For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 30 - The Socially Active Guy’s Visit (リア充の訪問)

Thinking that it was Wakamiya’s morning call, I answered the ringing phone. But what I heard was an excited, irritating voice. “Good morninggg!!!”

I had an urge to throw my phone, but I was too sleepy to do that.

Having him woke me up in the morning was the worst.

“...Why are you calling me so early in the morning?”

I complained to my stinky friend, who was also the person at the other end of the line.

“Hey, hey~ It’s nine o’clock in the morning, you know? It’s time to wake up!”


The moment I heard ‘nine o’clock’, my mind cleared up. At the same time, cold sweat broke out on my forehead.

I hurriedly looked at my shift schedule.

“What…? I’m on a break. How rare…”

When I saw the word ‘REST’ in the shift table, I sighed in relief.

I worked part-time every day without taking a break, but sometimes, the manager didn’t allow me to take more shifts and told me, “Please rest.”

I never panicked like this since I always remembered the date.

But yesterday…

Yeah. Yesterday was the most nervous I had been in my life, so I couldn’t afford to remember my schedule at all.

I even forgot my part-time job break… That’s really serious.

“Oi, hey! Don’t leave me hanging here~”

“Oi, hey! Don’t leave me hanging here~”

For some reason, the unpleasant voice I heard from the phone echoed.

I was puzzled at that phenomenon.

Maybe there’s a problem with my smartphone. If so, repairing it would be troublesome…

Bang, bang, bang!

I could hear the sound of knocking on the door. But Wakamiya or the delivery men would never knock like that.


“...Kenichi. Do you want me to open the door?”

“Yeah! Please!”

“Yeah! Please!”

I sighed at the voice I heard through the phone and the door, then I opened the front door.

When I opened it, a good looking man with a refreshing man stood in front of me.

He had a cleaning kit and a garbage bag in his hand. The purpose of his visit was clear.

“...Why are you here?”

“Hey, hey~ Towa’s house is dirty, right? When we chatted before, I thought that I should clean it for you soon! You can even thank me, you know?”

“Don’t come without telling me anything. Not to say, on this early Sunday morning…”

“If I told you I would come, I can’t see Towa’s treasured collections, can I? I want to know your type.”

“I don’t have that kind of collection… What’s your real intention?”

“I want to at least try pranking someone once in this lifetime.”

“You’re such a nuisance…”

I had a bitter smile at the laughing Kenichi.

I know that he came because he was worried about me—someone who ‘used to be’ a failure in managing my life.

Kenichi regularly came to my house as well, so he was actually caring… I couldn’t seem to get rid of him, even though I was an inconsiderate person, keep twisting away from him.

In that sense, he was the same type as Wakamiya, who was stuck to his principles.

This must be the reason why many people surrounded Kenichi. Not only his appearance was good, but he also had a good personality.

...But he’s a bit too nosy.

“Then, I’ll come in~”

“...Just do as you like. You won’t find anything, though”

“No way~ Towa’s apartment is a trash house, there’s no way I won’t find anything… huh?”

Kenichi solidified after taking a few steps from the front door. He opened his mouth wide like a fool, dropping the cleaning kit he carried on the floor.

“What is thiiiiis!?!?” Kenichi screamed.

If he kept being that loud, he would bother the neighbors.

I guess I had no neighbors...

“...Your reaction is too much. Is it that surprising?”

“It is!! What is this!? Your apartment is so clean!”

“Are you saying that my apartment is always dirty?”

“It looked like a burglar came inside every time I came, you know. Of course I’m surprised that it’s now so clean! This is like a fairy godmother remodeled your apartment into a comfortable place to live!!”

“It’s all thanks to a master’s technique.”

Kenichi looked around with sparkling eyes. He looked like a child who found something interesting.

Ignoring Kenichi, I picked up the nicely folded laundry and took off my sleepwear.

“...This is crazy. I can only think of one person who can do this…”

“Hmm. I see,” I muttered with disinterest. Then I poured tea into a cup and offered it to Kenichi. “Anyway, drink this and calm down.”

Kenichi looked at the cup, shocked. Then he breathed a small sigh and whispered, “My role has disappeared now…”

His expression looked a little lonely, but I could also see happiness in it.

“Well, forget about it. I won’t pursue it deeply.”

“What’s with that? You sound like you know everything.”

“Hahaha. Anyway, tell me about it~”


“Did it go well? Yesterday.”

I averted my eyes and shortly answered, “Yeah, thanks to you.”

Remembering what happened yesterday made my face turn a little hot.

“That’s great!” Kenichi had a carefree smile.

By the way, I mimicked this handsome smile to look amiable in my part-time job. Of course, this was a secret to Kenichi.

“But hey~ Since we don’t have to clean up anymore, I don’t have anything else to do today.”

“Just go home.”

“So cruel! ...Then, let’s make a plan for the summer vacation!”

Kenichi took out his pocketbook from his bag, flipped it over, and opened the ‘July’ page.

From what I could see, his pocketbook was filled with plans.

“A plan? I want to work part-time during summer vacation. I’ll pass.”

“No way, hey!! It’s the summer in our first year of high school, you know!?”

“Yeah, the summer when I can earn a lot of mo——“

Knock, knock, knock

I could hear the sound of a knocking door from where we sat. Unlike Kenichi’s previous banging, it was elegant.

And at the same time, my smartphone started to vibrate.

What bad timing.

“You’re not answering the door?” Kenichi asked, but the corner of his mouth was slightly raised.

“...It’s probably the newspaper salesperson.”

“What about that call?”

“I can call them back later.”

I had no choice but to ignore her. Let’s call her to apologize later.

“The door is open, so I’ll intrude. Ah…”

Three people were looking at each other.

Kenichi smiled with a grin, then he raised his hand and greeted, “Oh! Wakamiya.”

The Social Goddess bowed politely to answer him.

“Give me a break…”

I held my head, hanging it on the desk.

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