Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 309 - Loving My Love Rival (2)

What would you do if you woke up from a car accident and found out that you turned from a man into a woman?

Obviously the answer was to touch your chest and check your private parts first.

Xiao Qing thought that he was a table this life and there were all sorts of cups placed on top of it.

From losing his career, breaking up, to getting into a car accident and then finding out that he had turned into a woman as a result of it!

Fine. Although he was a “Ms Perfect” with an angel-like face and a sexy figure, what use was that?

Xiao Qing had planned on using Xiao Family’s money in order to do a sex change surgery abroad but after checking out some information online, he was in a bad mood.

He couldn’t do the surgery as he pleased. What if he failed? Then he’d become a transvestite.

In short, Xiao Qing was in a really bad mood.

He chased away the nurses in the ward and smashed everything he could. After that, he sat on the bed angrily. Why was he so unlucky?

He was sent to the remote poor neighborhood by his boss in order to make some inquiries. His phone lost connection so he didn’t even know that his girlfriend had gotten hurt and was in the hospital.

He finally made it back from the mountains but damn, his girlfriend was already stolen away by a young handsome man. He was most angry at the fact that his job was replaced by the manager’s wife’s younger brother.

This was a true tragedy.

Xiao Qing was sitting in bed and complaining when the door to the ward was suddenly pushed open.

Xiao Qing thought that Xiao Xia had come back again. He couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Xiao Xia, didn’t I tell you to leave. I’m really fine. I just want to vent, v….”

Xiao Xia turned to see the icy-looking man. He immediately paused before his expression became unwell too. “Why are you here?”

This damned young handsome man. You already have a fiancee but you’re still trying to seduce my Su Wan! Just wait until I get discharged from the hospital. I’ll expose your true face to Su Wan.

Xiao Qing was just thinking of this when someone else appeared behind Gu Shuxing.

Her black wavy hair was combed and she was petite in comparison to him. She wore a faint pink baseball jacket and looked really sweet and cute in that outfit.

Su Wan?

Speak of her and she was here!

Xiao Qing stayed frozen there. At that time, Su Wan had seen Xiao Qing sitting in the hospital bed as well. Her gaze flickered and she immediately rushed over. “It’s you! I finally found you!”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

Was she still able to recognize me in this state?

Xiao Qing was just thinking this when he felt a sting of pain on his face. Su Wan had harshly slapped him.

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Qing widened his eyes and looked angrily at Su Wan. You ran away with the young handsome man and you’re trying to act like you’re in the right?

You even slapped me!

I never hit women in the past. Cough! But I’m a woman now too. Nani. If you force me, I won’t be nice just because you’re my girlfriend anymore!

Just as Xiao Qing planned on retaliating, Su Wan suddenly grabbed onto Xiao Qing’s shoulders and glanced at him with teary eyes. “You murderer! Give Xiao Qing back! Give him back to me! You murderer! Murderer!”

Xiao Qing was speechless.


Xiao Qing finally recalled a really serious issue after being shook by Su Wan.

He had transformed into Xiao Qing right now who is that female driver. That means...he was her enemy now?

Nani. Heaven, stop playing with me like this.

Seeing Su Wan’s expression, Xiao Qing couldn’t help but be moved.

He did fail in his past life but he hadn’t failed completely. At least, he had Su Wan (although she was his ex-girlfriend) and Yan Mubai, the brother he could entrust with his life.

As it turned out, after he died, someone would cry and be upset over his death as well...

For a moment, Xiao Qing stayed frozen there and allowed Su Wan to shake his shoulders nonstop.

“Miss Su!”

Gu Shuxing finally stepped in at this time and grabbed Su Wan’s shoulders. “Miss Su, don’t be too stirred up. Xiao Qing is also the victim here. She wasn’t responsible for the car accident. She…”

“Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!”

Xiao Qing suddenly interrupted Gu Shuxing’s words. Seeing him grab onto Su Wan’s shoulders, he immediately jumped out of the bed and smacked his hands away from Su Wan. Then he took another step forward and brought Su Wan behind him. “Gu Shuxing, enough! Don’t try to take advantage of her. You pervert.”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

This Xiao Qing has become more and more unreasonable.

“Su Wan, are you okay?”

Saying this, Xiao Qing turned to grab Su Wan’s hands again.

Su Wan naturally ducked. “Miss Su, I...I was too stirred before. Sorry, I’m going now.”

Then she looked at Gu Shuxing again and said, “Doctor Gu, I still have to thank you for helping me that day. I actually regretted my decision back then. If I wasn’t too angry and deceived A-Qing, he probably wouldn’t have gotten into an accident. You’re right. It’s not Miss Xiao’s fault. It’s me. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault!”

Saying this, Su Wan quickly ran out wearing a sorrowful expression.

“Hey! Su Wan!”

Xiao Qing hurriedly wanted to chase after her but Gu Shuxing stopped him. “You’re a patient right now. Where are you going?”

“Gu Shuxing, are you stupid? Can’t you tell that Su Wan’s emotions aren’t stable? What if something happens to her?”


Gu Shuxing looked down and exclaimed, “That’s her problem. She has her family and friends. We don’t need to worry about her. Xiao Qing, you’re a patient in the hospital right now. Get back in bed. I…”

“Screw you!”

Catching Gu Shuxing off guard, Xiao Qing pushed him and quickly ran out of the door.

After leaving, Xiao Qing realized a serious issue. He was still wearing the patient’s clothes and he had no money on him.

Uh. How was he going to travel to Su Wan’s house? Walk? Run? Or maybe hail a taxi or go on a bus, then refuse to pay the fare? But won’t he be arrested because people would think he was a nutcase?


At this time, Xiao Qing suddenly heard a honk from behind him. Gu Shuxing peeked out from the car window and exclaimed, “Do you know Su Wan’s address? Get inside. I’ll take you there!”


Xiao Qing had an internal conflict for a few seconds before getting inside unwillingly. The moment he did, he stared sternly at Gu Shuxing and asked, “How do you know her address? You've been to her house before?”

Hearing the jealousy inside his voice, Gu Shuxing shook his head coldly. “She used ot be my patient. I obviously know where she lives.”


Xiao Qing kept his head down and said nothing after listening to Gu Shuxing’s words. Fine. You’re right.

While the two were on their way to Su Wan’s house, Su Wan had already hailed a taxi to Jiulin Street. This was where the biggest wholesale market was. There were all sorts of people here and many vendors set up their stalls here.

Getting off the taxi and glancing at the crowded and noisy street, Su Wan smiled. How was General Su going to stay in this place?

That’s right. There was only one person who could be considered as a devoted male supporting lead in this world. That was Xiao Qing’s best friend, Yan Mubai.

His name might be poetic and all but in reality, like Xiao Qing, Yan Mubai came from a poor background as well. Xiao Qing, at the very least, was a worker in a private company. As for Yan Mubai, he relied on bulk trade in wholesale market as his means of survival...

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