Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 301 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(17)

Chi Xueyuan’s expression changed upon hearing the words. She subconsciously glanced at Feng Wuchen lying in bed before placing her gaze on Su Wan. “Princess royal, your words are off. Xueyuan recalls that cousin said he’ll never marry anyone. Even if the other party is a noble lady, he wants them to marry into the Feng Family. Therefore, if you want to marry my cousin, you’re going to be disappointed.”


Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh. “Who said that I’m going to marry Feng Wuchen? I’m going to get married to him regardless of his status.”


Chi Xueyuan froze. “Princess royal,’re not joking right?”

Since the foundation of the Luanfeng Country, Bi Lou was considered the first noble lady to marry a man of a lower status. This had angered Her Majesty. Now, the princess royal took the initiative to marry a man of a lower status as well even if she might offend everyone! Though the man was a military officer, this was a stain to the imperial power!

“Princess royal, Her Majesty won’t let you do this.”

Chi Xueyuan was forced to view this situation seriously.

“Her Majesty? Chi Xueyuan, are you using Her Majesty to suppress me?”

Su Wan slowly got up and walked to Chi Xueyuan. “Wedding should be a joyous occasion. Prime Minister Chi, you don’t need to worry for me. When I get married to the military officer, I’ll naturally send you an invitation. It’s getting late. You should be heading back too right?”

Seeing that Su Wan was dismissing her, Chi Xueyuan clenched her teeth and then left unwillingly.

Up until she walked far away did Su Wan gradually turn to look at Su Rui pretending to be asleep in bed. “Your cousin left. You can get up now.”


Su Rui sat up and smiled awkwardly. “She is my cousin but I don’t know about “good.” Wife, are you jealous?”

“How could I possibly be so childish?”

Su Wan turned her face to the side. Su Rui’s gaze flickered seeing that she refused to admit. He changed the topic and asked, “Have you had some progress on the assassins’ identities?”

“Not yet but those two must be involved.”

Su Wan heard Su Rui’s question and turned serious. “If I’m right, it should be that person.”

“They’re getting someone to do their dirty work and trying to kill two birds with one stone?”

Su Rui heard Su Wan’s words and his gaze coldened. They actually sent someone to assassinate his wife. They didn’t know what death was, right?

“He knows the Thirty-Six Strategems but did he think we wouldn’t know?”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui and the two smiled at each other.

Since you want to borrow someone’s hand to kill me, then we’ll beat you at your own game!

The second day, the common people within the capital were still discussing the grand wedding ceremony that was dyed in blood red yesterday. News about who the mastermind could be had been spreading.

Who dared to hurt the princess royal in the capital?

Who didn’t get along with the princess royal in the capital as well?

Plus, who wouldn’t be benefitted when someone marries from the princess royal residence?

Everything was silently pointing towards a person. They were the current empress!

Imperial city, harem.

Su Man listened to Hong Lei’s report with a dark face, fisting her hands tightly.

Su Wan agreed to marry Bi Lou to Lu Changge and this was a slap to Her Majesty’s face. But Su Man wasn’t stupid to the point where she’d send people to assassinate Su Wan and fall out with her. That wasn’t an intelligent option.

Su Man didn’t do this but in the entire capital, it was hard to find another person who had such power and was able to train so many elite mercenaries.


It was Su Wan herself.

After dismissing Hong Lei, Su Man stood up and walked around the palace hall a bit before heading to Liu Luo’s palace hall.

At this time, he was still practicing his swordsmanship.

Seeing Su Man’s figure, Liu Luo immediately placed his precious sword away and quickly walked to Su Man. “Your Majesty, why are you here?”

Liu Luo understood Su Man the most. From what he knew about her, she should be tending to official matters at this time.

“Liu Luo, I have something to discuss with you.”

While walking inside, Su Man told Liu Luo about his suspicions. Besides enjoying practicing martial arts, he had researched all sorts of military strategies and tactics.

He had a calm and steady personality, the best person to talk to.

Hearing Su Man’s guess, Liu Luo also paused for a moment. “From what I know, many died within the princess royal residence as well. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the residence so I can’t figure it out. I’m not sure whether the people that died are the princess royal’s trusted aides or just paid actors.”


Su Man’s heart was touched hearing this. “Yue Qing came from the princess royal residence. He should be able to tell right?”

“Your Majesty.”

Liu Luo’s gaze darkened. “Your Majesty wants Yue Qing to help?”


Su Man looked at Liu Luo and smiled. “Liu Luo, you’re not jealous of Yue Qing are you?”

Liu Luo slightly shook his head hearing Su Man’s teasing words.”I’m not jealous. I just don’t believe him. He came from the princess royal residence. Since Su Wan could have him approach Your Majesty once, she could do it a second time. How can you tell when he’s being genuine and when he’s not?”

Yue Qing...

Yue Qing’s elegant face flickered through her mind. She couldn’t help but smile. “No one can deceive me. Liu Luo, you have to believe in me.”

“Since Your Majesty has already made up your mind, consider Liu Luo as being too hesitant.”

Liu Luo smiled bitterly. Su Man’s face darkened seeing that he was a bit angry.

She was used to being high and mighty. Submit to me and prosper or oppose me and perish. That was the saying. Who dared to give Su Man attitude within the capital? Liu Luo was the first and only one.

Could it be that she treated him too well?

Thinking of this, Su Man sneered. “The sunshine is quite nice today. I’m going to move to the temporary imperial residence and live there for some time. It just so happens that the zither custom-made for Yue Qing is also ready. I’m going to take him out this time so you’re in charge of the harem matters.”

As she said this, Su Man stood up and left without hesitation.

Su Man chose to go to the temporary imperial residence at this time after what happened in the capital because she wanted to lure the mastermind out for their next step.

Liu Luo absent-mindedly thought back to how he and Su Man were just a newly married couple not too long ago, glancing at Su Man’s figure leaving unhesitatingly.

At that time, he thought that he found his true love. Even if he gave up everything including his mother’s expectations for him, he thought it was worth it.

But what about now?

Liu Luo started laughing to himself. Who knew whether it was worth it or not?

News of Su Man leaving the capital gradually spread as the rumors and gossip took over the hot topic.

Was Her Majesty trying to clean her name by leaving the capital at this time or purposely trying to hide?

What was going on in the princess royal residence now that Her Majesty left the capital?

While everyone’s attention was on Su Wan, she did indeed give everyone a surprise. She was going to get married!

The moment this news came out, everyone was more shocked than when they heard Her Majesty was going to get married.

Nani. In this spring, there were three joyous occasions in the princess royal residence?

Of course, these weren’t the main points. What everyone cared most about was who the princess royal was going to get married with.

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