Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 31-1: Extremely Noble Aura

Sanqing Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty and has stood for 1,266. Going through several dynasties, it still stood beside the Imperial City. This building, which was older than the ancient Imperial Palace, has not received protection as a cultural relic, on the contrary, it was still treated as a Taoist Temple with people swarming in to burn joss sticks and candles.

Master Mao was the master of this temple.

Master Mao had just finished a ritual today, before he walked back to his room, he saw a little disciple stepping up and told him, “Master, Madam Lou is here.”

Master Mao paused and asked, “Where is she?”

“Waiting for Master in the guest room.” The little disciple replied.

Master Mao raised his hand and dismissed the disciple behind him. He turned and walked towards the guest room. From afar he saw Madam Lou standing at the window.

“Madam Lou, why do you have time to visit Sanqing Temple today?” Master Mao walked forward with a smile.

“I took the liberty to come, I hope I didn’t disturb Master.” When Lou Ming first met with a mishap, the Lou husband and wife practically searched for every well-known mystical master in Imperial City. In the end, only Master Mao from Sanqing Temple could suppress Lou Ming’s evil spirit, that’s why the Lou family had a good impression and trusted Master Mao.

The two exchanged greetings, then sat down facing each other in the guest room.

Madam Lou pulled out three photos from her bag and handed them along with three pieces of red paper to Master Mao, “Master Mao, please help me read these three girls’ eight characters are very good or not?”

Master Mao obviously didn’t expect Madam Lou to come here to ask his help on reading three girls’ eight characters, but he didn’t refuse. He took the three red papers from the table and looked at the pictures of the girls. After a careful reading, he then said, “Yes, these three girls have very good looks and eight characters, their fates are of a wealthy and glorious life.”

“Then…” Madam Lou looked at Master Mao nervously, her fingers clutching the edge of her purse turned white, “If they get together with Lou Ming…”

Master Mao suddenly raised his head and looked at Madam Lou with some surprise.

“I remember, Master, you said this before.” Madam Lou clearly remembered what Master Mao said when Lou Ming was declared unable to make contact with people and that he could only live within the Lou’s small courtyard.” At that time, you said my son, Lou Ming is entangled with evil spirits, the bane of other’s existence, other than people with extremely noble aura, they wouldn’t be able to get close with him.”

“Couldn’t it also be said that people with an extremely noble aura would not fear Lou Ming’s evil spirits?” Madam Lou asked in earnest hope.

“Be that as it may, but your action…” Master Mao boldly guessed, “Do you want one of these three women as Lou Ming’s wife?”

“Yes.” Madam Lou didn’t conceal her intention.

“Madam Lou, have you ever asked Lou Ming about your thoughts?” Master Mao asked with a sigh.

“Not yet.” Madam Lou said, “Master Mao, you just need to tell me if there’s any of these three girls who can safely make contact with Lou Ming. You don’t have to care about other things, I will take care of the rest.”

Master Mao muttered to himself for a long time, but he still couldn’t withstand Madam Lou’s love for her son. He pointed to a baby-faced, long-haired girl and said, “This woman’s fortune can resist Lou Ming’s evil spirits if he wears his jade clasp.”

Madam Lou took a look and found it was Jiang Siqi, daughter of Jianghai Province’s governor.

“In other words, as long as Lou Ming’s jade clasp is not removed, he can be with her normally?” Madam Lou asked to confirm.

“With the premise of Lou Ming’s evil spirits not getting out of control.” Master Mao made clear that it was still dangerous.

“I understand, thank you Master Mao.” Madam Lou got the answer she wanted. She collected the photos on the table one by one and walked out with excitement.

Behind her Master Mao sighed faintly. Madam Lou had given this matter a lot of thought, but how could Lou Ming easily agree with this? This child has long since evaluated himself properly.

Madam Lou walked out from the temple and got inside the car. She took out Jiang Siqi’s picture with a gratified smile on her face. Over the years, whenever Lou Ming had a video call with them, he would give one or two words of advice towards the junior members of the family, the fond gleam in his eyes couldn’t be covered up.

Lou Ming liked children and wished for a home of himself. Madam Lou wanted her little son to have the same warm home as ordinary people. He’s such a good and kind person, why should he keep on passing the days like this? She wasn’t reconciled and she didn’t believe her son should live this way forever.

That’s why, over the years, Madam Lou mobilized all of her connections all over the country to search for qualified people, and these three were the most qualified ones she could find. Before coming to Master Mao, Madam Lou actually found someone to read these three girls’ eight characters. Their fortunes were surely beyond doubt, but it’s still not sure whether they can withstand Lou Ming’s evil spirits, so she needed Master Mao’s help to come to a conclusion.

And today…

Madam Lou held Jiang Siqi’s picture in one hand, turned her phone on with the other and dialed it, “Siqi ah, I’m your Aunt Lou, do you have time to come and have tea together today…”

A week later, Lou Ming  was checking data for his new design in his study when he was suddenly interrupted by Cheng Peng.

“Is the little girl here?” Today is the weekend. Chen Yu always comes over to draw talismans and rub for some auras every weekend, so Lou Ming naturally thought that it was Chen Yu.

“No.” Cheng Peng shook his head, his expression was a little weird as he said, “It’s a young lady named Jiang Siqi. She said she’s here to give you something from Madam.”

“Jiang Siqi?” Lou Ming frowned in surprise, “People can’t casually stay here in this courtyard, why didn’t you guys not send her away after receiving the stuff?”

“Minister Lou agreed to this, he said… this Miss Jiang won’t be affected by your evil spirits.” When Jiang Siqi arrived at the small courtyard, it was followed by Minister Lou’s call.

Lou Ming’s expression turned strange in an instant, he hesitated for a while, put down the pen in his hand, and walked downstairs. When he saw the quiet girl sitting on the living room sofa, he couldn’t help but slow down his steps.

Jiang Siqi was carefully looking at the living room’s furnishings when she heard footsteps on the stairs. She looked up with a lovely sweet smile on her face, “You should be Third Brother, I’m Jiang Siqi.”

Lou Ming walked slowly towards the pretty smiling girl. Although there’s a surprise in his heart, he still had a polite slight smile on his face, “Hello, I’m Lou Ming.”

“I know, Aunt Lou told me about you, Third Brother, you’re much more handsome than what Auntie said.” When Jiang Siqi spoke, a slight pink blush appeared on her baby face matching the pink bolster that she clutched closely in her hands. She seemed even more beautiful.

“Thank you.” Lou Ming said gently, “I heard my mother troubled you to send me something?”

“No, no, I happened to be passing by. I didn’t go out of my way to deliver it, it’s not troublesome at all.” Jiang Siqi tried to explain, but the more she tried, the more conspicuous she was.

“Don’t be nervous…” Lou Ming found it somewhat funny, “My mother must have asked you to send me something.”

“Oh, this.” Jiang Siqi hurriedly picked up a black paper bag set to the side and handed it to Lou Ming.

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