Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 300 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (16)

Although Su Wan knew that Su Rui purposely got himself injured, Su Wan’s gaze immediately darkened still.

Did they think that she was a weak lady? These people dared to act so presumptuously in front of the princess royal residence!

The two landed on the ground and Su Wan helped support Su Rui. “Military officer, don’t move around. I’m…”

“Your Highness.”

Su Wan smiled and brushed Su Wan’s hand away. “Don’t let these insignificant people dirty your hand!”

Su Rui held his sword tightly and unparalleled aura immediately rocketed into the sky!

In that moment, everything flashed by the blink of an eye and murderous aura was eluded everywhere..

By the time Lu Changge rushed to the princess royal residence, he saw the ground full of bodies and fresh red dyed the princess royal residence’s limestone tiles.

Because this was a mixed battle, Bi Lou’s wedding attire was a bit torn. Even more, she suffered injuries on her shoulders.

“Bi Lou!”

Lu Changge saw Bi Lou’s injury and immediately got off his horse, rushing forth to her. “What happened? Where’s Her Highness?”

“Her Highness is okay but...the military officer suffered heavy injuries in order to protect Her Highness.”

As she said this, she gaze deeply at the princess royal residence door.

Not long later, the door was pushed open and Su Wan had changed into her palace outfit, walking out with a cold face.

“Her Highness!”

The people gathered on the streets all respectfully addressed her seeing Su Wan coming out.

Su Wan gazed with her phoenix eyes and swept over everyone. Then she reached for her double-edged sword.

Clink. The sword was deeply inserted into the cracks of the ground covered in fresh blood. “Everyone, today is supposed to be the princess royal residence’s happy occasion but it has come to this point right now. Not only was the auspicious time for the wedding missed, many innocent common people were also implicated and died unjustly. I will pay for everyone’s funeral expenses and settlement fees, whoever has been implicated! Of course, don’t worry! I will make sure to bring justice to you guys! The dead would not have died for no reason. Blood would not have flowed for no reason. I will swear upon my double-edged sword right now. Once I find out the culprit behind this, I’ll make sure they’ll pay ten folds as much the price! Debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

“Debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

The guards in the princess royal residence chanted.

“Debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

The crowd chanted along angrily with the guards. Those who lost their family even teared up emotionally.

“Your Highness!”

At this time, Bi Lou got on her knees in front of Su Wan and said, “Your Highness, this subordinate won’t marry anyone! This subordinate has to avenge the brothers and sisters who died tragically!”

“Bi Lou! “

Su Wan’s gaze was fixated on her and she looked shockingly at Su Wan.

“Princess Royal!” Lu Changge also got on one knee like Bi Lou. “If Your Highness doesn’t mind, Changge is willing to follow Your Highness. After we avenge everyone, I can marry Bi Lou then!”


Su Wan waved her sleeves and exclaimed coldly, “The mastermind behind this today just wants to disturb your wedding. I refuse to let them have their way! Everyone, stop crying. Today is still a joyous occasion! Even if I have to, I will marry Bi Lou off while walking through the blood!” Su Wan clapped her hands and Liu Ying immediately walked out quickly. She carried a tray in her hands and on top of it was a bright red cloak.

Su Wan picked up the cloak and draped it over Bi Lou’s shoulder. “Bi Lou, if you and Changge are willing to follow me, I will welcome you guys. But you’re supposed to get married today. You have to get married happily and at ease! No one can destroy this wedding with me here!”


With Su Wan’s order, joyous melodies sounded outside the princess royal residence.

The procession continued ahead and Lu Changge wore a bright red robe, mounting his horse and following along. The procession went from the princess royal residence to the Lu Residence. It was five kilometers away but everyone followed along the entire way. They wanted to witness this wedding too.

This was the first time in Luanfeng Country’s history where a third-rank female official married a man of a lower status!

The wedding was dyed in bright red and this startled the entire capital as well as the common people who lived in the bottom of the caste system. From now on, “princess royal” wasn’t associated with the untouchable imperial family but rather a sensible person in their eyes...

The lights were all on in the evening.

Feng Residence’s backyard.

By the time Chi Xueyuan rushed to the Feng Family from the imperial city, it was already evening. Under the Feng Family’s servant’s guidance, she arrived in front of Feng Wuchen’s bedroom. Before she even entered, she scented a strong sense of medicinal ingredients.

Chi Xueyuan quickened her footsteps. She froze after entering the room.

Feng Wuchen was lying in bed and his back was bare. There were two intersecting slashes on his back and it looked extremely serious and malevolent.

Su Wan was sitting by the bed and carefully applying the Golden Sore Medicine on his back.

Hearing footsteps, Su Wan slightly looked up to see Chi Xueyuan by the door. She smiled. “Prime Minister Chi, you’re here?”

“Uh, Your Highness! I...I am here to visit my cousin.”


Su Wan gestured for her to be quiet. “He just had medicine and fell asleep. I’m changing the medicine on his back. You can take a seat.”

Chi Xueyuan was speechless.

Why did she feel like she had come to the princess royal residence?

Was this not the Feng Family?

“Your Highness, he fine?”

Seeing that Fneg Wuchen remained motionless and seemed to be truly asleep, Chi Xueyuan couldn’t help but soften her voice. She naturally knew about what happened in front of the princess royal residence. However, Feng Wuchen had been settled down in the princess royal residence in the morning so it was inconvenient for her to visit him. Plus, Her Majesty suddenly summoned her into the palace in the evening so she had no time but to rush over immediately after dealing with everything.

Although she had left her cousin under bad terms at the Feng Family last time, Chi Xueyuan still liked him. When she found out that Feng Wuchen was in trouble, she was more nervous than anyone else.

Seeing the genuine concern on Chi Xueyuan’s face, Su Wan softly sighed. “The imperial physician had inspected him. He’s not in danger but he probably has to rest for a while.”

“That’s good.”

Hearing that Feng Wuchen was fine, Cih Xueyuan couldn’t help but softly sigh.

“Princess Royal, let me!”

Chi Xueyuan took a step over and wanted to help but Su Wan rejected coldly. “Let’s not trouble you. Wuchen doesn’t like strangers touching him.”


Chi Xueyuan froze.

She and her cousin had grown up together and they were childhood sweethearts. Since when did she become a stranger to him?

“Your Highness, men and women shouldn’t be together. For your reputation…”

Chi Xueyuan’s gaze flickered and she said in a serious tone. But before she could finish, Su Wan smiled and interrupted her. “Wuchen had saved me so from now on, he’s mine. Who dares to say anything when I’m just serving upon my man?”

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