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At the hospital, Su Ling wanted to take a number under Doctor Ni An but was told that today's number is finished. After asking the staff, he found out that Doctor Ni An has reached retirement age long ago. He is a specialised doctor in the hospital; hence he will only see 10 patients every day. Only patients with intractable pheromone problem can ask for him as he does not check for general illnesses. Thinking that he is just getting a body checkup, Su Ling doesn't mind so he started thinking which specialist’s number to take.

Nalu was not at ease and said, "Doctor Ni An is most familiar with your situation. Other doctors may not even know about Xian Mo Yu."

Su Ling was about to say that it is okay when his bracelet rang. As soon as he connected the call, Darry’s voice came out asking, "Are you in the fragrance bar now? I'm at the front door right now. Since I'm free at the moment, I’m thinking to help you harvest the spiritual plant’s raw materials."

Su Ling was stunned, but then his eyes curled up, "How do you know that the spiritual plants are in the fragrance bar?"

Darry: "President Gu told me. He also asked me to check with you when I could come over to help out, but I didn't receive your call. I was afraid that you would be embarrassed to ask, so I took the initiative to contact you."

Su Ling smiled even wider; his male god was thinking of him! It would be nicer if he(GLH) contacted him instead. Then he said, "I'm at the Central Hospital," he glanced at the time, "Wait a moment, I’ll come back first since I didn’t manage to get Doctor Ni An's number. I’ll return to get another doctor’s number later."

"Are you sick?" Darry asked.

"No, just getting a body checkup to see how my pheromone issue is faring."

Darry knew that Su Ling’s pheromone is abnormal, so hearing that he suddenly went to see the doctor, Darry thinks that maybe something is wrong with his(SL) pheromone. In his opinion, having unpleasant pheromone is a fatal blow to any Omega. Therefore, he did not ask too much, so as not to bring up the sadness.

Darry: "Don't come back, I will help you to contact Doctor Ni An. He takes your situation very seriously."

Su Ling: "This is too much trouble for you, and you came over for nothing, I'd better go back first."

Darry laughed and said, "It's no trouble, it was along the way anyway. I will return to the company now. I’ll just go to your store after I get off work to relax, and then help to harvest the raw materials."

Su Ling: "Thank you."

Darry: "You're welcome. Boss already gave the order, and I'm glad to help you."

Soon after the two hung up the call, Su Ling received an appointment card from Darry; the appointment time was 9.30 am. He showed the card to Nalu, "Feeling relieved now?"

Nalu smiled and nodded.

At 9:30 am, Su Ling went to Ni An's office, while Nalu waited for him in the waiting area outside.

Doctor Ni An is still the same as before, with white hair and a gentle expression. If he is not wearing a white coat, he looks like an ordinary grandfather. Su Ling politely greeted Ni An, and he(NA) pointed to the seat in front of him, "Sit down first." After Su Ling sat down, he asked with concern, "What's wrong?"

Smiling, Su Ling told Doctor Ni An about how he meet Xian Mo Yu and his pheromone returning to normal. Then he stated the purpose for the body checkup, "I want to check my pheromone to see if it has completely returned to normal."

Ni An got up from the chair and walked around his desk. The excitement was difficult to hide from his tone, "That’s amazing, come with me!"

Su Ling followed him to the right side of a detector, and Ni An turned on the device, "You can take off your isolator now."

Su Ling removed the isolator, and the faint scent of citrus mint spread out in the air. Ni An praised, "It smells really nice. Congratulations, child." Next, he pointed to the instrument and said, "Stand here."

Su Ling placed his feet on the footprints indicator, and a blue light scanned him from top to bottom. Then, various data appeared on the display. Ni An looked at the data carefully, recorded it, then adjusted the instrument and continued testing. After a complete body test, Ni An gave him a particular gland test. A sensor patch was attached to the back of his neck, and his current condition was reflected on the display. After a series of inspections, Ni An took off the sensor and looked relaxed, "Very healthy. There are no more Xian Mo Yu’s particles remain in your gland." Next, he pointed to a line of data and said, "Your pheromone threshold is much higher than the average. I speculate that this might be the effect of your body absorbing a part of the particles."

Confused, Su Ling asked, "What does the threshold mean?"

Ni An: "The average value of your pheromone concentration is very high," he cautioned, "Child, the pheromone you release during estrus will make Alpha crazy. Do not remove the isolator at normal times and always carry your inhibitors with you."

Su Ling: "..."

Ni An smiled and said, "Don't be too nervous. A high threshold is not a bad thing. It is easier for you to communicate with a spiritual plant, it’s an enviable talent for spiritual plant specialist."

Su Ling nodded: "En, I am not nervous." Just that being able to drive people crazy makes him a little ashamed.

Ni An: "Sit down for a while, I will print out your test result."

While waiting for the printing to generate, Ni An compared Su Ling’s data with the data from his childhood in the database. The more he looked at it, the brighter his eyes became. After Ni An handed the test result to Su Ling, he looked at him cautiously and said, "I have a request, can I see Xian Mo Yu?"

Su Ling: "Do you want to get particles from it for research?"

Ni An nodded and said, "I have used up the particle we found previously in other research. I didn't know its specific role at the time, so I didn’t use it in various test. Your changes have guided me to another direction of research. The particles are likely to be able to be made into a spiritual plant medicine that could expand one’s pheromone threshold." He leaned forward slightly due to his excitement. He continued, "This means an Omega who could only become a junior spiritual plant specialist, may get boosted to intermediate or even advanced level with its help."

"There are too few advanced level spiritual plant specialists. At present, the demand for spiritual plant-based medicine is huge, especially in the military force, where there is a large number of Alpha, and they need a lot of medicine. If the research is successful, the spiritual plant industry will lead to unprecedented progress."

Doctor Ni An’s current mood is understandable, but Su Ling still voiced out an important point after a moment of hesitation, "To find its missing particles, Xian Mo Yu has travelled to many places."

If its particles are something that can be mass-produced, Xian Mo Yu will not place so much importance in it.

Immediately understood what Su Ling meant, Ni An calmed down a little bit and said, "It must be important to Xian Mo Yu." He smiled, "I got impatient." Then he pondered for a moment, "Even if not for the particles, I still wanted to meet Xian Mo Yu. Grade S spiritual plant hasn't appeared for many years, and we don’t have an accurate set of data in our record. But one thing is certain, the higher the spiritual plant level, the better the effectiveness of the raw materials provided. "

Su Ling didn't mind him meeting Xian Mo Yu, "It's in my shop," he sent the address to Ni An, "If you have time to go, you can contact me."

Ni An glanced at the address, smiled and nodded, "Okay, I get off work at 5.30 pm. I will come tonight."

Su Ling smiled, it was apparent that Ni An attaches great importance to Xian Mo Yu. He got up to say goodbye. As soon as he opened the door, something bumped at it heavily causing Su Ling to stumble a few steps backwards. Two people fell into the room, accompanied by noisy and chaotic sounds.

"Get out, don’t make trouble here!"

"It is forbidden to take pictures here, turn off the video recording!"

The security guards and the video crew were pushing and pulling at each other.

Ni An frowned and dialled the hospital’s internal line, "What's the matter with the commotion?"

The assistant in the line anxiously replied, "Sorry, a lot of reporters and unidentified people suddenly came to the hospital. The people from the security department will come right away."

As they were talking, two teams of security personnel ran over to handle the crowd. The people were gathered together and detained, then pulled away. At that moment, someone shouted, "Doctor Ni An, has Madam Gu fully recovered from her pheromone rejection illness? Will the treatment plan be announced to the public?"

"It is said that the key to the treatment is Redthorn Ball. Has the hospital found Redthorn Ball?"

Ni An sat calmly in his chair, not answering anything, and these people were quickly taken away by the security team.

On the other side, Nalu was mistaken as a part of the troublemaker, and two security guards were pulling him away. Su Ling quickly called out, "He came with me."

Ni An gestured to the security, and they released Nalu. Su Ling bid farewell to Ni An again and left the hospital with Nalu.

Nalu:  "The matter with Redthorn Ball may be exposed soon."

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