Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 308 - Loving My Love Rival(1)

Su Man’s death led Su Wan to successfully complete her mission. She and Su Rui had brought people to stop Liu Xuan’s rebellion but they didn’t kill them all.

“Liu Xuan, you have to live. You should really see how good the future of this country will become.”

Su Wan and Su Rui weren’t interested in the throne. The two left the mission world after completing their missions and handling everything.

Every world would advance forward in its own path. Luanfeng Country will definitely become better in the future.

Returning to space, Ye Xin smiled and waited upon Su Wan.

Su Wan always had a bad omen when she was stared by Ye Xin like that.

“The examination date has been set at the end of the month.” Ye Xin lifted her hand and the list of names attending the examination was displayed on her communication device. Each department had three names.


Ye Xin pointed at the Restoration Department on the first row.”Su Rui is the person from last time right?”

Ye Xin was naturally referring to the rescue mission from last time.


Su Wan nodded. “What’s the matter? Is there an issue?”

“What’s...your relationship with him?”

Ye Xin’s gaze was on Su Wan’s face. “Su Wan, you should know that this examination is really important. None of the department can make any mistakes.”

“Mn, I know what you’re trying to say.”

Su Wan understood. Like Xu Ce, she didn’t want to bring any unknown danger to her department.

“Xu Ce will seal his memory in a bit. Ye Xin, you can also seal my memory. I won’t forget my mission because of my personal matters.”

Su Wan exclaimed softly.

Ye Xin nodded. “I will try to handle this. Mn. There’s still a while before the end of the month. You can continue to do missions.”

“I understand.”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered upon seeing Ye Xin leave. According to the time proportions between the mission and the space, she should still be able to do four to five missions before the examination.

She turned her communication device and eliminated the missions that would take too much time. When she accidentally glanced over the title of a mission, she froze.

Uh, there’s actually such a strange mission?

I’ll take it!

Mission world—

Su Wan connected into the mission world. When she opened her eyes, she saw herself sitting on the chair in the hospital corridor.

The original body seemed to have fallen asleep here?

“Miss Su, you must be waiting for a while?”

A nurse walked over wearing a faint smile. She delivered Su Wan a bottle of water and exclaimed, “Why don’t you wait at the doctor’s office? Doctor Gu will probably need another two hours to complete his surgery.”

Gu Shuxing, the male lead in this world and the most self-important surgeon in this private hospital.

“It’s fine. I can wait here for him.”

Su Wan smiled at the nurse before leaning against the chair and resting again.

As a surgeon, Gu Shuxing had a cautious personality with a routine lifestyle. He had slight mysophobia and he was really stubborn and old-fashioned.

A dull and old-fashioned man like him however, had a handsome face like an adonis. Especially when he wore a white lab coat. His handsome face captured the hearts of countless women’s hearts.

The original body, Su Wan, used to be Gu Shuxing’s patient. When the two got to know each other, Su Wan was giving her boyfriend, Xiao Qing, the cold shoulder. She hadn’t been in a good mood back then. Thankfully, she was able to see her adonis in the hospital every day. Although her adonis was aloof and never chatted with her, he won her over with his looks. Just one look at him put her in a better mood.

Therefore, Su Wan had spent her days in the hospital watching her adonis. After a while, she couldn’t resist comparing her adonis to her boyfriend.

Appearance wise? Fine. There was no comparison at all.

Income wise? Her adonis definitely had a monthly income of more than ten thousand while her boyfriend only had three thousand. Not only that, they were paying a rent of 1800 monthly.

Education and cultivation wise? Her adonis graduated from a famous university of medicine abroad while her boyfriend graduated from an inconspicuous university.

Nani. That’s what she gets for comparing the two! Now she wanted to dump her boyfriend.

What upsetted the original body most was that Xiao Qing hadn’t come to visit her during her time at the hospital. She lost her faith in her boyfriend even more and she broke up with him one-sided after she was discharged.

After breaking up, Xiao Qing had come to pester her for a few days. He had even followed her to the hospital when she went for an re-inspection. He dragged her along and refused to let her leave.

Gu Shuxing just so happened to be off work that time and coincidentally encountered her. Maybe it was because he didn’t want his patient to be pestered by someone else, but he ended up meddling in someone’s business for the first time.

“Do you see him? This is my new boyfriend, Gu Shuxing! Xiao Qing, look at the mirror. Do you think you can compare to him? So...give up!”

Su Wan took this chance to drag Gu Shuxing by his arm and this was a fatal blow to Xiao Qing.

When the inferior Xiao Qing encounters the aloof adonis, Gu Shuxing...Nani, they can only retreat in defeat!

Realizing that there was no hope, Xiao Qing took all his salary to get drunk at a club. However, because he was too drunk, he ran through a red light on the way home and got hit by a sports car driving at high speed...

By the time Xiao Qing woke up again, he found himself in a bad situation.

He was dead.

No, to be more accurate, his body was dead but his soul had transferred to the driver responsible for his accident.

This female driver was a rich woman and her name was Xiao Qing. Her other identity was...Gu Shuxing’s fiancee!

That’s right. Xiao Qing (Xiao Qing) was the female lead of this world.

Su Wan was speechless.

Su Wan felt drunk reading the plot. However, this world was really interesting, wasn’t it?

Su Wan used the original body’s memory to interpret the scene happening right now. Xiao Qing had reborn into Xiao Qing (female driver) and had encountered Gu Shuxing in the hospital already.

Xiao Qing naturally recognized that stiff-faced man to be the young handsome man who stole his girlfriend. The most tragic thing was that he had been reborn into his love rival’s fiancee!

The fiancee who he disliked!

Nani, you’re shunning me? Well, I’ll shun you too!

What is a young handsome man like you acting arrogant for? I’m also a “Ms Perfect” now. Pah. I’m “Mr Perfect.”

Wait. Just you wait. After I get discharged from the hospital, I’m going to do a sex change surgery and steal all the beautiful women from your side...

With this beautiful wish in his mind, Xiao Qing was able to stay in the high-class ward under the identity of Xiao Qing at ease...

Three in the afternoon.

Gu Shuxing walked out of the operation room in fatigue. When he returned to the doctor’s office on the third floor, he saw Su Wan already asleep on a chair down the corridor.

“Su Wan?”

Gu Shuxing couldn’t help but take a few steps forward and softly pushed her shoulder.


Su Wan woke up still in a daze. Seeing Gu Shuxing’s aloof and indifferent expression, she shot him a faint smile. “Doctor Gu, you’re back?”

“Mn, you’re here for me?”

Gu Shuxing asked in an indifferent tone.

“Uh, yes.”

Su Wan gradually stood up and exclaimed, “Doctor Gu, you helped me a lot last time. I want to invite you to lunch. That’s my thank you.”

Last time?

Gu Shuxing knitted his brows, clearly already forgetting that he ended up pretending to be Su Wan’s boyfriend.

“Miss Su, I actually…”

“Doctor Gu! Doctor Gu!”

A nurse suddenly frantically ran over while calling out Gu Shuxing.

“Xiao Xia, what’s the matter?”

Gu Shuxing recognized the nurse. She was the special nurse in Xiao Qing’s ward.

“Doctor Gu, you should go upstairs and take a look at Miss Xiao. I don’t know what she got shocked by but she’s really emotional right now. We can’t do anything!”

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