The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 308: Recommend Oneself, Let Me Play

Nan Xun’s next few scenes needed to change site.

Although Yang Yurou who was hiding under the bed can’t see her enemy’s face clearly, but the moment he forced her mother to reveal where the Yang martial secrets were, she could hear that cold voice clearly. Added with his subordinates calling him Master Ji, therefore she was able to quickly found out the other details.

Ji Qing has also wandered around Jiang Hu in his early years, and was later received by royal court for their personal use.

He was crazy about martial arts, and in order to collect all kinds of martial arts secrets, he wouldn’t spare any means possible. Even after he became the royal’s claws and teeth, his behavior just turned all the more unbridled as well.

Yang Yurou who had escaped from a secret path, went straight to Ji Qing territory, and this Ji Qing’s territory was actually the next filming set.

Ji Qing’s mansion was extremely luxurious, it was heard that this residence along with the entire street outside were covered with film crew. And naturally the cost of renting for one day was quite a sum as well.

Fortunately, the crew was wealthy, not at all short of money, and because of Director’s Wang pursuit of quality, he also specially hired a master to decorate this antique mansion.

The last few scenes of Nan Xun would be filmed here, especially the scene where Yang Yurou assassinated Ji Qing, which can be regarded as a small climax in the first few episodes of the show.

Because the studio was a half-day drive away from the company, the crew especially prepared a car to pick Shan Shui the next morning.

Shan Shui’s little assistant was also ready, she was a girl about the same age as her named Gu Xiaomo, she was hard-working and didn’t talk too much, so Nan Xun liked her a lot.

The two prepared everything appropriately, then waited for the car to pick them up, but it still didn’t come after quite a long time had passed, instead, a call came to her.

She was notified of what the field affair crew leader said, the performers weren’t in place, and thus the shooting will be delayed for a few days. They will shoot another person’s scene in this time.

Nan Xun hurriedly asked Zhao Rui what was going on, Zhao Rui also didn’t know, however he had a lot of connections, so after a few phone calls, he already figured out the ins and outs.

Zhao Rui’s tone contained a trace of annoyance, “That actor who played Ji Qing, Wei Teng, accidentally fell down the stairs, so the following scenes can’t be filmed.”

Wei Teng was a popular second-line actor, he can be regarded as an actor with actual strength, otherwise he wouldn’t be favored by Director Wang to play such an important role as Ji Qing.

In the first few scenes, Wei Teng left immediately after shooting, saying that he has other unfinished businesses. Nan Xun didn’t talk much with him, but she could see that this slick person’s relationship with other staff was quite good.

“Brother Zhao, do you think I should send a bouquet or fruits? We’re in the same group after all.” Nan Xun asked quickly.

Zhao Rui snorted, “Why should you? Just send a representative for this kind of thing.”

Nan Xun, “Brother Zhao, you don’t seem to care about this Wei Teng person, why is it ah?”

“Ha ha, according to the news I got, Wei Teng’s agent contacted him with a popular IP idol drama, and the other party confirmed him as the male lead. An unfavored villain, compared with a male lead in an idol drama that surely could get him more fans, of course he will choose the second one.”

Nan Xun was startled, she frowned, “Brother Zhao meant that he hurt his leg on purpose?”

Zhao Rui sneered, “Director Wang’s progress in filming can’t be delayed just because of an actor, his goal was to win several awards this year, so he must be rushing to put the show on screen as soon as possible. Because he accidentally received an injury, even if the contract is terminated, he won’t have to pay too much compensation.”

Nan Xun’s brows tightened, “Then Director Wang wants to re-elect the role of Ji Qing? The previous scenes that Wei Teng played in are also invalid?”

Zhao Rui said with contempt, “You guessed right, this kind of person is the most annoying ah, if he doesn’t like this role, then he shouldn’t have signed the contract in the first place. Just because that popular IP drama hasn’t reached an agreement yet, he agreed to play for this film first, and now we have to shoot everything again.”

Nan Xun nodded, she didn’t expect Wei Teng to be such a person in private, although there still a possibility it might not be his own intention, but instead the persuasion and tremendous temptation from his company that forced him to act like this.

Nan Xun didn’t go to the site because there were no scenes for her in the next few days. In order to keep up with the progress, Director Wang could only shoot other parts first.

Thinking that Director Wang was in a bad mood these days, Nan Xun can’t help but shed a tear of sympathy for the actor of An Zihao and the heroine Song Jiayue.

As Nan Xun expected, the atmosphere on the set wasn’t good at this time. The heroine was yelled at by Director Wang several times because of her improper performance on certain scenes.

Song Jiayue was well-known in the circle for always putting on air as a mega-star, but when she met Director Wang, she suddenly changed into a well-behaved cat. She dared not come late, dared not talk back, and she had to constantly enduring the feeling of being oppressed.

Her eyes turned red after being yelled at by Director Wang so many times.

Didn’t know which make-up artist that whispered, “How come I feel that Song Jiayue’s acting skill isn’t as good as Shan Shui? Shan Shui is a newcomer ah.”

The speaker didn’t mean any offence, but alas the listener minded very much.

The arrogant Song Jiayue gritted her teeth with anger, she couldn’t help but secretly searched for Shan Shui’s Man-Man and looked at her previous activity.

In the end, didn’t know what Song Jiayue saw, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she glanced left and right, seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she continued clicking with her fingers, downloading all sketches that Shan Shui drew on her Man-Man.

Six times NG later, that last night scene finally passed, everyone started to tidy things up to close work.

After Director Wang answered his phone, his scrunched-up face finally loosened, and he left the shooting site early.

Director Wang looked at the little old friend sitting across from him and said in disbelief, “Brother Ou, you said you have found a good third male lead actor, you’re not joking right?”

It was highly impossible for a highly demanding senior director like Director Wang to find a suitable actor in a short time.

First, it depended on whether the actor fits the role of Ji Qing. Second, although the other party was suitable for this role, there was no range of dates for filming, so in the end everything just spelled trouble.

In addition, Ji Qing was about the same age as the male protagonist and belonged to a growing villain, so this role must be given to fresh youngsters, but there was no one as young as Lin Yufan whose acting skill only slightly inferior to him.

In the primary selection for the second male lead, the protagonist’s good brother, Director Wang already lowered some standards, so the standard of the villain could not be lowered anymore.

Ou Qian unhurriedly poured two glasses of red wine and pushed one in front of him, while he held the other glass gracefully, sipping with an extremely leisure posture, “This red wine is called Noble, its taste is quite good, you can take a sip to get rid of your irritation.”

Director Wang: …

Director Wang pulled a stinky face, “Brother Ou, don’t try to raise my appetite. Anyway, who’s the third male lead you found? I have filtered all these teen idols in showbiz in the past two days, except for Wei Teng, I can’t find anyone with good enough acting skill and a lot of time to spare.” Saying this, he drank the red wine in one gulp.

Ou Qian put down the glass in his hand, turned his index finger slightly towards himself, and said with a deadpan expression, “The person I told you is… me.”


Director Wang spit out all the precious old wine in his mouth.


Okay, let me guess: this sus Ou Qian had definitely played a little trick, but I’ll hold my mouth since I don’t want to spoil things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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