his current work, especially since yesterday Jiang Zihan already took his information to investigate. He couldn't not have anything when the time came.

“You... just state your condition!” Cheng Jinyu yelled.

Gu Bokai slowed down. “The condition for me driving you to work?”


“Give me a kiss.”

“Leave, I don’t need you.”

Gu Bokai stopped the car. “I’m just joking with you, who would let you kiss me. If you really did kiss me, my skin would get a rash. Forget it, hurry and get in!”

“You’re really going to drive me?”

“It’s not the first time I drove you.”

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything, and directly sat inside the car. Cheng Jinyu told him the address and the car quickly sped off.

Cheng Jinyu thought a bit and finally opened his mouth. “Thank you for last night.”

“No need to thank me. I’m just scared to be cucked by you.”

Cheng Jinyu fiercely glared at him. The feeling of gratitude disappeared. He took out his cellphone and took a look at why his alarm did not go off.

Gu Bokai saw Cheng Jinyu’s actions. “I turned off your alarm.”


Gu Bokai replied, “Seeing you work tirelessly for Jiang Zihan makes me unhappy.”

“This is my job. My job, ok? You also have work, don’t tell me you don't understand?”

“Don’t understand.” Gu Bokai said, “Hurry and resign. We can make you a model.”

Cheng Jinyu just turned his head to a side. He no longer wanted to look at this person.

“If you don’t want to become a model, then become an assistant. Just be my assistant. Many people will cry and weep for the position.”

At this time there were many cars on the road. After all, it was currently the time for everyone to go to work. In this flourishing large city, at this time there was the most amount of traffic.

Those people with money would not usually show up at this time. Gu Bokai, driving this kind of eye catching sports car, stopped in a cluster of cars, drew a lot of gazes.

“Why did you take this car out?”

“This is your car, ok? I’m helping you handle it, so naturally I would drive your car out.”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “This car is too precious. I appreciate your kindness but I really don't want this car. I don’t deserve it.”

Gu Bokai’s mouth suddenly curled into a smile. “If you have an achievement, then couldn’t you receive it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Become our Gu Family’s real daughter-in-law. Let’s do it once. Then, wouldn’t it truly belong to you?”

“Get lost!” Cheng Jinyu’s face was faintly red. He immediately ignored him.

Gu Bokai's driving skills were very good. Even though time was tight, he managed to hurry over at the last moment. Cheng Jinyu prohibited him from getting out of the car and causing a disturbance. He was here to talk about the circumstances with the supplier.

Gu Bokai was bored as he waited for him. He got out of the car, and saw Cheng Jinyu sitting not far from him.  Seeing the figure of an elite person, his face couldn't help but leak a small smiling expression.

A confident Cheng Jinyu was even better looking. It was like a precious jade being exposed to wind and dust. Blow away the dust, and it will reveal his splendor.

When Cheng Jinyu finished handling his business, it was almost 10. He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.

Gu Bokai directly brought him to the closest restaurant to eat breakfast. Cheng Jinyu was also very hungry and started to wolf down his food. He had no image in front of Gu Bokai, naturally he also had no misgivings.

Gu Bokai was beaming as he watched Cheng Jinyu eat in front of him. He only ordered a cup of coffee and just sat across from him as he tugged on his chin to watch.

Suddenly, Cheng Yan appeared before them. “Big Brother, it really is you!” She exclaimed. “Xiao Yu just said they saw you but I wasn’t convinced. Didn’t think it was really you.”

“Big Brother, how did you change so much? Where did you get the suit? From A Goods? It seems very similar. You look so good in it, I’m almost afraid of associating with you. Who is this? Your friend? How handsome!”

Cheng Yan’s gaze finally landed on Gu Bokai last. Her eyes were emitting hearts. With one look, you could tell this man was remarkable. Only in a fictional manga would you be able to find a handsome and rich perfect being.

This kind of person gave off the same kind of feeling Cheng Yan had when she first saw Chen Yuze.

But Chen Yuze's character was frail. He was too beautiful and completely not like the powerful hormones of this man, who also exuded this fascinating charm.

“Big brother, you’re not going to introduce us? I’m Cheng Jinyu’s little sister, Cheng Yan. I’m very happy to meet you. You’re very handsome, even better looking than the big celebrities I watch on TV.”

Cheng Yan was really excited. She couldn’t wait for Cheng Jinyu and introduced herself.

Cheng Jinyu stood up and spoke, “Yan Zi, he is not my friend. Just...just someone I met just now. Him and I... Him and I aren’t acquainted.”

Cheng Yan smiled. “If you talk to him more, won’t you be familiar? To meet each other is fate. All of us getting together today was because of our previous generations.  It takes 100 years to build up enough fate to meet, isn’t that right!”

Looking at Gu Bokai, Cheng Jinyu was anxious. His mouth had a faint smiling expression. “That's right. Meeting today was fate. Your older brother and I have some fate. There is also a lot of fate with you.”

Cheng Jinyu pulled on Cheng Yan, wanting to drag her out of the seat she was sitting in. “Yan Zi, Your friend is still waiting for you over there. You’re not going with them?”

“Going with them is boring. They all have money. They’re just going window shopping to buy clothes. I have no money, what's the point of blindly following them.”

From his wallet Cheng Jinyu brought out all of his money. “I didn’t bring my card today. I’ll give you this money to use first.”

Cheng Yan looked at the pile that looked to only be around 500 to 600 yuan. “Forget it Big Brother, I just saw this skirt that's worth ten thousand yuan. This money, it’s better to just let it be.”

“Where did you see it?” Gu Bokai asked as he put down his cup of coffee.

Cheng Yan pointed at a clothing store in the shopping mall across the street. “It’s that store’s skirt. It’s especially good looking. It’s a big brand, a German brand. Their clothes are very good. I like this brand’s clothes.”

Gu Bokai took out a card from his pocket. “Since we are brought together by fate, and I also didn’t bring a different gift to give you, how about you just buy that skirt? There's no PIN, take it!”

Cheng Yan almost couldn't believe her eyes. “What did you say? Are you serious? You’ll really let me buy it?”

Cheng Jinyu immediately said, “There's no need. Thank you for your kindness, I’ll buy it for my sister.”

“Big brother! What are you doing? The other person took the initiative to let me buy it, why are you stopping him?”

“Yan Zi, The project that I’m on has a commission. Very soon I will get money. Wait for me to get some money, I’ll immediately buy it for you, ok?”

Cheng Yan directly seized Gu Boaki’s card. “By the time you get your money I won’t even need to wear the skirt anymore. Handsome brother, thank you for the gift. I’ll wear it for you in a moment.”

“Yan Zi!” Cheng Jinyu yelled. Cheng Yan already stood up and ran out in an instant.

Cheng Jinyu, a bit angry, glared at Gu Bokai. “What are you doing? Why did you give my little sister a card? What are you planning?”

“What exactly am I doing wrong to her?”

“Why are you being nice to her?”

Gu Bokai slightly smiled. “Are you jealous?”

Cheng Jinyu looked blankly. “No, I’m not jealous. I just think that what you're doing isn’t correct. To reap without sowing. She is originally a bit greedy. You’re only encouraging her greed by doing this. Do you think what you did is enough to last her a lifetime? You’re going to let her keep using your money?”

“Of course not. But, if it’s you, I will.”

“I will never do that,” Cheng Jinyu sternly said. “Since you won't keep treating her like that, then you shouldn’t have given her this kind of desire and expectation. Treating her like this has no benefit.”

Gu Bokai was also a bit angry. “I bought clothes for your little sister out of good intentions. What is with your attitude? It's not the ten thousand dollars is it? If I gave it to a beggar I would hear a thank you.”

“Yes, I’m not equal to a beggar.”

“You…” Gu Bokai was about to get angry when suddenly he heard his cell phone beeping. He took out his cellphone and with one glance his complexion turned black.

“What happened?” Cheng Jinyu asked.

Gu Bokai extended his hand to pass it to Cheng Jinyu. “You take a look yourself.”

Cheng Jinyu took the cellphone and saw one after another a stream of bank notices. The first one was unexpectedly eighty thousand, afterwards was forty thousand, then thirty thousand, ten thousand, etc…

Cheng Jinyu hurried to take out his own cellphone. He dialed Cheng Yan’s cell phone number. During this time, Gu Bokai’s cell phone did not stop beeping.

“Your little sister is really fierce. Is she trying to empty me out?” Gu Bokai drank his coffee. Even though he said it like that, his face looked like he was watching someone make a fool of themselves.

Cheng Jinyu felt himself sweat out all he could. But it seemed Cheng Yan had no plans to pick up the phone. Cheng Jinyu hurried to stand up. He hastily ran towards the shop that Cheng Yan had pointed out.

Cheng Jinyu ran over and the female shop assistant smiled and said, “Sir, what do you need?”

“Where is that young lady from just now? The young lady that bought a lot of things?”

“Which person are you talking about? Our shop here has many people every day.”

“The one from just now, the very outspoken one.”

The shop assistant immediately smiled. You did not see those kinds of newly rich ladies very often. She smiled and said, “After buying three sets of clothing from us, she went to a different store.”

“Which direction did she go?”

Cheng Jinyu continued to search for his sister. He searched for a long time and could not find her.

Cheng Jinyu was extremely angry as he left the stores. He saw Gu Bokai holding a cup of coffee with both hands standing in front of him.

At this time, a waitress walked over. Smiling, she brought a card over to Cheng Jinyu. “Sir, just now there was a young lady who asked me to give this card to you. That young lady said, ‘Many thanks to big brother for the treat’.”

Gnashing his teeth in rage Cheng Jinyu asked, “And the person?”

“She already left very far.”

Gu Bokai took the card, then gave his cellphone to Cheng Jinyu. “In total, she spent 210,000 yuan. What should be done?”

“Who told you to give the card to her. That’s her problem, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Ok, then I’ll get my lawyer to come speak to her.”

“You... it was obviously you who gave the card to her.”

“Yes, but I was only letting her buy a skirt worth around ten thousand. Who knew that she would spend another 200,000. If there's money then, she’ll return it. If she doesn’t have the money then she can sit in prison.”

Gu Bokai finished speaking. He continued to smile and said, “That's right, I already paid the bill for breakfast. I’m going to leave first. You can slowly search!”

Cheng Jinyu did not pay attention to Gu Bokai. He hurried to call a taxi and returned home. Cheng Yan was not at home.

Mama Cheng asked him, “What’s wrong? Cheng Yan just called. She wants to live outside for a few days. Jinyu, was there an accident? Sigh… you don't need to hide everything from me.”

Cheng Jinyu pressed down on the fury in his heart. “There’s no problem, it’s nothing big. I just came to see you and Yan Zi.”

“We are very good, there's no issues.”

“Then that's good. I’ll leave first then. There's still stuff going on at the company.” Cheng Jinyu said this and took out all the money in his wallet. “I haven't been paid for this month yet. It’s not a lot of money.”

“You take it, we have money. Jinyu you're alone by yourself out there, be careful. You need to take care of yourself.”

Currently Cheng Jinyu's mind was a mess. He didn't have time to talk with Mama Cheng. He merely mumbled back in reply to her. He turned around and left home.

And just like that, Cheng Yan disappeared. Previously when Cheng Jinyu lived at Chen House, he didn’t know where Cheng Yan would go.

A text message from Gu Bokai came. “Can’t find your little sister right? No problem, just repay me with yourself.”

Angrily Cheng Jinyu responded, “It wasn’t me who spent your money. Do whatever you like.” Cheng Jinyu responded to the text and only felt extremely agitated.


Jade: Ahhhh I got mad while translating this chapter because of the sister. Had to rant it out to my friend.

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