The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 309: Dog Blood, Unparalleled Love

Ou Qian had taken precautions since earlier, and now he used an empty plate to cover his face swiftly, so the red wine that sprayed everywhere was completely blocked, and instead splashed back to Director Wang’s whole face.

The confused Director Wang coughed violently, “You… you…”

Ou Qian cast a sidelong glance at him and sneered, “So?”

When Director Wang finally finished coughing with difficulty, Ou Qian then said unhurriedly, “My scene just finished, I originally planned to give myself a long vacation, so I turned down the next film contract, so, I’m very free right now.”

The male god in front of him, with his schedule cleared in the nick of time, was indeed the best choice he could ever get.

But, oh gosh, Director Wang was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor ah.

After all what level was Ou Qian in the entertainment industry now?

He continued to hold to his title as the most popular superstar and won three Golden Man Awards consecutively ah! A famous superstar who hadn’t played in any TV drama for three years suddenly said that he would act in his drama! And it’s a villain role that’s unfavored and can’t even be considered as second male lead!

Director Wang felt that he was either dreaming or having an auditory hallucination.

However, soon he heard that familiar and somewhat annoying voice again, “Old Wang ah, do you know how much payment I get for shooting one episode of TV drama? It’s 1.5 million, but seeing that I’m also an investor in this drama and that we’re old friends for so many years, then I’ll give you a big discount. Now you only need to pay me 1 million per episode.”

Director Wang’s jaw fell to the ground.

He thought that he was lucky today; there’s a super popular big actor who has countless fans willing to play as a supporting role? Also, might willingly lessen the payment?

Although the payment was twice as expensive as other first-line actors, it’s still worth it ah, really worth it. With Ou Qian in the cast, f*ck, promotional expenses in the future can be saved instead!

“Brother Ou, don’t you feel wronged to play as a supporting role in my play? Ji Qing will be beaten by An Zihao in the later scene, it’s really miserable ah.” Director Wang was really worried.

Ou Qian chuckled twice, “That’s why, you should immediately call Wang Yu and ask him to change the script, I’ll show up for five or six episodes.”

Director Wang’s mouth twitched, “Brother Ou, are you kidding? How can the script be changed as soon as you say the words? And, Ji Qing is the ultimate villain, if he died so early, how could the play still go on?”

Ou Qian yawned lazily, “Just tell Wang Yu what I said, you’re not the screenwriter, what are you worrying about?”

Director Wang: …

He had forgotten that Wang Yu, the famous gold screenwriter was also a fan of Ou Qian! If he knew that Ou Qian was going to act in a play that he wrote, let alone changing the plot, he would even be willing to immediately delete all other characters!

The result was exactly the same as what Director Wang expected.

When Wang Yu knew that the movie emperor Ou Qian was willing to play this small role, he was so excited that in the end he ended up making a big change, and he finished everything after four days of overtime work.

Ji Qing, a character who loved martial arts as but sadly brutal and cruel, was changed immediately.

In his early years, he was no longer a little hooligan who crawled in Jianghu, but was a son from a long-standing martial arts family that was brutally annihilated by someone who secretly put the blame on Yang family, making him believed that his family’s martial secret was seized by the Yang's and that they were the one who destroyed his family.

Therefore, due to his extreme disposition, naturally he thought that killing Yang Yurou’s whole family was just a matter of ‘an eye for an eye’.

Taking care of Movie King Ou Qian’s request to play for five to six episodes only, screenwriter Wang Yu’s brain churned out bizarre ideas as he unexpectedly thought that Ji Qing and Yang Yurou would in the end were doomed to a tragic, unparalleled love instead.

That’s right! Yang Yurou, who was originally a childhood sweetheart with the male protagonist was moved by Ji Qing in the course of her revenge.

This interest made her disdain herself. She thought that she had betrayed An Zihao’s feeling, moreover, she was also ashamed for failing her parents in the netherworld.

At the same time, Ji Qing fell in love with Yang Yurou deeply. He then later learned that she was the daughter of his enemy, and that’s why he was crushed between the feeling of love and hate.

At the end, Yang Yurou stabbed Ji Qing with a knife right on his heart.

Ji Qing died while being embraced in Yang Yurou’s arms, then she also followed after by committed suicide.

And just like this, the two characters were finished together.

Director Wang read the revised script and almost smashed it on the ground from anger.

“Wang Yu, so you still want your face? What kind of dog blood drama is this?! Sh1t, I’m asking you, what’s the role of Ji Qing in this drama? What?!”

The gold-medal screenwriter Wang Yu on the other end of the phone pulled his ears away before he replied, “Didn’t Ji Qing still killed the Yang family and help with the story development? Anyway, Ji Qing is so cool and tyrannical ah, I cried myself when I was writing that love section, so it will surely capture a large audience’s hearts too.”

Director Wang roared, “This grandpa wants public praise, public praise!”

“Old Wang ah, this drama consists at least eighty to ninety episodes, just five to six chapters of dog-blood drama won’t affect anything, you just need to believe me. Later on, the male protagonist will slowly discover the ultimate boss by following Ji Qing’s trail, the plot is still very coherent and even more exciting than the original! I have thought about the big boss character ah, a sinister and ruthless old eunuch as well as a martial art master who has a hobby of collecting martial arts secrets by hook or by crook, there are so many veteran actors in the circle ah, you won’t have to worry that you can’t find a talent.”

Director Wang: …

Cough, what can he say more? Thank you for your sincere care oh!

When the actors received the revised new script, some were happy and some were worried.

Although the main plot hasn’t changed much, but the actor’s line, from those who’ll play along with the villain, definitely would be changed, and they must re-remember these lines.

Furthermore, the changes on the plot meant that some people’s roles will be reduced, while some will be increased.

Zhao Rui’s mouth had been grinning for the whole day, aiyo, hey, he’s so lucky, he’s walking on lucky clouds ah!

Shan Shui originally had only five to six episodes, the first three to four episodes were about her being the male protagonist’s childhood sweetheart, while the rest would be her with the villain Ji Qing, but now that the script had been changed into a dog blood drama, at least five to six more episodes of Yang Yurou and Ji Qing were required. In this way, Shan Shui had to play for eight to nine episodes, hey, at this point she could already be considered a leading role!

Although this drama would consist of eighty to ninety episodes, but the first few episodes would be dominated by Shan Shui hehehe, and this bit of dog blood drama will definitely increase Shan Shui’s popularity!

Thanks to that 1diot Wei Teng for pushing away Director Wang’s play, otherwise they wouldn’t have this luck.

After reading the script carefully, Nan Xun was a little puzzled, “Brother Zhao, in the new script, Ji Qing would die with me in the end, don’t you think this character is too extra? And also, you see ah, isn’t this character too showy ah? A full red garment, a head of silver hair, an evil nature, and yet he’s still so gloomy, what the heck? I’ll be having a lovey-dovey moment with this person?”

“I also think it’s a bit too much, but what are you doing worrying about this? Just play your part properly.”

As to who will play Ji Qing’s role after the script revise, Director Wang firmly concealed it.

Those people didn’t know anything, so the next day when they shot the first night scene, Nan Xun was shocked and stupefied when she saw the man in a graceful and elegant, flashy red ancient clothing standing before her.



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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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