For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 31 Goddess

Presently… this small room became a little cramped with three people inside it.

And the atmosphere was very awkward… or that’s how it should be. Kenichi and Wakamiya didn’t particularly seem to mind.

Their behavior was as natural as usual.

“Good morning, Tokiwagi-san. Katou-san too.”

“Hey! Wow~ I don’t expect this to happen. It didn’t even pass my mind.

“Katou-san, why are you here?’

“I was thinking of cleaning Towa’s house! But it seems like he doesn’t need me anymore. Right, Wakamiya?

“Fufu. So it’s like that.”

They casually had a small talk like this. I could only sigh.

Haa… I didn’t want to tell Kenichi about this no matter what. But now he found out about it...

“Wakamiya-san. Could you please say a word before you come to my apartment…”

“Should I? I thought I don’t have to contact you since I come here frequently——“

“Wait, wait!”

I hurriedly close Wakamiya’s mouth. I could immediately feel Wakamiya’s mouth on my skin, but my mind couldn’t afford to linger on it.

Yes, it’s already late…

“Hoo. You come here frequently, huh~” Kenichi said with a grin on his face.”

Wakamiya, whose mouth was blocked, mumbled something. It was kind of ticklish.

I took a deep breath and let go of my hand from her mouth.


Wakamiya looked at me with blaming eyes, her cheeks red.

I glanced at Kenichi to ask for help, but he was still grinning as usual. It’s clear that he wasn’t willing to help me.

“I think suddenly blocking a girl’s mouth is too much… Do you have any excuse?”

“...I’m sorry. I lack delicacy.”

I dropped my shoulders and looked up at the old ceiling of my apartment.

I think Wakamiya should be a little more concerned about her slip of the tongue… It would be bad if someone knew about her coming to my apartment, right…? Didn’t she feel embarrassed?

No, huh?

But normal girls would be embarrassed, wouldn’t they...

“Speaking of which, Tokiwagi-san. Have you eaten breakfast?”

“...Not yet.”

“You have to eat it, you know? Breakfast is the source of energy for the day.”

“Yes, yes. I know.”

“If you know that, please look at your living over again. Then, I’ll borrow your kitchen. I’ll make something simple. Are you okay with that?”

“Sure, use whatever you like.”

Wakamiya took the frying pan and ingredients, clearly familiar with the location. Then she started preparing the food.

Kenichi looked at that scene full of admiration, nodding. Then he approached me and whispered, “She’s going to be a good wife, isn’t she?”

He sounds just like an old man.

I lightly cleared my throat and hushed him away to show my annoyance. “Dunno. ...Well, she’s indeed good at taking care of people. I also acknowledge her cooking skills.”

“Hoho~ And she gets things done efficiently, right? It’s almost like she does it every day.”

“Hee, as expected from Wakamiya-san…”

“Your apartment is also spotless. I don’t think she comes here only for a few times~”


“Don’t ‘hmmm’ me! Admit it already.”

I turned my eyes away from Kenichi’s glare and glanced at Wakamiya.

Wakamiya noticed my line of sight, and faintly smiled.

That expression of her was charming, but it had the opposite effect now.

That’s right. After Kenichi saw us staring at each other, he had an innocent face, like he just found a love affair.

“Give me a break…”

“Hey, hey~ you can’t make an excuse about this, okay? Then, what happened here?”

“What, you ask… Just as you can see, she’s feeding a lost puppy, who is me.”

“Hm? Then both of you are not dating?”

I sighed at his misguided question. The misunderstanding was too severe, for real.

“We’re not. It’s impossible… We live in different dimensions.”

“You’re telling me that you are not dating her when both of you are this close…?”

“I don’t know what we look like, but we’re not in such a relationship.”

“Seriously…? Unbelievable.”

Kenichi opened his mouth wide like a crocodile, shocked. He’s ruining his handsome face with that ridiculously stupid look now.

“I’m going to finish soon. Katou-san, do you also want to eat?”

“Oh, thanks! I’ll also take Towa’s leftovers~”

“Fufu. I made a lot, so please eat them.”

Wakamiya put the dish on a plate and served it in front of us.

Kenichi, who saw it, exclaimed in admiration.

The dishes were french toasts, ham eggs, salad, and warm soup.

No matter how I thought about it, none of them could be considered ‘simple’.

On the contrary, they were a well-balanced meal.

“Towa, this is amazing!”

“Shut up. Just eat it quickly…”

I sighed at Kenichi, who was excited, and reached for the food.

However, Wakamiya stopped my hand.

“Don’t you have something you have to say before eating?”

“...I know. Um... thank you for the meal.”

“Yes. Please eat as you like.”

I absentmindedly put the food into my mouth and chewed it.

Kenichi ate and laughed, saying, “There’s no way Kotone can make this!”

It might be interesting to say this to Fuji-san when I met her next time. Well, that would be my small revenge for him.

Three people sat in this small apartment.

But for some reason, it didn’t feel as cramped anymore.

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