Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 307 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (Epilogue)

Su Rui was too quick, to the point Su Man and Chi Xueyuan couldn’t even process what happened.


At the last moment, Liu Xuan took out his dagger and blocked Su Rui’s attack. The two men were fighting fiercely midair while Su Wan watched as Su Man sneered at her. “Your Majesty, prime minister Liu has quite the skills. It seems like he’s not any weaker than prime minister Chi, right? No wonder he could train so many outstanding assassins!”

While saying this, Su Wan sneered and clapped. Lu Changge and Lu Yuqing immediately made their way through the crowd. Each of them led along silver shackles which were chaining three men in black wearing ragged clothes.

“Your Majesty, do you know them?”

“They are…”

Su Man glanced at one of the men in black and her expression immediately turned sinister and gloomy. She remembered this person. He was the one that killed Leng Ye!

Su Wan suddenly exclaimed in a loud voice after seeing that Su Man recognized them, “I had sworn that I would avenge the brothers and common people who died in vain. Lately, Lu Changge had been investigating these people’s whereabouts for me and we finally made some progress today. Your Majesty, there are still traitors out there! They’re even here right now!”

Saying this, Su Wan’s gaze pierced coldly at Liu Xuan.

Blood was still on the corner of Liu Xuan’s mouth. He was forced to stand still because Su Rui placed the tip of his sword against Liu Xuan’s throat.

“Prime minister Liu, your two attempts at assassination and framing one another are quite interesting and played beautifully. You and Liu Luo are really brothers!”

Su Wan smiled at Liu Xuan but there was a cold glint in her eyes.

“Prime minister Liu?”

Chi Xueyuan also looked unbelievably at Liu Xuan before she nervously glanced at Su Man. “Your Majesty, this…”

“Liu Xuan! Liu Luo!”

Su Man clenched her teeth. Liu Xuan’s skills and his attitude proved Su Wan’s words.

Su Man had snapped out of her trance.

Indeed, the people who assassinated Su Wan and herself were the same people. She originally thought that Su Wan had tricked her by injuring herself but who knew that she was actually tricked by the Liu brothers.

“Liu Xuan, is there anything else you want to say?”

Su Man looked at Liu Xuan. Her heart was dripping blood right now, not because of Liu Xuan’s betrayal but because of Liu Luo.

She trusted Liu Luo the most but even he betrayed her?

Then is there anyone in the world worth her trust?

“Hah. Haha.”

Liu Xuan suddenly laughed out loud. “Your Majesty, I didn’t lose to you. I lost to the princess royal!”

Saying this, Liu Xuan suddenly shifted his gaze to Su Wan. “Princess royal, I felt like I’ve overestimated you. This is indeed the case. really won?”

Thick smoke suddenly rose in front of Liu Xuan.


Everyone’s vision was covered by the thick smoke in front of them. By the time it dissipated, Liu Xuan’s figure already disappeared. From the crowd, there was a group of assassins clad in black. The assassins arranged themselves into a strange formation and surrounded the imperial guards and princess royal residence’s people together.


Along with the order, the assassins all rushed over, their formation strange and they killed people like flies.”

“It’s a tactical formation!”

Chi Xueyuan immediately exclaimed in shock. It would appear that Liu Xuan had already arranged an inescapable net in front of the princess royal residence.

Was this the true face of Liu Xuan? Such deep calculations and ruthless methods?

Watching as the imperial guards and the assassins fought against each other, Su Rui held his double-edged sword and gestured. The princess royal residence’s people immediately gathered around.

“Military officer, should we go ahead now?”

Lu Changge also stood behind Su Rui, eager to try.

“You’re not needed.”

Su Rui smiled and took a step forward, using his double-edged sword to draw a flower in midair. “Princess royal, today is our wedding. I, Feng Wuchen, will give you a present in order to express my feelings!”

Saying this, Su Rui rushed into the battle at the speed of wind. Whenever he went, people started falling silently. One, two, three...

Whether it was the assassins in black or imperial guards, he attacked them all...

After a moment, Su Rui was the only one on the battlefield.

There was a pile of corpses on the ground. Everyone died and naturally, the tactical formation disappeared too.

What appeared in everyone’s vision was a red carpet dyed by blood which extended from Su Rui’s feet all the way to the princess royal residence’s door.

Su Rui was still wearing his wedding outfit when he suddenly got on his knees with his double-edged sword. “Su Wan, swearing upon my name, I wish to give you a life of peace and happiness. Are you willing to marry me?”

Seeing Su Rui stepping through the blood, Su Wan smiled faintly and walked over to him. She reached over and grabbed his hands, helping him slowly stand up. “I’ll swear upon my blood that I, Su Wan, am willing to get married to you, and be with you for life!”

As she said this, she stood on her tippy toe and kissed Su Rui’s cold but familiar lips.

“Your Highness!”

“Your Highness!”

Everyone cheered excitedly. They personally witness the legendary princess royal’s moving love story within Luanfeng Country history.

If someone was willing to murder for you and protect you for life...

No matter who he is, no matter his status, as long as you love him, please hold his hands tightly...

Su Wan’s wedding went through countless obstacles but it became the wedding discussed most enthusiastically within Luanfeng Country history.

From that day on, Su Man returned to the imperial palace and immediately sealed the Liu Family down, and banished him to the cold palace.

Liu Xuan had gone missing and his henchmen in court all fled away as well. After this, Su Man didn’t trust any men at all and started using all sorts of excuses to dismiss the male officials within the court.

Of course, Su Rui had long resigned from his position. Ever since Su Wan had married into the Feng Family, the two started living their happy lives together.

Whether it was the supermarket on the east side or the fabric store on the west side, the common people in the capital would frequently see the couple together. The two bought groceries together, sown clothes together, and even helped out the homeless beggars by the south of the city.

They lived ordinary lives just like the ordinary couples within the Luanfeng Country. They had life’s daily necessities but it was this kind of lifestyle that caused the noble ladies within the capital to be envious of them.

They were used to having multiple men and them being jealous of them. They had long forgotten what an ordinary lifestyle with someone they loved was like.

Summer of the second year, a noble lady finally learned from Su Wan and married down into an ordinary man’s house. Ever since, there has been a trend in the capital. Many noble ladies started marrying down. At this time, Su Man was annoyed with the dismissed male officials’ revolt.

Liu Xuan had always remained mysterious. He organized lots of people at many different places and started to revolt nonstop and cause trouble.

More and more people joined the revolt and it became even more intense and fierce. They even almost charged towards the capital.

At this time, Su Man suddenly realized that besides Chi Xueyuan, this one strong general, she had no one else!

In the end, Chi Xueyuan was to lead the troop and go to battle but she still lost in the end...

Late at night in August, the revolting army had attacked the imperial city.

Liu Xuan still wore a gentle and elegant expression when he saw Su Man again but the sharp glint in his eyes was bright as ever.

“Your Majesty, you lost.”

Liu Xuan watched as Su Man slowly unsheathed her double-edged sword.

“Heh. I won't be surrendering to men who smooth talk but are actually poisonous in disguise.”

Saying this, Su Man pointed her double-edged sword at Liu Xuan’s fatal spot. The two fought fiercely in the palace hall and went through hundreds of turns before Su Man was slowly put at a disadvantage.

“Everything is over.”

Liu Xuan waited for an opportunity and was about to pierce Su Man’s chest with his sword when a familiar figure charged over and took the fatal blow for her.

Liu Xuan froze while Su Man was even more shocked at the man smiling faintly, lying on the ground.


Su Man subconsciously whispered his name but she lifted her hand to see her palm covered in blood.

“Liu Luo, Liu Luo, you…”

Su Man hurriedly wanted to cover Liu Luo’s injury but he slightly shook his head, his face pale. “There’s no use. I’m going to die. Your Majesty, this is the last thing that Liu Luo can do for you. Although...although I have always disliked Yue Qing, I really like something he had said. He wanted a lover that would grow old with him. If there is an afterlife, Your Majesty, will you be willing to be Liu Luo’s wife and grow old with me?”

“Yes, I’m willing. Don’t die.”

Su Man hurriedly called out in a panic. But the man, after hearing her words, smiled and then closed his eyes forever.

Even though he was doubted by her and given the cold shoulder, and banished to the cold palace forever...he still persisted because he loved her.

“He died. He died for you.”

Liu Xuan’s expression was a bit hazy. “Su Man, you always said that men are unreliable but are women reliable? I sent Yue Qing into the princess royal residence. He didn’t betray you nor did Liu Luo. You rather believe someone else than them. Are they not your lovers?”

“This world belongs to men!”

Saying this, Liu Xuan pointed his double-edged sword and deeply pierced through Su Man’s chest. She recalled the dead Leng Ye, Yue Qing, and Liu Luo who just died.

Her vision became blurry but through the gaze, she saw a person clad in red suddenly appearing at the door of the palace hall.

“It’s not up to you to say whether the world belongs to men or women, prime minister Liu!”

Su Man wore a bright red phoenix robe and calmly appeared behind Liu Xuan. Behind her was Su Rui in martial attire, Lu Changge, Bi Lou, and Asura.

Indeed, Luanfeng Country might be lacking in many aspects and required development. However, the country was developing in a good direction. Su Wan refused to let Luanfeng Country land in the hands of an extreme man like him...

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