Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 30 - Comfort [OW]

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After Su Ling took all the plants out of the space storage, he sorted out the items and equipment inside properly. The 3 Grade A spiritual plants shivered; their branches bent towards him, and they stuck all of their leaves and flowers at Su Ling’s body. When Nalu saw that Su Ling acted like he doesn't mind the actions, he reminded with a light tone, "You must remember not to remove your isolator in front of outsiders, especially Alpha, or you will become their prey."

Prey? Su Ling's mouth twitched, not wanting Nalu to worry, he nodded, "Don't worry, I won't casually take of my isolator."

The function of an isolator is to block the pheromone smell, avoid mutual influence between Alpha and Omega, which will cause the affected parties to lost control, and other phenomena. Not attaching the isolator is simply publicly asking for it.

Nalu looked relieved, "Good."

Su Ling glanced at him, then turned to squeeze the Pearl Lopseed’s leaves that were wrapped around his wrist, and said helplessly, "Don't wrap around my wrist, it will affect my work."

However, Pearl Lopseed is different from Xian Mo Yu. It couldn’t understand what Su Ling said, so when he rubbed the leaves, it pressed itself against him even tighter. Su Ling thought for a moment. He held the tip of the leaf and unrolled the vines of leaves around his wrist twice like a ball of thread. After he unrolled the leaf from his wrist, Su Ling pushed it to rest beside its flower. The leaves shook, and when he let go, they immediately pressed against his arm but did not try to entangle his hands anymore. Su Ling smiled, the plant didn't understand his words but still could understand his gesture. Letting the leaves sticking close to his body, he took the nutrient solution out of the space storage and re-arranged the supplies and medicine.

Taking a glance over the model on the edge of the container, Nalu immediately approached and stated into the container, "My God, high-quality nutrient solution." Then he asked Su Ling, "How much will the plants consume every day?"

Su Ling thought about it and replied, "Grade A spiritual plant will take about 1 litre every day. Is it expensive?"

"1 litre equals to 1000 star coins," Nalu said with a pained expression, "continuous consumption will be a huge expense."

Su Ling quickly figured the numbers out in his mind. The nutrient solution for 3 Grade A spiritual plants cost 3,000 star coins a day. He still hasn’t figured how much Xian Mo Yu needs daily, but it will definitely be more. In this case, the monthly expenditure on the nutrient solution will be more than 100,000 star coins. After a moment of consideration, he laughed, "It doesn't matter, the raw materials they provide every day are worth 10,000. Adding the Redthorn Ball liquid to the account, they will earn at least 30,000 star coins every day."

These aren’t spiritual plants, they are gold mines!

Nalu clapped his hands, and his eyes brightened, "You are right, they should use the best nutrient solution." Then he happily stretched out his hand to touch the Redthorn Ball closest to him. But the thread on the Redthorn Ball suddenly stood stiff and pierced his hand like needles.

"Hiss..." Nalu immediately shrank back. Clutching his fingers, he saw a blood drop coming out of the middle finger.

Su Ling was taken aback and looked at him nervously.

Nalu held his hands and stared at the wound for a while. Then he smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “I’m okay, it just pierced my hand, but didn’t release any poison."He wiped his hands with a paper towel and turned to look at Redthorn Ball. Under his breath, he muttered, "Why is it so fierce? It's just a touch. Xiao Ling and I are on the same team!"

Feeling funny, Su Ling laughed, "It couldn’t understand you." He looked at Redthorn Ball, "This is the first time I saw it hurting people."

Nalu: "The spiritual plant is apprehensive to non-Omega. Of course, if an Omega forcefully tried to harvest the raw materials, the result will not be better than mine just now."

Su Ling remembered the scene when he took out the spiritual plants from the security company, "Then you have to remind the people in the store."

Nalu: "Only Xiao Bian and the temporary worker will come in the backyard. I will tell them."

Then Nalu pointed at the 3 plants that kept sticking to Su Ling's body and at Xian Mo Yu which was secretly soaking its roots in nutrient solution; drinking away happily.

"They seem to be afraid of Xian Mo Yu, can they be put together in the greenhouse?"

Su Ling was not sure as well. "Let’s try."

With Nalu’s help, he placed the 3 plants in the corner of the greenhouse near the door. Then together they moved Xian Mo Yu to the innermost corner to keep them at the farthest distance. However, when Xian Mo Yu was moved to the position, the few remaining low-level spiritual plants that were placed in the innermost of the greenhouse were scared to death. 2 plants were so terrified that their flower head fell off on to the ground while another plant half-snapped its stem. The scene looked very miserable.

Su Ling: "..."

Fortunately, he has his isolator on; otherwise, he will be surrounded by panic attacks. He turned his head to look at the 3 Grade A spiritual plants. Although they seemed slightly fine, not losing their heads or snapping their stem, they were shaking like they are having convulsions.

Nalu tsked, "This level of suppression is too strong." Approaching the rose plants, he picked up the roses on the ground and said, "It can't be used anymore."

Upon hearing that, Su Ling looked at the flower and saw that the petals were completely different from those still fine on its stem. The fallen ones have glinting black colour mixed the red colour. This petal is poisonous. Although the toxins of low-level spiritual plants are not very toxic, the toxins will destroy the original effect of the raw materials.

Su Ling: "Are there any other empty rooms?"

Nalu: "The fragrance making room is quite empty, but the environment is not as good as this large shed. There are only a few low-level spiritual plants left. I will just move them out of here."

Compared with the low-level spiritual plants, Nalu naturally values Xian Mo Yu more and wants to provide Xian Mo Yu with a better environment. However, Su Ling stopped him from moving the spiritual plants and said, "Wait a minute, Redthorn Ball is also afraid of Xian Mo Yu. I will try to comfort it. If my method doesn't work, I will shift Xian Mo Yu to a place by itself."

Nalu nodded immediately.

Although Grade A spiritual plant is not as good as Grade S, the current 3 plants can provide certain raw materials every day.  On the other side, Su Ling is not certain what Xian Mo Yu can provide. Hence, Grade A spiritual plan is more precious in his heart. Su Ling stood in front of the Grade A plants. Instantly, the 3 plants reached out, and their branches and vines pressed against him and wrapped his arms. He gently stroke the flowers and comforted, "Don't be afraid, Xian Mo Yu will not eat you."

His words did nothing. Su Ling calmed down for a while, and finally determined that the plants couldn’t understand his words. He has yet to master the method of communicating with them using pheromones. After a moment of considerations, Su Ling figured that he could only use actions to express his intentions. He waved to Xian Mo Yu and called out at the same time. The next moment, one of Xian Mo Yu's roots stretched out in front of him. Grabbing onto the root, Su Ling could feel a touch of cold and bouncy sensation from his palm. He couldn't help squeezing it, and the root twisted happily.

The 3 Grade A spiritual plants trembled even more.

Su Ling touched them with his left hand, and put the root on Redthorn Ball with his right hand, "Look, Xian Mo Yu will not hurt you, even if it touches you, it will not eat..."

Before he could finish talking, Xian Mo Yu got attracted by the scent of its food and couldn't help itself. The top of its root opened up like morning glory, and it started sucking from one of the red balls to absorb the liquid within. The red ball deflated in the blink of an eye.

Su Ling was taken aback and quickly removed the root, "Xian Mo Yu!"

The tip of the roots was dumbfounded, and it closed up weakly, with the lower end drooping down, like a lifeless thread. At the same time, Su Ling had a vague image of a stickman kneeling on the ground in his mind.

Su Ling: "..."

The stickman stood up and knelt down, then crawled on the ground.

As expected of a Grade S spiritual plant with the highest IQ, Su Ling sighed silently.

Nalu was stunned. Looking at the countless black roots that were still soaking in the nutrient solution in the distance, his scalp tingled, "No wonder they are afraid of it."

Su Ling spread his hands, "I can't comfort the plants, we’ll just have to move Xian Mo Yu alone."

Even he himself couldn’t believe the comforting words he said just now. If he really put them together in a room, he is afraid that none of the Grade A spiritual plants would be left when he wakes up tomorrow morning. However, thinking of Xian Mo Yu's technique of burrowing into the ground, Su Ling couldn't be relieved if they are not in the same room. Regardless, he brought Xian Mo Yu to the fragrance-making room with Nalu. Then he repeatedly ordered Xian Mo Yu, telling him not to harm the other spiritual plants and to drink the nutrient solution if it wants to eat anything.

At first, only one of Xian Mo Yu’s roots stood up and kept moving up and down as if it is nodding. But after listening to him nagging for a long time, a circle of roots surrounded Su Ling, ‘nodding’ up and down continuously. Su Ling also felt that he was a bit long-winded, so he coughed slightly and squeezed the roots in front of him, "Get a good rest and don't destroy the room."

A circle of roots nodded again.

After Su Ling left the room, he went to see the Redthorn Ball. The frequency of the Redthorn Ball's shaking was much smaller than before. A red ball was deflated, but it didn't seem to feel much. He took off his isolator and calmed the plant with his pheromone, then he gave it some nutrient solution based on the emotion he felt.

It's already over 10pm when this busy day ends.

Nalu: "You go to rest first. There are many people in the store right now, so remember to turn on soundproofing function."

Su Ling was really tired, so he nodded and walked to the lounge.

Before that, Nalu patted him on the shoulder and said, "Go to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow. Even though your pheromone smells normal now, you still have to see if the rest of your body data is normal."

Su Ling: "No need ba? I felt good, no discomfort anywhere."

With a serious expression, Nalu insisted, "Of course you need to." Then he coughed lightly, "You are already an adult, but you haven't come in estrus even once. You have to check if Xian Mo Yu has any effect on you."

Su Ling was speechless for a moment.

Waving his hand, Nalu seemed a little embarrassed to talk to him about this topic, which is usually done by the elders. He strode past Su Ling and decided, "I will send you there tomorrow."

Su Ling understands him well, this topic is similar to the adult education in his previous world. Even if the topic is raised by biological parents, awkwardness is inevitable. He turned to call out at Nalu, "No need, I'll go by myself. Have a good rest."

The fragrance bar usually closes at three in the morning and can get even later when there are guests. The staffs rarely get up in the morning.

Su Ling returned to the lounge with a strong sense of strangeness. The lounge is totally incomparable with the guest room in Gu Liheng’s villa. Just the area itself is worse. Fortunately, it is fully equipped. He ordered a takeaway and took a shower after eating. Coming out of the bathroom in his pyjamas, Su Ling could hear faint voices from the store. He turned on the soundproofing function, and all kinds of noise disappeared instantly.

Initially, he felt tired, but he didn't want to sleep after taking a shower. So he tapped open his bracelet and check the missed calls from today; all belonging to Gu Liheng and Nalu. A smile appeared on his face unconsciously, it felt good that someone cared. After reading it, he closed the missed call log, Su Ling discovered that there is an unread message. He opened it, and it was sent to him by the security company, which contained instructions on how to use the facility and input of the master control information. He inputted his fingerprint and pupil scan as instructed, and completed the registration for the master control. After that, the master control is turned on, and a holographic screen popped up above his bracelet, showing the various view of the store. Even the road outside the backyard can be monitored, and occasionally people or vehicles passing by will be displayed in red. If an outsider comes in, he can see it very clearly.

The main control console has a button for power and lock function. The power function can cause electric shock when someone breaks in, while the lock function prohibits entry and exit. Su Ling checked further and found that the time for the lock function was set to automatically turned on 3 am to 5 pm. The security company must have asked about the store's closing time and confirmed that no one will be in the store during this time. Next, Su Ling checked online for the price of the security facility, it cost 600,000 star coins. After calculating silently, he breathed a sigh of relief. Compared with the income from spiritual plants, it is not exactly expensive.

The next day, he didn't get up until 8:30 am. After washing, he went to see the spiritual plants to make sure that they are all alive and well, and went out to buy breakfast. Just as he went out of the store, he received a call from Nalu, "Where are you now?"

Su Ling: "Back door."

Nalu: "I'll be there soon."

After a while, Nalu's car stopped in front of Su Ling, and he got in the car. He said helplessly, "Didn't I say I will go by myself?"

Nalu: "Who knows if you were just giving me a perfunctory reply? You kids like to do that what."

Su Ling emphasized, "I am not a child, and I have not eaten breakfast yet."

Nalu smiled, and the two ate breakfast together before heading to the Central Hospital.

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