Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 30 Part 1

For three days, Ah Jin stayed inside.

She studied the book for three days and then compared notes on the pronunciation of the video's words.

Finally, she understood roughly.

Sanlang had utterly turned into a brainwashed fan, whereas San Qi yelled in the space.

"No way, I don't believe it! You are fooling me again!"

Ah Jin ignored it.

She only discussed what was said from the video with Sanlang.

There were two groups of people: the first group codenamed "insect," and the second group codenamed "bird."

The birds ate the insects.

The hierarchy was obvious.

The two groups of people were the same organization.

The organization's name was not mentioned.

The "bird" was responsible for the delivery of goods and money collection.

The "insect" was responsible for receiving goods and giving money.

It was very clear and simple.

The video mentioned the people above felt that the last sale was not enough and asked the "insect" group to increase trading efforts.

The "insect" complained that the war was waged every day.

Where was the income?

There was no income to buy.

They could not afford to buy ah.

Naturally, sales dropped.

If they sold it to the rich, the people were not earning money.

There was no profit for the rich.

Thus they too fell into poverty.

Right now, they could only rely on the support of officials from all sides.

The government political factions still had money.

The video's content ended here.

There was little helpful information.

It was only revealed that they were primarily sold to government officials and factions.

Ah Jin felt that this matter must be related to the war.

She just didn't know how much weight there was involved.

Ah Jin asked Sanlang again, "Do you have a computer?"

Sanlang answered, "Yes, there is a computer, but this place has no internet."

Ah Jin thought about it, "Come on, let's go to the guards and tell them we have to go to the embassy to do something."

The head guard learned that they both wanted to go to the embassy, and after asking for advice from above, he agreed.

This was something that many journalists would ask for when they arrived.

They had no reason to stop them when they wanted to go to their own embassy.

So they sent two cars to protect them and drove all the way to the embassy.

The road was not peaceful, and there were still conflicts everywhere.

Halfway down the road, Ah Jin and the others got into trouble.

There were two groups of people exchanging blows in front of them, and they couldn't go any further.

The two sides didn't stop even when they saw their convoy coming.

There was nothing the convoy could do but stop.

They tried to wait for the encounter to be over to move on.

Sanlang asked the guard, "Sir, is there no other way we can go through?"

The guard replied, "I'm sorry, sir, this is the safer road. The rest of the way goes into the war zone, and when we enter there, we can't guarantee your safety."

Before he could respond, Ah Jin suddenly reached out and pressed his head down.

Then, the next moment, a bullet hit the car.

It was on the car window.

Fortunately, this car was bulletproofed.

Otherwise, it would have been a hornet's nest.

The guard shouted, "Alert! Defend!"

Everyone who was in the front and back cars quickly raced out of the vehicles.

The bodies of the car were used as cover, and people started to dodge the counterattack.

Ah Jin looked at the situation outside the window and said to Sanlang, "I think they are probably coming for us. The previous engagement was just a false impression."

Sanlang panicked.

"Brother Zhou, what should we do then? Why are they coming at us?"

"It's normal. We represent a third party's country. If they could kill us and frame the other parties, they would definitely be held accountable by our country."

This was an excellent idea.

But they were going to the embassy today on a whim.

There was no way they had planned it before.

If this group could react so quickly, then there must be a traitor among the guards.

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