The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 304: Filming, Delicate Beauty Style

Director Wang was one who acts swiftly and resolutely, thus after finalizing the actors, he immediately prepared to start filming.

The crew’s name was <The Stormy Jianghu>, which mainly told the male protagonist, An Zihao’s struggle in the world of Jianghu from a nobody until he finally grew up to become the top master that dominated all over Jianghu.

Martial art movie was a very unpopular subject nowadays, only a few directors would dare to touch this genre, in fact, it was only the richly experienced Director Wang who dared to take this challenge.

It’s said that the first martial arts movie that Director Wang filmed was ten years ago.

At that time, <Swordsman> became popular nationwide, and since then, martial arts movies have been proliferated like a broken dam, making the audience gradually weary of this kind of genre.

That’s why, up until today, ancient martial art movies had already become something that other movie directors dared not touch.

Now that Director Wang was making this genre again, when the news broke out, people all over the nation held great expectations.

Director Wang didn’t say anything, but he valued this movie very seriously in his heart.

The play in the first day didn’t involve Nan Xun, it was the scene for young An Zihao and Yang Yurou.

But in order to get familiar with the shooting location earlier on, Nan Xun impatiently brought Zhao Rui with her.

The young protagonist An Zihao lost his memory when he was young and was rescued by Yang Yurou’s parents. The Yang family was one of the top ten martial art families, and they only had Yang Yurou as the precious pearl in their palms. Seeing An Zihao’s good conduct, the Yang family raised him as a half-son, with the thought of letting An Zihao marry and live with the Yang family later on.

However, the Yang family’s martial skill couldn’t be passed to outsiders, so before An Zihao truly became their son-in-law, the Yang family could only teach him some basic martial arts.

The story started from An Zihao and Yang Yurou’s childhood.

The first day was the scene where the boy and the girl were playing innocently together, although the scene wasn’t long, but Director Wang’s requirement for the two artists were very high, with his grumpy face, he managed to yell and make the little girl who played Yang Yurou brought to tears.

Director Wang felt his head would explode by the little girl’s wailing sound, so he quickly found someone to coax her.

When she stopped crying, an hour had already passed.

Nan Xun was between laugh and tears, “So I’m coming here today just to see a baby crying?”

Zhao Rui said, “Don’t underestimate these two little actors, they have more experience than you. The little Yang Yurou had appeared in many popular idol dramas, while little An Zihao can definitely be regarded as a veteran actor. Don’t think that he’s only ten years old, he already started filming from when he was four.”

Nan Xun who received a sudden blow: …

After that, the two little actors quickly entered their roles as expected, they passed with only three NGs’ overall.

In the last scene, the little An Zihao played flute while the little Yang Yurou danced with sword.

In the blink of an eye, the two childhood sweethearts have grown up, and finally tomorrow will be Nan Xun’s turn to play with the drama emperor, Lin Yufan.

Director Wang had seen Zhao Rui with Shan Shui for some time, but he was very busy, so he just ignored them. Now that the work was done for the day, he took the initiative to greet them said to Shan Shui, “What do you think after seeing this?”

Nan Xun smiled lightly, “I think it’s easier to watch a movie rather than making it, and it’s not easier to be a director rather than an actor.”

Director Wang curled his lips and said in secret.

This little flatterer.

“I remember all the actor’s lines, now I’ll just be frank with you, I won’t be tolerant to you just because you’re a newcomer. Tomorrow you will be playing with Lin Yufan, filming’s most taboo thing is to shoot a scene where the strong is against the weak, so if your performance can’t keep up with him…”

Director Wang didn’t finish the second half of his sentence, but Nan Xun felt his eyes were shooting sharp knives.

Zhao Rui smiled awkwardly, “Director Wang, don’t worry, I’ll accompany her to practice when we go back today, I’ll make sure that we won’t let you down tomorrow.”

However, after the two returned, Zhao Rui looked through the script and found that Shan Shui didn’t have many lines, most of her scenes were either fighting or dancing. In the fighting scene, they would definitely use a stand-in, while her dancing scenes will be directed by professional instructors, if she really can’t do it, then they will use a substitute, as for playing lute or other instruments, when the time comes, she only needs to pretend-play.

In a word, Shan Shui only needs to be beautiful under the camera to play Yang Yurou’s role.

After reading the script back and forth several times, Zhao Rui slowly felt relieved.

The next day, when Nan Xun arrived at the site, the field affairs and prop teams had already finished preparing everything, the costume and makeup artists were already in place, even Director Wang and the assistant director were already on the scene, checking their camera lens.

Nan Xun checked the time, making sure that she wasn’t late.

Director Wang diverted his attention and glanced at her, then he said to the stylist, “Make her up, change her to the first outfit.”

Nan Xun hooked the arm of the person next to her and asked with a low voice, “Sister, am I late?”

The person saw her pitiful and scared look, she couldn’t help but let out a small snort, “Don’t worry you’re not late, Director Wang is just used to arriving early, the people under him like us can’t come later than him, right? Just call me sister Qin in the future, I’m the stylist who’s responsible for all the actress’s looks and make up.”

Nan Xun quickly got along with the stylist and assistants in the dressing room. Her small mouth was always sweet, and her compliments wouldn't make people feel awkward hearing them.

Sister Qin fiddled with her long black hair and couldn’t put it down, “Shan Shui, how do you take care of your long hair? Your hair quality is excellent, I must give you a fairy-like look.”

When the hair-styling was done, sister Qin moved on to give her make up and praised her again, “Shan Shui, your skin is so good, you don’t need any touching up at all ah, tsk tsk, with only the foundation by itself is already so great!”

Nan Xun: …

When Nan Xun’s clothes were changed, styling was finished and her makeup was painted on, all the people in the dressing room were amazed.

“Beautiful ah, so delicately beautiful!”

The woman wore a white dress with wide sleeves, the skirt was almost dragged to the ground, some of her hair was rolled up into a bun decorated with small white-pearl ornaments, while her leftover long hair cascaded down to her waist, jet black in color and smooth to the touch, giving a stark contrast with the white dress.

The beauty smiled slightly, and those pair of dark eyes seem to be brimming with tenderness, gentle and demure.

The assistant next to her couldn’t help herself and took two photos of the beauty to be saved on her phone.

After Nan Xun went out like this, she heard the gasps and exclamations from many people again.

A handsome guy that stood beside Director Wang couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Nan Xun in her costume before he suddenly said something to Director Wang.

Director Wang immediately looked over and his gaze stayed for a full two seconds, then he growled in the next, “Who made this look? Your mom, you think we’re filming Xianxia* genre? You make her look so immortal-like, [email protected] it, you think other people are still alive or not? Change it now! Quick! Change the dress too!”

[T/N: immortals, gods, demons]

Sister Qin took Nan Xun back to the dressing room with a dark face, then she took out her phone and took a few pictures of Nan Xun with ‘snap - snap’ sound before she muttered, “Yell, just yell, is immortal-look so wrong? I want to keep it for myself.”

Nan Xun straight-forwardly posed like a fallen immortal and let her photographed her, “Sister Qin had made me look so beautiful, I can’t believe it’s me when I look in the mirror.”

Sister Qin immediately felt better after hearing this, she then asked her to sit back and changed her style.

The hairstyle became a bit more complicated, the bead ornaments were removed and changed into hairpins and dangling ornaments, her eyebrows were repainted to look slightly bent, and she gave her a lip color that was slightly heavier, while her wide-sleeved skirt was replaced with a narrow one.

After making this series of changes, Shan Shui suddenly floated down from heaven to earth, still beautiful, but this time she didn’t look like an immortal, although she was like a beauty that just walked out from a painting.

Sister Qin sighed, “You’re really beautiful in all style, no way, I can’t, I’m going to have a nosebleed!”

Nan Xun secretly said to Little Eight, “Oh my, sister Qin keeps praising me, I’m so shy ah.”

Little Eight “…dear da, do you really even know how to write the word ‘shy’?”


Lol, I'm with you, Little Eight ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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