The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 301: Praise, Good Sense of Acting

Nan Xun glanced at him, then looked away as if she had never looked over.

Don’t look at her calm appearance, in fact, her heart thumped and jumped so hard at the present.

F*ck, this scene completely overlapped with the same scene of the male god incarnate as a fairy that she had imagined in the middle of last night, it absolutely coincided with her latest seductive sketch. This happiness came so suddenly caught her unprepared at all!

“Hello three teachers, I’m Shan Shui, I’m here to audition for the role of Yang Yurou.” Nan Xun glanced over a few people, and finally fell on the middle-aged man with a bald head in the middle seat.

That person in the middle was the one with the most say, Wang Dong, the chief director of the show, while the one on the left should be the assistant director.

When Director Wang saw Shan Shui at first glance, there was a trace of satisfaction that was rarely seen in his eyes, but after flipping through her resume, his already somewhat long melon face stretched even longer.

“Who the hell got this person in here? It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have professional training, but to have no experience at all? A complete rookie? Go, go, go, quickly see this person out for me!” Wang Dao shouted angrily.

Nan Xun: …

Although people with great talent all have a strange temperament, Director Wang’s temper was terrible, he actually yelled like that to a young girl like her.

If it wasn’t because she had seen this kind of scene before, she estimated that an ordinary girl would immediately run out crying from being yelled at like this.

Nan Xun subconsciously glanced at the male god Ou Qian, but found that he still remained composed while observing her, his attitude was lazy and indifferent.

Hehe, is the male god watching a good show? Such an unscrupulous little fairy, fortunately, she drew his sketch every day.

As for the assistant director, he just shook his head slightly, showing a bit of regret.

It’s hard to come across a person who’s very close to the character’s image, but this person actually had no acting skill. Even though the role didn’t require acting skill, but it’s still impossible to use someone with no acting experience at all.

“Director Wang, I only need two minutes.” Nan Xun looked at Director Wang with sincere eyes.

Before the temperamental Director Wang opened his mouth, the male god Ou Qian next to him actually spoke first. He yawned lazily and asked, “Have you read the script? That last scene where Yang Yurou assassinated Ji Qing, you can perform that.”

There was a lazy aura all over his posture when the man talked, his beauty was just like a poppy flower that got people addicted.

When Ou Gan spoke, Director Wang and the assistant director next to him, looked at him in surprise.

Ou Gan shrugged slightly and gave them a sideways glance, “Such a beautiful woman, it’s worth giving a chance.”

Director Wang complained wildly in his heart: Give a chance my @ss, Yang Yurou’s entire performance doesn’t require any acting skill, but there’s only one scene that will test one’s acting skill, and that was the last scene when Yang Yurou assassinated the enemy Ji Qing but failed in the end. Even people with acting skills don’t necessarily perform well in this last scene, so why do you let a little girl with zero acting experience perform such a difficult scene?

Nan Xun’s gaze moved, she didn’t give the other party a chance to go back on his words. She suddenly turned a few times, lithely dancing on the spot.

Director Wang looked at her movements and posture and couldn’t help but glanced at each other.

Tsk, she has practiced ah, seems to have some foundation in dancing.

Nan Xun right now had become Yang Yurou in the play.

She watched her parents being killed and determined to avenge them. She became a substitute for a dancing girl to enter her enemy, Ji Qing’s mansion, and danced at his birthday banquet.

In the beginning, the dancing woman’s eyes were hollow, concealing heinous hatred and strong murderous intentions, however, in the next moment she hid all these emotions instantly, and her eyes seemed to contain surging waves, seemingly sweeping across the person in front, silently seducing him.

Director Wang opened his mouth slightly, and he noticed that the other person was looking in the direction of his little friend Ou Qian, she treated Ou Qian as her absolutely irreconcilable enemy.

She already entered the character!

The woman danced gracefully as if she was subtly luring him, and eventually grabbing Ji Qing’s attention.

Ou Qian leaned forward slightly; his thin lips rose slightly with a hint of interest within his eyes.

Director Wang beside him opened his mouth wide, not expecting Ou Qian who had always considered everyone beneath him, to actually enter the play too!

In the twinkling of an eye, the beautiful woman who was dancing swiftly on the stage suddenly leaped into the air and horizontally swished down.

Director Wang was so frightened that he squeezed the assistant’s hand, making his assistant’s face distorted, but he didn’t shout for fear of interrupting the other party’s character interpretation.

The dancer touched the ground on her toes, leaped again, and landed on the table in front of Ou Qian.

When most people jumped and smashed onto a table, they would usually make a loud bang, but Shan Shui seemed like she’s able to do Qing-gong, as the table only shook lightly when she landed on it.

She laid on her side on the table and leaned towards the man in front of her, her hands hooked Ou Qian’s neck like a snake. As she looked at him with her beautiful eyes, she smiled charmingly while asking, “My lord, do you think that this slave’s jump is good?”

The man grabbed her slender waist, held the beauty on the table in his arms, and commented with interest, “The dance is beautiful, but the person is even more beautiful.”

Director Wang, who had been on the sideline this entire time, wanted to remind him that his line was wrong, but he immediately closed his mouth before the words came out, the general idea was still acceptable, furthermore, Ou Qian didn’t read the script carefully, so it’s normal not to remember the lines perfectly.

Nan Xun acted all the more wanton after she heard these words, she fixed her beautiful, watery eyes right onto the man, there seemed to be invisible hooks flying out of her eyes, hooking the man in front of her in a death trap. Then, her slender hand stroke the man’s handsome face, her fingertips gently glided across his cheeks, making the man itchy endlessly.

The beauty’s pink lips slowly moved forward, the tip of her nose had already touched the man’s, but her pink lips suddenly stopped when they were 0.01 cm away from the man’s thin lips.

The beauty hooked him with her eyes whilst exhaling her fragrant breath, calling out to him, “My lord~”

Her fragrant breath seemed to penetrate through the gap between the man’s slightly opened lips, the both of them were entwined into an ambiguous position.

The corner of Ou Qian’s mouth slanted up all of a sudden, and when the woman leaned back, he also leaned over, bowed his head, and directly kissed her.

At this moment, the woman’s half-closed beautiful eyes suddenly opened together with the monstrous hatred and strong killing intent within her eyes burst out.

“Ji Qing you cursed evil, die!” The woman yelled; her right hand had already pulled on the hairpin on her head before she pierced the man’s back ferociously.

Ou Gan reacted extremely quickly and leaned his body, and the useless hairpin only stabbed his left arm.

“Cut!” Director Wang suddenly said, he didn’t know when he had stood up and was staring at the woman in Ou Gan’s arms with shining eyes.

Nan Xun quickly got up from Ou Qian’s arms, stood aside like a good girl, and thanked Ou Gan, “Thank you senior for playing along with me, as expected, senior is really amazing.”

Ou Qian squinted at her slightly, and then said after a while, “Acting is good, not inferior to a professional actor from a professional background, if Director Wang still won’t choose you, then he might have suffered from blurred vision because of his old age.”

Director Wang beside him: …


Yo, this couple, both of them are stealing each other’s tofu like nobody’s business.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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