Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 30 - Daddy, I am happy!


“Hu… finally free.”

After leaving the restaurant, Ling Jingxuan exaggeratedly let out a sigh. He stretched his stiff neck. Easy days like this were the best for lazy people. He had only transmigrated for a few days ah, in just a short period already made him tired. Previously, in order for the missions to succeed, he often needed to put on makeup to infiltrate and hide for quite a few days. He never had a feeling of tiredness. Although he lived in poverty now, his heart was nevertheless peaceful, to the point that he almost forgot that kind of tense lifestyle.

“Dad…. daddy, is this money really ours?”

The big bun who followed behind him still couldn’t believe it. Daddy merely only made a delicacy that looked pretty to eat, why did it earn a whole two taels? How much fish would they have to sell in order to earn this much ah.


Having heard what was said, Ling Jingxuan lowered his head to look at him. His mouth immediately hooked into a smile and said, “Yes ah, it is all ours. Daddy went through a lot of trouble to earn this ne.”

It really was exhausting, exhausting to pretend to be refined.


Even though he already received the confirmation, Ling Wen tightly grasped onto the silver coins and continued to ask. Ordinarily he looked very mature but at long last he finally had the appearance that a five year old child should have. Ling Jingxuan squatted down to his level and enunciating each word he said, “It’s true, it's ours.”

“Wa… dad… daddy..”

In the next second Ling Wen unexpectedly cried out and threw himself into his embrace. Ling Wu, who was on the side, also couldn't help but have red eyes. It seemed like he wanted to cry but couldn’t cry. The people on the road stopped and stared weirdly at them. Ling Jingxuan was already stunned when the big bun began to wail. After a moment he regained his senses and patted his back while quietly saying, “Ok ok, if you have anything to say just say it. We are men, why are you crying? Good children, don’t cry anymore, daddy is about to be distressed.”

If you asked him, he knew countless people. Who was good, who was bad, he could distinguish them all. But… At this very moment, he really couldn't understand his little buns. Making money was a good thing ah. He was someone who loved money so shouldn’t he be happy? Why is he crying ne?

“Brother, don't cry. When I see you cry I also want to cry…”

Ling Wu choked with emotion, wrapped his thin arm around them. Tears were welled up in his eyes, threatening to fall at any moment.

“Wu… en, I won’t cry. Xiao Wu should also not cry.”

Ling Wen heard his brother’s emotional voice in the middle of crying. Having always posed as the older brother and wanting to set a good example to his younger brother, he hurried to retreat from Ling Jingxuan’s embrace and lifted his hand to wipe away his tears. He didn’t forget to wipe Ling Wu’s tears with the corner of his clothes. Seeing this scene, Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but feel heartache again. Having children who were too sensible was also wrong. He must think of a way to reinstate the liveliness and innocence of a five year old child.

“En, brother should also not cry.”

Ling Wu nodded his head and forced his tears away.

Ling Wen cautiously put those two silvers into his shabby purse. Pulling Ling Wu’s hand, he lifted his head to look at Ling Jingxuan, “Daddy, I am happy. Our family finally has money.”

Plump big eyes spoke and began to moisten again, he had already grown this big and had never seen so much money before. Remembering how a few days ago they could only eat lunch but not dinner, he became emotionally moved and started to cry again.

Just two taels of silver was considered having money?

Ling Jingxuan really wanted to roast them, but nevertheless he didn’t say anything because he recalled the past events. Although they were all brought about by the previous owner, they basically had no relationship with him. He felt sorry for the two kids.

“Idiots, did you not hear what daddy just talked about with Shopkeeper Zhang? Tomorrow they still want jam ne, moreover it’s 100 jars. In the future our family will have even more money. Wait for this business to finish, I’ll send you guys to private school. Daddy is hoping for you guys to come back as Xiu Cai.”

Separating their hands, Ling Jingxuan spoke as he walked. Currently, he also didn't have any big ambitions. He only wanted to work hard to earn money to let the two buns live a better life, no longer need to be poor and hungry, and don’t let any random person bully them. As for the future… thinking of the man healing his injury in his home, his elegant eyebrows furrowed.  Forget it, just take one step at a time ba. Who can tell what certainty the future will hold ne. As long as the other person doesn't initiate and try to provoke him, he also was disinclined to waste his thoughts over irrelevant people.

“Then won’t we have 100 taels of silver?! Wa…”

Having heard what was said, Ling Wen couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. Immediately realizing that they were on a street, he hurried to cover his own mouth, big eyes full of pleasant surprise and disbelief. 100 taels, he didn’t even dare to dream of it before ah!

“Daddy, are we really going to have money?”

Ling Wu raised his head. Both long and thick eyelashes blinked at him, his little appearance was too cute. Ling Jingxuan helplessly nodded. “En, but we still need to buy 100 jars, then go to the mountains to pick fruit, and boil 100 jars of jam through the night.”

Weren’t they present when he was talking to the shopkeeper? Why did they appear that they didn’t know anything?

What Ling Jingxuan didn’t know was that earlier when he said one jar of jam was one tael, the two buns were stunned. They simply didn’t take notice of the things that were said afterward. Besides, even if they heard him it didn’t necessarily mean they understood ah. Even if they matured early they were still only 5 years old, ok? How could they be considered adults ne.

“Then daddy, we should hurry up and go to the pharmacy to get the herbs for second uncle ba.”

As soon as Ling Wen heard, his footsteps became rushed. Ling Wu also happily caught up with him. Two buns, one left one right, dragged Ling Jingxuan along.“Can you guys slow down a bit? Even if you want to hurry you shouldn’t hurry at this moment ah.”

Ling Jingxuan was exasperated but also smiled happily. Little brat, as soon as he heard money he instantly became adaptable.

“Isn't making money urgent? Daddy hurry up la!”

“Daddy hurry and come chase us, hurry ah…”

“Ok ok ok …”

Father and sons ignored the crowds, giggling and chasing after another  unexpectedly on the limestone path, sprinkling the roads with the sounds of laughter.



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