The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 305: Male God, I’m Your Fangirl

Fortunately, Director Wang was very satisfied with Nan Xun’s look and makeup this time.

After sometime, the handsome guy next to Director Wang, Lin Yufan, who will play as the leading actor, also got his makeup ready.

He wore a black short robe with a meticulously put-up hair bun, he appeared absolutely handsome, but because of the plot’s requirement, he had to appear somewhat simple and foolish instead.

An Zihao’s role was known as a beautiful man in ancient costume, but his earlier day’s style was really not that much to show, when he was standing with the number one beauty in Jianghu, his looks seemed slightly inferior.

Director Wang wanted this effect, regardless of their acting skills, he was very satisfied with their looks now.

In the first act, An Zihao was playing a flute while Yang Yurou danced with a sword.

The instructor danced on the spot, and when she was about to do it the second time, Nan Xun very politely refused, “There’s no need for more, teacher, I have already watched it.”

Director Wang who just drank a mouthful of water and was about to take a break for ten to twenty minutes: …

Lin Yufan who just blew on the flute for a bit: …

Although there were only a few sword dance movements, wasn’t she bragging too much?

Director Wang looked at Shan Shui and said dryly, “All personnel get ready in position, action!”

As soon as the knocking board sounded, the two quickly entered their role.

An Zihao sat on the rock at one side while blowing the flute.

In order to create the feeling that An Zihao was really blowing the flute, Lin Yufan did really blow on it, but the sounds that came out, can only be said as noise at best instead.

Nan Xun stood there with a stunned expression.

“Cut! What the hell are you doing, Shan Shui?” Director Wang roared at her.

People on the site went silent, Director Wang’s temper was really as hot as ever, there was no pity even though he’s looking at such a charming beauty.

Nan Xun paused, and said to Lin Yufan in front of her, “Brother Fan, can you make your flute a bit quieter? I was scared by the noise you made just now.”

Because… it sounds so horrible to hear.

Lin Yufan smiled awkwardly, “I know it’s hard to hear, but Director Wang asked me to blow the flute.”

Nan Xun originally lowered her voice to ask him to save Lin Yufan’s face, after all, she was a newcomer, not to mention she was in front of the movie emperor.

But Lin Yufan obviously didn’t think that it was embarrassing, he said his reply clearly that everyone present can hear him.

Director Wang’s expression improved slightly, he said to Shan Shui, “You have to imagine that An Zihao’s music is very beautiful, this is the basic skill of an actor.”

Nan Xun nodded obediently before she said to Little Eight in the next second, “Little Eight, shield my hearing.”

Little Eight: …

After a while, the board clacked again, and Nan Xun who was now deaf can quickly enter her role.

Under the brilliant peach blossom tree, the man was sitting while crossing his legs, playing his long bamboo flute, but his eyes were fixed on the sword-dancing woman, unable to hide his admiration.

The woman’s movement and posture were graceful, her sword-dance was more beautiful than the peach blossom around her.

The strong wind brought out by her sword dance turned the peach blossom into a rain of flowers, rustling down like snow and covered the two’s clothes.

When the last movement ended, the stunning beauty suddenly took the sword and walked in front of the man, bent over to his level and said with a face full of smiles, “Zihao, we should go back now.”

An Zihao tried his hardest to recover from his absent-mindedness and smiled to her, revealing a line of white teeth, “Alright.”

“Cut!” Director Wang’s voice brought a wisp of excitement.

The sword dance that Shan Shui did just now was so good, so professional!

Shan Shui had successfully displayed Yang Yurou’s beauty when she performed the sword dance!

Originally, Director Wang didn’t plan to shoot Nan Xun’s close-up in this scene, but when he zoomed in, Shan Shui’s every expression when she was dancing, was very beautiful, there was nothing wrong in every angle at all thus it would be a pity if he didn’t give this beautiful scene a close-up shot!

The dance teacher was also stunned, she smilingly said that Shan Shui can immediately graduate from her.

In the next few scenes, whether it was when those two people walking on the road, Yang Yurou then would sometimes walk and skipped and run, or at the scene with her suddenly looking back and smiled, circling around An Zihao, smashing flower petals on his face, laughing while calling him a blockhead.

Even when it was the scene of Yang husband and wife, once again, mentioned their marriage in a roundabout way. In which Yang Yurou’s beautiful eyes would droop down slightly, seemingly revealed an endless shyness, she was able to passed all those scenes with just one try.

Director Wang’s old and stiff face finally showed a restrained smile, but his lips were curled up in the whole process.

The shot was better than what he imagined; how can he be upset?

Yang Yurou, the first beauty in Jianghu, has reached a new height of beauty under his lens.

In the next scene, Yang Yurou would play zither while An Zihao would play flute, both of them playing making a melodious harmony.

Director Wang asked a zither teacher to teach Shan Shui how to play pretend, but that little girl directly said domineeringly, “Director Wang, let’s shoot, I know how to play zither a bit, there’s no need to study.”

Director Wang’s mouth was opened, caught unguarded he quickly snapped it back up then coughed dryly, “En, good, very good.”

As soon as the movie board clacked once again, Nan Xun’s both hands then started to play the zither, although appeared as if she was just casually moving her hands, a melodious zither sound could be heard.

Instantly putting all the people on site, in a state of astonishment.

She can really play zither ah!

Nan Xun didn’t play it seriously at all, after all, Shan Shui was supposed to be unable to play it, so it was perfectly okay to just casually show several gestures.

When someone asked about it in the future, she could still say that she was self-taught. Fortunately, Shan Shui had stayed in her house for two years, and so no one would know what she had done during those period.

Nan Xun was playing very well when Director Wang suddenly shouted out ‘cut’, however instead of giving her a death glare this time, he glared at Lin Yufan, “Lin Yufan, what are you dazing there for?! The show has already begun!”

Lin Yufan feel frightened by this newcomer called Shan Shui.

He had a wide range of friends and there were countless talented stars in his circle. Nevertheless, there were only a few who actually knew how to play zither.

But she sat there, playing zither, just like the real Yang Yurou in the story, more over, she was also so beautiful.

It’s very comfortable to play with her, he won’t easily be distracted from his performance, in fact there was also sometimes when he wasn’t the one who led her into the play, it was the exact opposite instead.

If Lin Yufan had some prejudices in his mind before, there was none left right now.

He had walked step by step from a rookie before finally able to achieved his position now, knowing for certain how difficult it was being a rookie, hence he only admired Shan Shui even more.


It was the same familiar scene, the man blowing a flute while the woman playing zither.

There’s no harm if there was no comparison, however, the sound of zither was really pleasant while the flute sounded so grating on the ear, to the point of causing several workers to secretly cast disgusted eyes at Lin Yufan.

The new movie emperor really can’t help but wanted to cry and laugh at the same time in his heart.

After the song, An Zihao suddenly took Yang Yurou’s hands, looked at her affectionately, and whispered, “Little sister Rou, when I marry you, I will treat you wholeheartedly.”

Yang Yurou pulled his ears and joked, “You don’t want to be whole-hearted before marrying me?”

An Zihao yelled out in pain, “Sister Rou, I was wrong, lighter, lighter please ah!”

Yang Yurou let go, and the two smiled with affection.

Director Wang smiled and shouted the last ‘cut’.

At this moment, someone shouted excitedly while pointing to the door, “Ou Qian!”

Ou Qian stood at the door, looking straight towards the stage.

However, his expression was gloomy at a moment, but when everyone looked over, he immediately smiled gently, looking all noble and elegant once again.

It wouldn’t be called an exaggeration to say that all people in this place, from field workers to stylist to lighting engineer and various assistants, were in fact fans of the male god, Ou Qian.

From within a crowd of excited people who didn’t dare to take a step forward, a swift shadow flew past at an extremely exaggerated speed.

The big beauty Shan Shui, who previously looked reserved in everyone’s eyes, suddenly rushed to Ou Qian in a blink of an eye. Her small face was blushing red, and her eyes were burning fiercely with searing gaze as her sonorous voice came out, “Great Ou Qian, I’m your fangirl, could you give me an autograph?”

Everyone present was instantly stunned.


Hehe, everyone was deceived. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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