Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 31-2: Extremely Noble Aura

Lou Ming took the paper bag and found a cashmere scarf inside. He raised his eyebrows in surprise as he didn’t understand why his mother asked a stranger to come to his courtyard only to give him a cashmere scarf.

“Do… do you like it?” Jiang Siqi couldn’t help but ask Lou Ming who was holding the scarf without saying anything.

Lou Ming suddenly returned to his senses, “Of course I like it, but I didn’t know my mother could knit a scarf.”

Lou Ming swept a glance at it and found that there were a few missing stitches on the dark-colored cashmere scarf, it’s obvious it was handmade.

“It wasn’t made by Auntie.” Jiang Siqi whispered in a low voice.

Lou Ming’s hand that was holding the scarf stiffened.

“I made it, the craftsmanship isn’t very good.” When the girl finished speaking, she lowered her head while her tender hands nervously pulled the edge of the pillow...

Lou Ming’s expression became grave in an instant. The scarf he was holding fell back into the paper bag. A smart person like Lou Ming, how could he not understand what his mother meant?

He looked at JIang Siqi’s bashful and nervous appearance. It was a scene that could only be found in television, Lou Ming never thought there would be a day when something like this happens to him.

What’s mother thinking? Did she forget about my special condition?

At this moment, Chen Yu finally found an excuse to sneak out of her house. She ran quickly to the Lou’s small courtyard and straight to the living room unimpeded.

“Third Brother, I’m here!” Chen Yu yelled happily when she saw Lou Ming.

Seeing Chen Yu, Lou Ming’s grave expression eased. Jiang Siqi also looked curiously, when she found a little girl who looked like a high schooler before her, she breathed out in relief.

“Oh… it’s rare for you to have a guest here.” Chen Yu saw Jiang Siqi. Although Chen Yu wasn’t an expert in seeing people’s auras, Jiang Siqi’s whole body was surrounded by a noble light violet aura letting her not be affected by the blood-red evil aura in the Lou’s small courtyard. When Chen Yu saw this, her face instantly showed astonishment.

“Hello, my name is Jiang Siqi.” Seeing that Lou Ming and Chen Yu seemed to be familiar, Jiang Siqi took the initiative to say hello.

“My name is Chen Yu.” Chen Yu smiled and nodded, as her eyes wandered back and forth between Jiang Siqi and Lou Ming. Her eyes which seemed to see through everything made Jiang Siqi blush inexplicably.

Lou Ming knocked on Chen Yu’s head in a bad mood, “What are you looking at? Go upstairs.”

Chen Yu clutched her head and ran to the second floor. When she was halfway through, she suddenly turned her head, stuck her tongue out at Lou Ming and smiled, “Isn’t it just a blind date? Even if you don't let me see, people would know you’re on a blind date ah.”

Although Jiang Siqi knew her intention on coming here today, she also fell in love with this clean and elegant Third Young Master the moment she saw him. However, being suddenly provoked Jiang Siqi couldn’t help but lower her head bashfully.

The knot on Lou Ming’s brows that had just relaxed immediately twisted again. However, a certain culprit shouted, turned, and ran away so quickly he was unable to get angry. Lou Ming’s head got even bigger when he turned his face and saw the bashful Jiang Siqi. [T/N: headache]

“Sorry.” Lou Ming said as he returned the paper bag in his hand, “I’m afraid I can’t receive this gift from Miss Jiang.”

“W…why? You don’t like it?” Jiang Siqi was baffled.

“Miss Jiang, I thought this was made by my mother at first… do you understand?” Lou Ming hinted, trying not to let his words hurt the other party.

“I… understand.” Jiang Siqi’s face turned red for a moment and white the next moment. Finally, beads of tears fell down from her peach-blossom eyes. She gritted her teeth and grabbed the paper bag before she ran out from the living room.

“Cheng Peng, send someone to escort Miss Jiang back.”

After Lou Ming gave his order, he turned around and threw the pink pillow on the sofa far away. He really didn’t understand what his parents were doing. Giving their son a blind date? And then get him married?

“If you don’t like then you don’t like, why are you smashing my pillow ah?” Chen Yu leaned over the second-floor railing and complained about the unfairness her pillow received.

“Don’t say nonsense.” Lou Ming said in a bad mood.

“What nonsense am I talking about?” Chen Yu thought for a while and said, “Third Brother, don’t you want to give it a thought? That young lady is very beautiful, and her aura is really good. If the evil aura in your body doesn’t get worse, living with her isn’t impossible ah.”

“Your body contains evil spirits and your fate is the bane of other’s existence. Only people with an extremely noble aura can be near you, but this kind of person is really rare in the world.” Lou Ming suddenly remembered what Master Mao said to him more than 10 years ago.

“If it doesn’t get worse? What if it gets worse then?” Lou Ming asked.

“That… I don’t know ah. How about you loosen the jade clasp the next time she comes and I’ll help you to test it out.” Chen Yu said.

Lou Ming’s eyes trembled, he looked at Chen Yu and asked in a deep voice, “You mean, she will be affected once I loosen the jade clasp?”

“Of course.” Chen Yu said proudly, “Do you think there are many great people like me in this world who don't fear your evil spirits?”

The frown on Lou Ming’s brows deepened at once.

“But I’m still a little bit happy that your blind date is unsuccessful.” Chen Yu giggled.

Lou Ming looked over in surprise.

“If you get married, I won’t be able to come here casually again ah, I have to avoid arousing suspicion.” Chen Yu said in a serious manner.

“You really understand a lot!” Lou Ming simply felt angry but he also found it laughable.

Author’s NOTE:

Xi Shi: You’re not allowed to get married!

Third Young Master: Why?

Xi Shi: I still haven’t forced a kiss on you ah…


Heyo, wow, it has been a very long time eh? (~_^);; I’ll be solo translating BON for a while now because novi is quite busy IRL. Hope she can solve her problems as soon as possible.

Anyway, I decided to split the chapters since it’s quite long T_T

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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