Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 305 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(21)

June 15th, the day before Su Wan and Su Rui’s wedding. The princess royal residence had prepared everything as of right now.

Festive red lanterns were hung on the vast residence hall.

The night was cold like the water but the red palace lanterns shone on the princess royal residence, brightening the view.

“It’s too late. You should go today.”

Su Wan personally brought Su Rui to the door. He had been frequently staying in the princess royal residence and he was considered the head of the residence already. However, tomorrow was their wedding. No matter what, Su Rui had to return to the Feng Family to prepare.


General Su looked at his wife, reluctant to part from her. “I can’t fall asleep without you.”

“I’m not a pillow.”

Su Wan felt black lines falling down her forehead. She looked at him and then slowly walked ahead, moving to Su Rui’s side. She tippy-toed and then kissed his cheeks. “Here’s a goodnight kiss. Hurry back. There’s a rough battle tomorrow.”


Su Rui nodded. Glancing at the white silhouette standing behind the door, General Su’s gaze flickered. He reached over and brought Su Wan into his arms. He then kissed her hard. “Wife, remember to think about me at night.”

Liu Ying was speechless.

Enough! This maid can finally experience Sister Bi Lou’s desire to die~

Your Highness, please bestow me a man too. It’s unbearable for me!

At night, up until the military official’s horse carriage vanished, did Su Wan gradually return to her residence. Who knew that she met Yue Qing’s sorrowful and clear eyes.

Su Wan was speechless.

Why are you looking at me with such a sorrowful gaze?

Did you forget that you have a wife and that I’m also married?

“Master Yue, no, I should be calling you Lord Yue. Why haven’t you rest yet? It’s really late.”

Su Wan lifted her brows and looked at Yue Qing, asking in a cool tone.

“Su Wan…”

Yue Qing hesitated as he glanced at Su Wan. “I, I just can’t fall asleep. I came check on you.”

“Oh, you’ve seen me now. You can go back and rest.”

After that, Su Wan led Bi Lou back to her courtyard.

“Su Wan!”

Yue Qing suddenly stopped her from behind.

Su Wan didn’t turn around but she still stopped.

“’re happy with him.”

Yue Qing’s tone appeared extremely sorrowful and complicated deep in the night.


Who are you trying to act in front of?

“I don’t need your blessing. I will be really happy either way.”

Su Wan exclaimed softly before leaving quickly. Yue Qing looked down seeing her figure fade into the distance.

Su Wan, do you still blame me?

Needless to say, every scumbag thought that they were a love saint.

He thought that he was forced to leave in this relationship.

Since he left, don’t expect that she’d be staying and waiting for him.

Blame you?

Brother, who do you think you are?

Tonight, Su Wan returned to her room early on. Bi Lou and Lu Changge were already waiting there.

“Your Highness, we’re ready.”

Lu Changge’s expression was really solemn. Many brothers died at the princess royal residence the day of his and Bi Lou’s wedding. Many innocent common people had died as well. Now, it was finally time to settle accounts. Tomorrow, he would be avenging the people who died. He mustn’t let the mastermind ruin the princess royal’s wedding….

Tonight, many people were unable to fall asleep.

Imperial city, deep in the palace.

When Liu Luo saw Su Man, he revealed a relieved expression on his usually cold face. “Your Majesty, you’re finally back!”

“Mn, thanks for all the hard work, Liu Luo!”

Su Man’s voice was deep and solemn. She had been out of the capital the past few days and suffered injuries as well. Her days were hard and difficult. Thankfully, Leng Ye took good care of her and didn’t abandon him. It was true that one only revealed their feelings after experiencing close death. It was at this time that Su Man found out Leng Ye always loved her. However, because of his status as a guard, he didn’t dare to express it to her.

Su Man planned everything out, wanting to give Leng Ye a response after they returned to the capital. But she didn’t expect...that before Liu Xuan and his people found her, they were ambushed once again. However, during this assassination attempt, Leng Ye died to protect her.

Leng Ye...

Su Man’s gaze slowly turned cold and fierce, recalling the man sacrificing himself in order to protect her.

“Liu Luo, have you made any progress in the capital lately?”

Su Man turned to look at Liu Luo. She believed in Liu Luo’s power. Plus, he knew about the spies she planted in the capital.

“Your Majesty.”

Liu Luo’s expression changed after hearing Su Man’s words. “Yue Qing had secretly returned to the capital a few days ago and he’s in the princess royal residence right now.”


Su Man’s expression turned gloomy hearing the words. “Is there any news from Asura?”


Liu Luo looked at Su Man and said seriously, “Asura said there has been frequent movements within the princess royal residence. He said the assassination...was personally planned by the princess royal!”

“Okay. Su Wan! Yue Qing!”

Su Man laughed, her gaze cold. “Prime minister Chi, prime minister Liu, seal the news of me returning to the capital. Prime minister Chi, immediately dispatch the troops. The princess royal is going to get married tomorrow so this empress will give her a huge gift!”

“Your Majesty, are you…”

Chi Xueyuan’s expression changed hearing the words and she anxiously pressed.


Su Man lifted her brows coldly, her tone unprecedentedly icy. “I’m leading an army to vanquish the princess royal residence!”

Liu Luo slightly furrowed his brows. He felt like something was off.

Yet, Chi Xueyuan remained still. She thought of Feng Wuchen’s safety first.

Vanquish the princess royal residence?

Liu Xuan lowered his head hearing Su Man’s bold words. A sneer flickered by.

Tomorrow, it was unclear who the winner would be!

June 16th.

It was just early morning and the princess royal residence was already surrounded by the common people in the capital. This was the first princess royal who married down within the Luanfeng Coutnry in history. It was a rare encounter within centuries. Common people who enjoyed watching the show naturally wouldn’t miss this.

Right now, the princess royal residence’s guards wore festive red uniforms and filed out of the residence. The dozens of guards split into two rows and maintained order at the front door.

As time slowly passed, the joyous melody got closer as well. The military officer’s procession had arrived.

The military officer’s people all wore bright red uniforms in unison. The leader mounted a precious horse and he was the military officer, Feng Wuchen.

Everyone thought it was reasonable for Feng Wuchen to come and personally welcome the princess royal. When Feng Family’s procession arrived, the princess royal residence’s door immediately ignited joyous firecrackers. Through the burst of noises, Su Wan wore a phoenix wedding robe with gold silk embroidered with patterns and walked out under the assistance of Bi Lou and Liu Ying. She gradually walked otu of the door.

At this time, she glanced at the direction of the long passageway directing to the streets. Scarlet dyed her vision.

Suddenly, there were black clouds looming over them from the imperial city. After taking a careful look, they saw a group of imperial guards wearing murderous and solemn expressions with black armors over them.

Powerful enemies struck them on the day of their wedding.

Su Rui immediately lifted his head and he felt the feeling of death within the air.

Very good.

This time, he’d paint the capital in scarlet blood and let everyone witness the unforgettable wedding in Luanfeng Country history...

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