Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 30: Frontline Journalist (3) Part 2

Ah Jin whispered to Sanlang, "Be careful of the guards. There is a traitor."

Sanlang became even more nervous.

He looked pale and already had cold sweat coming out.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here."

After saying that, another bullet hit the car with a loud bang.

The two hurriedly crouched down to dodge.

Suddenly, a guard opened the car door who asked them to get out of the car to take shelter inside the house.

The two men bent over and held their heads, but before they could take a few steps out of the car, the guard was killed.

Ah Jin immediately pulled Sanlang back and retreated to the dead-end of the car, and in passing, grabbed a gun from the guard.

"Sanlang, do you know how to use a gun?"

He nodded.

"Yes, I learned a little at the club before."

"Teach me, hurry up."

Sanlang took the gun over and showed Ah Jin how to pull the safety to shoot.

During the process, stray bullets kept sweeping over.

The car was hit and shaken a few times.

The dust smeared on Sanlang's face as the ground covered with sand was raised.

Ah Jin tried to fire a few shots at the enemy and soon got the hang of it.

She peeked out and calmly lifted the gun in her hand.

Just as the sound of gunfire stopped, she turned around, aimed, and fired, all in one motion.

As the shells dropped to the ground with a clanging sound, the bullet arced through the air, and the man was shot dead.

Ah Jin used the same method to take out the others who were hiding inside the building.

People kept dying in the rain of bullets, but Ah Jin's mood was getting better and better.

If Sanlang looked up, he would see that her eyes were glowing with joy, as if this was not hell but heaven.

Ah Jin's suspicion was confirmed.

Death could indeed give her strength, though she didn't know why.

But it didn't matter.

She would find out one day.

The guard team's pressure was less with Ah Jin's addition, and they soon took care of the other side.

By the time the headcount was done, four dead and two were seriously injured on the guard side, while others had more or less minor injuries.

The head of the guard unit expressed his solemn gratitude to Ah Jin.

They would probably all be finished here today without Ah Jin.

"Mr. Zhou, thank you very much for your assistance. However, the information does not say that you know how to use a gun."

"That's right. I indeed didn't know how to use it. I just learned it in a hurry."

The head guard's eyes widened.

"Really? Then you're really good, Mr. Zhou."

Ah Jin was not modest.

"Thanks for the compliment."

He added, "I'm sorry, Mr. Zhou, we may have to reduce the number of your protection. We need to transport the injured back for help now."

Ah Jin expressed her understanding, "We should. Saving lives is most important. Once we arrive at the Embassy, your people can also go back to recuperate first. I will stay at the Embassy for three or five days with my companion. You will just come back to pick us up then."

Once the head guard heard that, he accepted it gladly.

He really needed to go back and fix his team.

It was good that he sent two more men to take Ah Jin to the Embassy because nothing more happened on the way back.

The Embassy was far from the city's war zone, so the war hadn't reached here yet.

If it had gone any closer, the Embassy would have had to be evacuated.

The duo checked in at the Embassy and connected to the internet.

Ah Jin searched the website for all the news about Country A.

The news had much the same coverage.

She wasn't even surprised to see where the reporters from other countries had taken pictures of their interviews.

Ah Jin adjusted the search date.

She focused on events before there was a war.

There were not many search results.

There was only some political and economic news, but one news item caught Ah Jin's attention.

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