The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 303: Aah, Male God Has Noticed Her

The next day, Zhao Rui’s face was overwhelmed with joy, “Shan Shui, Brother Zhao belittled you before, you actually got this Yang Yurou role!”

After yesterday’s audition, Zhao Rui asked about the result, but Nan Xun was being humble and only said that it’s okay.

When Zhao Rui heard this, he thought that she didn’t pass and advised her to relax, he didn’t expect her to win the contract the next day.

“You’re still a newcomer who’s just starting out, it’s normal to get a low salary, don’t be fixated on this. There are many senior actors in this film crew, you have to be humble and ask for advice modestly.” Zhao Rui instilled.

Nan Xun couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry, brother Zhao, I understand.”

She entered showbiz not for making money, anyway, no matter how much money she made, she couldn’t bring it with her to the next world.

“There’s still more, there’s still more, this time’s male lead is last year’s film emperor Lin Yufan. When you play with him, you must be sure to pay attention to not have too much NG, it can make him annoyed. Ah, that’s right, there’s still the female lead, it’s the popular artist Song Jiayue, this person’s temperament isn’t good, so you have to be careful around her, also…”

Nan Xun didn’t interrupt him and listened carefully to his instructions carefully.

In fact, Nan Xun was also very excited. Although she prided herself on her acting skill, it’s still different from acting under the camera. In the end, she’s still a complete novice in this field after all.

Suddenly thinking of something, Zhao Rui said again, “Shan Shui, don’t upload Ou Qian’s sketches on your Man-Man’s account anymore, you will have a reputation from now on, so you should avoid giving people material to spout about, just wait until you accumulate fame, then you will find any kind of haters that can’t wait to gnaw on your bones. Your behavior now can make people say later on that you’re only riding the male god’s thigh to succeed.”

When it came to her male god, Nan Xun’s attitude was very firm, “Brother Zhao, I can promise you anything except for this matter. No one can deprive me of the right to like my male god, what others like to say doesn’t matter, I’m not afraid of those haters spouting out black water all over me, anyway, I won’t lose anything. I won’t stop showing my love to him until the male god himself say to me that my actions cause him trouble.”

Zhao Rui held his forehead with one hand as he felt a headache coming.

He already expected that he would be very busy with troublesome things in the future.

Zhao Rui took a step back, “Alright, I won’t stop you from publishing Ou Qian’s sketches, but brother begs you to restrain yourself a bit, don’t draw the superstar Ou Gan so… moving.”

Nan Xun put on an innocent face and said, “Is it really moving? But my male god didn’t say anything after seeing them ah.”

Zhao Rui almost jumped when he heard this, “What are you talking about? Ou Qian had seen them?”

Nan Xun looked at him, “It’s weird if he didn’t see them, I have been painting him for more than a month.”

Zhao Rui had been busy pulling resources lately, so he didn’t pay much attention to Shan Shui’s Man-Man, he just took a look occasionally and just found that her Man-Man was full of Ou Qian’s sketches with blunt and hot sentence next to each of them.

Zhao Rui marvelled at Shan Shui’s versatility but worried that her honest (more like shameless) behavior would attract more and more haters.

Nan Xun knew what he was worried about, so she opened her phone to show him the comment area, “Brother Zhao, look, my fans are very friendly now.”

Zhao Rui shook his head and said sternly, “Shan Shui, believe me, brother have seen much and knows better than you, today, they love you with madness, but tomorrow, once a negative news about you appeared, these fans who have no ability to judge can change into your haters within a matter of minutes.”

Nan Xun smiled at him, “I know what you’re worried about, but the wave will wash the sand out, I believe that the fans who can stay with me through storms are the most valuable. As for other people, whether they’re slandering or talking bad behind, it all doesn’t matter to me.”

Zhao Ryu sighed, “it’s best for you to think that way, but I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to endure that kind of attack.”

After saying this, he changed the subject, “The script has been given to you, practice it if you have time, there are senior acting teachers in the company, you can ask them if you don’t understand anything.”

“Big brother, I will only play in five episodes, you make it seem like I’m playing the leading role.”

Zhao Rui sternly said, “I don’t care if you’re playing the leading or supporting role or even a nobody, you still have to give your hundred percent. Do you know that famous first-line actor now? He had been supporting characters for a full ten years before finally becoming popular, now, when people browsed movies he had been in as supporting roles, they can only give him praises, because no matter what kind of small role he played, he all performed it with diligence…”

Nan Xun was filled with plenty of chicken soup by Manager Zhao until she felt that she would be full even without eating today.

The two were chatting about ideals and life when Nan Xun’s phone rang all of a sudden.

On Man-Man, when the person you follow also follow you back, it will give a prompt sound like this.

Nan Xun thought about who she had followed recently, it was only Zhao Rui and Yixin official accounts that she followed recently.

Nan Xun picked up her phone, clicked on the flashing prompt message, and saw a very official sentence: ‘Ou Gan who you’ve followed, recently followed you back.’

Nan Xun was a bit confused.

Zhao Rui leaned over to take a look and immediately turn to the opposite of calm, grabbing her phone, his eyes were almost digging through the screen.

“F*ck! Ou Qian actually followed you back!”

Nan Xun didn’t understand why Zhao Rui was so excited. She always thought that the male god Ou Qian had already followed her, although it was the silent kind of follower, so there was no prompt sound.

But If he didn’t follow Shan Shui, how would he know about her movements in Man-Man?

Does the male god search her Man-Man account every time he wants to see her sketches?

Isn’t that too silly?

Zhao Rui said profanities a few more times before he excitedly said, “He doesn’t necessarily follow even those actresses that had played with him! Little girl, what kind of sh1t luck have you taken that you can be treated differently by the male god?”

Nan Xun: …

Such a reaction……

How come being followed by the male god is a more exciting thing than winning five million?

But soon, Nan Xun understood why.

Within a span of a few minutes, her fans on Man Man had increased by 50 thousand, and her comment section had once again surged with craze.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎  

Little Jade Child 0714: I noticed that my male god is recently following a female star, so I especially roll here to watch.

Ou Gan is My Husband: It’s been two years since my husband paid attention to a female actress, who is this Shan Shui? How come she’s not famous at all!

The Hapless Bear Kid is Me: My male god has never taken the usual path, he only followed senior directors, producers, screenwriters or artists ah, but this green Shan Shui, have never heard of her. [TN: green = novice]

Swallow: Are upstairs huge fans of the Great Ou Qian or not? You don’t even know who Shan Shui is? This person, whom the Great Ou Qian has personally praised, has been posting beautiful sketches of him that she draws herself every day.

Save Money to Buy Buns: Won’t say much, just posting a little fairy Ou Qian sketch that big sis drew. #Beautiful man just out of the bath. jpg

Grandmaster: OMG, blood tank is empty!

Pearl Sprout: Aaaaa, blood tank, my blood tank!!

Poor Woman: I welcome you to join the army of empty blood tanks.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎  

Zhao Rui’s mouth opened into an O shape, he immediately said, “Shan Shui baby, you must insist on drawing Ou Qian’s sketches every day. This big brother Zhao supports you!”

Nan Xun: …

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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