Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 304 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(20)

Liu Luo was temporarily in charge of the court matters since Her Majesty was missing. Chi Xueyuan and Liu Xuan each led an army of military officials, planning on separating into two ways to search for the missing Her Majesty in the nearby forests.

Su Rui and Su Wan ignored all of this. The two were focused on preparing the wedding. However, something happened within the princess royal residence.

“Your Highness.”

Deep at night, Liu Ying was supposed to be resting at this time but she suddenly came to Su Wan’s room and addressed her respectfully.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Rui’s impatient voice rang inside the room.

Liu Ying hesitated hearing Su Rui’s voice before saying, “Replying to the military officer...someone...someone in the residence found the unconscious Master Yue in the backyard.”

“Yue Qing?”

Su Rui’s gaze coldended and Su Wan opened her eyes in bed too.

Yue Qing had gone to the temporary imperial residence with Su Man. The group was attacked on their way there. Su Man had gone missing as well as Yue Qing.

Who knew that he would suddenly appear in the capital a few days later and then at Su Rui’s princess royal residence’s backyard in the middle of the night that strangely.

Su Wan sat up and smiled. “It seems like our opponent is extremely intelligent.”

“Heh. They’re just too opinionated.”

Su Rui sneered. “What do you plan on doing with Yue Qing?”

“Since they sent him over, let’s just keep him. It’s not like we can’t afford another person.”

Su Wan said this and then ordered, “Liu Ying, send someone to take care of Master Yue. We’ll talk about the rest after he wakes up.”


Liu Ying quickly retreated after hearing Su Wan’s order.

The next morning.

Yue Qing woke up and the first thing he saw was the familiar yet unfamiliar arrangements of the room.

This was the princess royal residence.

He remembered everything here. He even dreamed about it many times. He would frequently dream about returning and living in the past.

There were no schemes or calculations. Just the simple zither melody and singing, a carefree atmosphere...

Unfortunately, that was just a dream.

Yue Qing was a bit at a loss for words.

His mind gradually became clear. He remembered encountering assassins with Su Man that day. The assassins were ruthless and fierce. Likewise, he was also attacked. He was a scholar and a weak person. During the moment of danger, Su Man hesitated and this caused him to be attacked from the back. Then he lost his consciousness.

Did he die?

Who knew that he could revisit this old placr after death.

Yue Qing gradually sat up and was about to look around the room when he saw Liu Ying walking in carrying a bowl of medicine. “Master Yue, you’re awake?”

Liu Ying couldn't help but smile seeing that Yue Qing was awake. “It’s good that you’re awake. The physician in the residence prescribed this for you.”

“Liu Ying?”

Yue Qing looked at Liu Ying. He couldn’t help but stroke his head. “ I not dead yet?”

“Don’t talk about death like that. Master, are you muddle-headed? This is the princess royal residence and not the underworld! Look at the arrangements here. It’s still the same as before. Ever since you left, Her Highness would still send people over to clean up the place every day.”

Yue Qing used to live here in the past. His gaze brightened upon hearing Liu Ying’s words. “Su Wan, no, where’s Her Highness? I want to see Her Highness!”

Maybe it was because he died once but now he felt things differently. He really wanted to see Su Wan. He never felt as eager as he did now.

“Uh, Her Highness…”

Liu Ying felt slightly awkward. “Master Yue, you should rest well first. After you take the medicine and rest, you can go meet Her Highness afterwards.”


Yue Qing struggled to get out of bed. “I want to see her now!”

Seeing the anxiousness and stubbornness in Yue Qing’s eyes, Liu Ying laughed dryly. “Heh. Master Ye, Her Highness and the military officer haven’t gotten up yet. It’s not convenient for you to go over now.”

“What did you say?”

Yue Qing froze at his spot hearing the words.

Su Man did talk to him about Su Wan getting married. Ever since, he felt ill at ease. Who knew that Su Man didn’t tell him why she suddenly wanted to hurry back to the palace. Therefore, Yue Qing didn’t know about Su Wan preparing to get married to Feng Wuchen. Yue Qing was dumbstruck hearing this.

“Military officer? Military officer Feng? Her Highness is marrying...Feng Wuchen?”

Yue Qing asked in a daze.

Liu Ying’s gaze flickered. “Not marry, but rather she’s getting married to him. Her Highness will be getting married to military officer Feng in a few days. By then, this maid will probably have to go to the Feng Residence with my master.”

She’s marrying down? Not marrying?

Yue Qing felt his mind going blank. Liu Ying couldn’t help but add, “Master Yue, you must be happy for Her Highness too right? Military officer Feng even took two blows for Her Highness. She said that it is hard to find someone she truly loves. She has her heart set on military officer Feng. She’s born to be part of their family and ghost to their family too. Ah. This maid is really touched. Her Highness has been search all these years and she finally found someone she could entrust her life with.”

Yue Qing’s body swayed a bit and everything became blurry.

Su Wan was actually willing to abandon her status as the princess royal in order to marry Feng Wuchen and give up everything to marry into the Feng Family? Was this what she meant by she’d go through water and tread on fire without hesitation.

She used to be deeply in love with her too. Unfortunately...he couldn’t chase back what he had lost...

Liu Ying quickly walked to Su Wan’s courtyard coming from Yue Qing’s room.

Su Wan and Su Rui had gotten up a long time ago already. Seeing Liu Ying, Su Rui couldn’t help but laugh. “Liu Ying, how is it?”

“Replying to military officer, the maid told Master Yue what you told me to say. He seems to be really down.”

“He deserved it.”

Su Wan carelessly went over the menu for the wedding banquet and exclaimed in disdain.

He deserved to feel pain for trying to be a womanizer. He won’t get either woman.

Su Rui couldn’t help but smile gently hearing Su Wan’s words. “Okay, let him stay here for a few more days. He could make it to our wedding. We’ll see if he’s still alive by then. Who knows?”

June 16th...

Su Wan heard Su Rui’s words and stopped flicking through the menu.

Liu Xuan.

If you want to do something, you’ll do it that day right?

That’s good. At least they could get rid of them in one go.

Su Wan’s gaze gradually darkened. Bi Lou and Lu Changge had gotten everything ready. Liu Xuan thought that he had done everything perfectly but he didn’t know that Su Rui and Su Wan knew about his ambitions from the start.

The mantis stalks the cicada but the Eurasian siskin is behind them all. Liu Xuan wanted to be the Eurasian siskin but he didn’t know that he was also delicious food in predators’ eyes...

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