You Look Like You’re Made of Money

Chapter 30: Part 4 — “I fear the roar of the lioness from the east side of the river, how would I dare to live at a plush house with a concubine?”

Translator: Barb

Editor: Chiyo


Jiang Jingchuan deeply contemplated again before going out for another trip. Where did he go? He went to the tea room to make Su Yan a cup of warm milk tea.

Jiang Corporation’s tea room had a dedicated snacks cabinet. In the beginning, the Department of Human Resource wanted to collect fees for it, but Jiang Jingchuan felt that it wasn’t any big sum and said to provide it free of charge. Due to having free refreshments, when the Jiang Corporations’s staff posted this on their Weibo, it made their peers from the same occupation green with envy.  

Hm, he held 2 traditional Taiwanese sweet pastry, 2 chocolate bars, 2 boxes of fruit jelly…...

Tiger skin cake, matcha and sesame yam! These were all important to take!

Must take the jelly drops also!

Beef jerky was a must while watching dramas!

After practically clearing out ¼  of the snacks cabinet, Jiang Jingchuan finally felt satisfied. He had purchased all these things for the benefit of his staff and also for his wife.

When Su Yan saw this many snacks laid out in front of her, she didn’t feel so good, but still accepted Jiang Jingchaun’s consideration. She leaned comfortably on the sofa to watch the drama and kept eating. At first she felt that the drama was too boring, but later she became more and more fascinated.

Su Yan’s thoughts went like this——

The leading lady is pretty. The leading male is…..uh, looks too delicate, do not like.

Huh? The leading male looks so-so.

Ah? Why did the male lead look more and more handsome? !

So handsome!

While busy with his work, Jiang Jingchuan slightly diverted his attention to look at Su Yan. With one look at her expression, he inwardly said, not good. How could he forget?! Korean dramas were what the Chinese men hated bitterly!!

He didn’t even think before he walked over to Su Yan and bent over, pressed a key which immediately paused the scene. It had paused exactly at the male lead's handsome face.

Su Yan was in the process of chewing a jelly drop, feeling puzzled she asked: “What are you doing? I was concentrating on the show. ”

Jiang Jingchuan pointed a finger at the male lead on the screen, “Do you think he is handsome?”

Smile and answer carefully.

Su Yan responded very quickly and hastily shook her head as if justifying her answer: “He is very ugly.”

This kind of lie was pleasant to hear, but he knew that it was a lie. Jiang Jingchuan hummed lightly, then graciously said: “If he is so ugly then don’t look.”

No way!!!

Need to look!!!

In the blink of an eye, Su Yan firmly grabbed Jiang Jingchuan’s hand which was going to turn off the display screen. She squeezed out a smile, “The story of the drama is pretty good. I am not looking at the people but rather at the plot.”

“Oh?” Jiang Jingchuan also sat down, “If it’s so interesting then I will watch with you and relax for a while.”


Su Yan really did not know what to say.

Jiang Jingchuan’s finger, which was going to press the play key a second ago, immediately paused. Taking advantage of Su Yan’s inattentiveness, he hugged her, and used some strength to raise her lightly and make her sit on his lap, his arms imprisoning her waist.  

Su Yan was frightened for a few seconds before going back to normal. She glared at Jiang Jingchuan as she struggled for a while, but when she sensed something poking her, a blush slowly crept up her fair skin. She hit his chest, “You stinking rogue!”

This was what she learnt from the TV dramas.

Yes, Jiang Jingchuan was a stinky rogue.

At first, Jiang Jingchuan just wanted to tease her, but didn’t expect her to struggle in such a way, as a result, smelling the delicate fragrance on her body coupled with her bright red face, Jiang Junior…...well, stood up.

A man full of vigour and vitality, with his wife sitting in his embrace at present, not to forget there was no one else on this floor. Wasn’t it normal if he wanted to do something?

Jiang Jingchuan grabbed her hand, which was hitting him. He leaned forward slightly and kissed her forehead, this tender movement made Su Yan cease her struggles.

His lips traced along her eyebrows, then her eyes, her nose and finally landed on her lips.

Each other they tossed and clutched, was an experience where they felt deeply touched.

Su Yan’s consciousness slowly became unclear, only registering the fact that she was lying on her back.

The sofa wasn’t too spacious but the two people embracing each other didn’t complain about getting pressed against each other. Finally, when Su Yan’s clothes were lifted upwards, Jiang Jingchuan remembered something and stopped his frenzied movements. Somewhat in a difficult position, he held Su Yan down while breathing out heavily against her skin.

Dammit, what the hell am I doing!!

Jiang Jingchuan released his hold on Su Yan, thinking to himself, his inner fortitude must have no other comparison.

Ah, no. There was also Master Lu Xiahui. [1]

He stood up and moved to sit down on the other corner of the sofa with his head hung down, not knowing what he was thinking.

Su Yan returned back to consciousness. Her clothes had already been straightened out nicely by him. Only her hair was somewhat of a mess. She wanted to say something, but at this moment where everything was too ambiguous, it wasn’t appropriate so it was better to wait before speaking. Therefore, she could only restrain herself.

Once Jiang Jingchuan’s mood subsided. He stood up with his back to Su Yan. He gasped heavily and gruffly said: “I will be going to the restroom.”

The CEO’S office had an independent bathroom, where one can take a bath or shower.

He needed to calm himself down.

“......oh.” Su Yan was frightened by the sound which came out of her mouth. It was too tender and too alluring. Su Yan couldn’t help but Su[2] herself.

Jiang Jingchuan muffled his groan and hurried towards the bathroom, ready to take a shower till he calmed down. Later he would pull out the horse[3] and go back to work immediately! For sure!!

Su Yan straightened her hair while she thought about a lot of things.

In fact, it had not been long since she had started to interact more with him, but unwittingly, in her memories, a space had already begun to form. A space which belonged solely to him.

From a woman’s point of view, Jiang Jingchuan was certainly one in ten thousand whom people want to marry. Not because he was wealthy and powerful or because of his appearance. There were not many rich and handsome, but there are also not too few.  However, a person who was wealthy, handsome, had a sense of responsibility and knew how to respect people, a person with such a high moral standing, even if one used a lantern to search for them their whole life, it will still be incredibly hard to find.

Su Yan felt that she must have been protected by her deceased family and wet nurse. How else could she be so fortunate?

Died and then reborn, and as it turned out, with her former looks which she was intensely proud of. And as if it did not defy the natural order yet, she also had a man who was very agreeable to her feelings in all aspects.

Su Yan counted numerous merits of Jiang Jingchuan in her heart. And before she was aware, she had already walked to the bathroom and was standing before the entrance. She knocked on the door and asked in a very small voice, “Jingchuan?”

Jiang Jingchuan had just taken off his clothes when her voice startled him, “Yes?”

Before Su Yan transmigrated, she had an abundant amount of theoretical knowledge. But even if she had a high amount of theoretical knowledge, at the end she was still the pampered and spoiled young miss of a distinguished family. Ultimately, she could only grit her teeth and ask: “Well, do you need me to give you a hand?”

These words had too much information and too many connotations.

Jiang Jingchuan didn’t care anymore.

The door suddenly opened, before Su Yan could register what was happening, she was pulled in by a strong force.

“Wah!” Su Yan yelped.

After a few seconds, the noise of the shower running could be heard, mixed with a man’s heavy moans.

After almost half an hour, Jiang Jingchuan came out with a fresh aura around him, while Su Yan’s hair was soaking wet as she almost wailed in anger. She kept her hands under the running faucet and continued to vigorously wash them.

Wash! wash! wash!

Squeeze liquid soap, and wash again!


Barb Notes:

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1.Master Lu Xiahui- Zhan Huo, now known as Lu Xiahui was an ancient Chinese politician. On one occasion he was said to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.

2.Su - A pun on her name.

3.Pull out the horse and go to work- It means he would return to his word with renewed vigour and strength.

The babbles:

Chiyo: some saucy action (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) JJC is so lucky, all these MLs needing to wait until the end to get some. Also really like how he is getting a more fleshed out personality instead of your usual cool handsome possessive CEO.

Barb: The author really trusts our imagination. Well, they aren't wrong either lmao.

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