Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 303 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (19)

Flowers bloomed by the end of May in the capital. The common people had lived quite comfortable lifestyles and they talked about the princess royal the most during their afternoon teatime.

That’s right. It was fine that one didn’t recognize Her Majesty or Prime Minister Chi in the capital but it was unacceptable if they didn’t know the princess royal.

Apparently, the princess royal was going to get married soon and every guy in the capital had their hearts shattered.

One must be extremely fortunate to be able to marry the princess royal, a member of the imperial family who not only was noble and beautiful, but was also sensible and easy to approach.

While everyone was enthusiastically talking about the princess royal’s marriage, the usually low-profile Feng Family suddenly started buying wedding items in large quantities. Even more, the madam of the Feng Family who usually never left the residence wore her first-rank palace robe for the first time. She went to each member of the imperial family and personally sent them a wedding invitation.

The eldest son of the Feng Family, Feng Wuchen, was going to marry the princess royal on June 16th!

The nobles who received the invitation were flabbergasted.

Madam Feng, are you sure you’re not fooling around?

Marrying the princess royal? She was the princess royal! Madam Feng stood up straight facing the nobles’ incredulous expressions. She smiled faintly. “Be sure to come early if you can!”

Finally, the truth about the princess royal’s marriage was revealed to the public and everyone in the capital was in an uproar!

She first allowed a noble lady from her residence to marry a man of a lower status and now she followed suit! She basically created a new era for Luanfeng Country!

When Chi Xueyuan heard the news, she froze for a long time even though she prepared for it.

Her cousin said that he’d marry a noble lady and he really did it.

Plus, it was the first noble lady of Luanfeng Country who agreed to his proposal!

She was above all but one. There wasn’t another noble lady more noble than princess royal. Yet, someone like her was willing to marry a man of a lower status.

And be an ordinary wife.

Chi Xueyuan thought this was incredulous and unprecedented.

Su Wan and Su Rui’s wedding was half a month from now. Ever since Madam Feng announced their wedding date, the common people were all eager and looking forward to the princess royal and military officer Feng showing off their love.

Of course, General Su never disappointed anyone. Because he was technically on “sick leave,” he still acted like a “disabled person” even though he already recovered in order to avoid work. Su Wan personally supported him in and out of the princess royal residence whenever he came.

Stranger X: I saw the princess royal helping military officer Feng into the horse carriage. I’m so jealous of them!

Stranger Z: So what? I saw the princess royal feeding military officer Feng in Chufeng Restaurant yesterday!

Noble Lady X: What do you guys know? I heard that the military officer Feng had saved the princess royal and so she fell in love with him.

Noble Lady Y: I was present that day. Military officer Feng was incredible. Ah, if I encountered a man like him, I would’ve married too!

Noble Lady Z: That’s right! If princess royal is willing to marry a man of a lower status, why wouldn’t we? She said that she just wants to grow old with the person she loves. So romantic~

Unconsciously, the noble families in the capital had changed their views. The world was like this. The moment the first person dares to try out something new, the others would gradually follow suit.

Su Man naturally found out about this quickly. When she found out that Su Wan went against the imperial family’s rules and married someone of a lower status, under a fit of anger, Su Man ordered Hong Shuang to pack their luggages and hurry back to the palace from the temporary imperial residence. Who knew that on their way back, their procession encountered assassins’ ambush.

Clearly, they came prepared. They attacked Su Man and her group of people fiercely, to the point where they would self-sacrifice just to kill them. The imperial family’s guards were hurt badly and Su Man also got injured during this operation.

Leng Ye supported the injured Su Man and the two escaped through the chaos.

The princess royal’s wedding was approaching, yet Her Majesty had been ambushed and was now nowhere to be seen.

When news of Su Man disappearing spread to the capital, everyone lost their minds.

Capital, princess royal residence.

“Princess royal!”

Su Wan and Su Rui were eating dinner when Chi Xueyuan hurried to the princess royal residence.

“Prime minister Chi, you need something?”

Su Wan looked at Chi Xueyuan and asked faintly.

“Princess royal, Her Majesty had disappeared. This is a huge deal! This official thinks it is the same situation as when the princess royal was ambushed last time. The same people are behind this. They must be conspiring!”


Su Wan listened to Chi Xueyuan’s words and couldn’t help but nod. “It makes sense but...can’t you tell that I’ve been really busy lately? I’m not interested in who ambushed Her Majesty. I’ll naturally figure out who was sent to ambush me in the future. We’ll see whether it’s the mysterious person or someone else.”

“Your Highness!”

Hearing Su Wan’s careless words, Chi Xueyuan was worried. “Your Highness, you’re just going to watch the Su Family’s hard effort land in the hands of the rebels and traitors?”

“Rebels and traitors? Who are the rebels? Where are the traitors?”

Su Wan placed the chopsticks down and looked at Chi Xueyuan interestedly. “I always thought that I was the rebel and traitor in your eyes. Speaking of Su Family’s imperial court, there’s nothing I can do. Don’t you know that I’m going to marry into the Feng Family and my surname is going to be Fengsu in the future?”

Su Wan shot Su Rui a smile and exclaimed, “Husband, am I right?”


Su Rui nodded. “After we get married, I’ll resign from my position and we can live in seclusion. We can travel around the world at that time.”


Chi Xueyuan’s gaze was on Su Rui. “Cousin, you worked so hard to enter the palace and become an official in the past so that you could render service to repay the kindness, no? Now that the court needs you, how can you…”

“What about me?”

Su Rui looked at Chi Xueyuan and sneered. “Heh. Her Majesty has always guarded against us male officials. Have you seen a military official without military power? So what if I am a first-rank military officer? The imperial court doesn’t need me at all. Chi Xueyuan, you have military power and a tiger tally. If you want to save Her Majesty, then go ahead. Hope you have a safe journey.”

Chi Xueyuan was speechless.

She walked out of the princess royal residence absent-minded. She felt like everything was unrealistic.

Cousin, princess royal.

Everyone was different from what she imagined.

It was unclear whether Her Majesty was dead or alive. The court was chaotic. What should she do now?

“Prime minister Chi.”

A voice suddenly rang besides Chi Xueyuan.

She looked up absent-mindedly and appeared shocked at the person in front of her. “Prime minister Liu?”

The elegant and gentle Liu Luo welcomed the night wind.

“Prime minister Chi, are you worried over the empress?”

Liu Luo took two steps forward and looked quietly at Chi Xueyuan. “Do you need me to help you?”

Her eyes suddenly brightened.

How did she forget about him? Though he didn’t know martial arts, he was a genius in strategizing and formations.

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