The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 30 - Asking for Reciprocation

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Having this phrase from Mo Jiaxing, the contract for the project was thus signed. Although the contract was signed, there was still a lot of follow up work. Wang Ke did not want to trouble this young boss. He said, “Bring my assistant, Xiao Hui, over here. He can take care of it from here.”  

Cheng Jinyu said, “Ok, Brother Hui has some experience, having him do it will naturally be good.”

Wang Ke patted Cheng Jinyu’s shoulder. “The work after the signing is too complicated. I’m afraid you’ll suffer.”

“I don’t fear the suffering, I can bear hardships.” Cheng Jinyu said very sincerely.

This was the first time Wang Ke saw a young master like Cheng Jinyu. He never saw the temperament of a young master, but rather an extremely steady and earnest youth.

Wang Ke assured him, “Don’t worry Xiao Cheng. This project has your contribution. I will definitely give you your portion. Just that the follow-up is too tiring, don’t get involved with it. Go home and rest for a few days. How about I give you a few days of vacation?”

“Manager, I’m really not tired, I’m fine.” Cheng Jinyu responded. He pursed his lips and said, “This was a very good learning opportunity for me, how about I help out Brother Hui!”

Although the contact between Wang Ke and Cheng Jinyu was short, sometimes with one glance one can tell someone’s inner character. Wang Ke now knew that he was not born from an average family, but this person was indeed different from other sons of rich families.

“You really want to learn?”


“You can bear hardships?”

“I can.”

“Ok, I’ll hand over all the stuff that needs to be done afterwards to you. Xiao Hui will come and help you as your assistant.”

Cheng Jinyu excitedly said,  “Really? What you said is true?”

Wang Ke seeing Cheng Jinyu happy, couldn't help but pat his shoulder and said, “Young men need to preserve this kind of attitude. The things you need to learn are a lot, work hard!”


Wang Ke spent many months to get this bill, naturally he was very happy. The sales department heard this good news. They were also extremely excited.

However, they never would have thought that the aftermath of the bill would completely be handed to Cheng Jinyu to take charge of. A project this big was usually taken care of by the older staff members of the company.

Also, this was a two million dollar project. Touch any section of it and there was a profit. Seeing that there was such a good share, one only needed to endure those on top in order to touch the light. But this piece of big fatty meat, unexpectedly was given to this newcomer. It went against everyone’s expectations.

Some people already couldn't hold back and were asking about Cheng Jinyu’s background. The first person to be questioned was naturally Yang Zijian. Cheng Jinyu hadn’t been here for long, but his relationship with Yang Zijian was pretty good.

Yang Zijian, twitching, said, “I’m busy, don’t come talk to me ok?”

Yang Zijian’s project was also signed. The follow up procedure was to measure the body, tailor, purchase materials, make the clothes, and etc.. All of it needed him to supervise.

Although his project was very small compared to Wang Ke’s, dealing with this was still very arduous. But comparatively, Cheng Jinyu was definitely more busy.

Fortunately Cheng Jinyu was especially careful and could eat hardships. He treated Xiao Hui with great respect. When Xiao Hui came, Wang Ke already handed things over to Cheng Jinyu. He didn’t underestimate Cheng Jinyu.

Xiao Hui was also a very sophisticated man with experience. Naturally he helped Cheng Jinyu as best as he could.

The relationship between the two people was very harmonious. The follow up procedures to the project methodically advanced.

Cheng Jinyu began to work overtime more and more. He liked working overtime, it made him feel very full. Furthermore he felt like a sea sponge at the moment, using great effort to absorb all types of new information. He liked all these feelings and also enjoyed this lifestyle.

His cell phone made a noise. Cheng Jie was calling.

Cheng Jinyu picked up. “Cheng Jie, do you need something?”

“Older Brother, why did you move out from the house? Where are you living now? How come you’re not living at home?”

Cheng Jie currently lived in his company dorms. He usually hardly ever went home to sleep.

Cheng Jinyu had already moved out from his house for almost two weeks. Cheng Jinyu in turn responded, “ I live in the company’s dorms. It turns out our company also has dorms. Before, it was because the company dorms didn't have room, so I didn’t live there. I was also afraid that I wouldn't last long at this company.

Our company‘s dorms are very good, the rent for two rooms is extremely good.”

“But, but you haven't lived at home for many years. You should live at home.” Cheng Jie depressedly said, “Our family’s apartment, you’re still the one paying for the rent.”

“Of course I should pay the rent, it's our home.”

Cheng Jie felt his heart block up. He also didn't know what kind of feeling it was. He only felt extremely sad.

Cheng Jinyu heard him not saying anything, smiled and said, “Cheng Jie, let me tell you some good news. I’m currently in charge of a project, it has a commission. Our manager said that if I can do this project well, the end of year bonus will add over 200,000. Cheng Jie, we will have our own house soon.”

“Really? You can really do it?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I can do it. I feel especially good here.”

“Then that's good. Older brother you shouldn't give yourself too much pressure. There's no need to hurry and buy a house. I don't even have a girlfriend yet. Older Brother, actually you should go look for a girlfriend first, you’re older than me.”

Cheng Jinyu thought about that marriage certificate and could only say, “It's not important, you don’t need to worry about it.”

They had a relaxing conversation then hung up the phone. After hanging up the phone, Cheng Jinyu saw that it was almost 12. Time really passed quickly. Cheng Jinyu shook his head.

Forget it, better go home.

Cheng Jinyu closed his office light. He was the only one left on this floor. He locked the door and left.

Cheng Jinyu just walked to the elevator door when the elevator opened. Jiang Zihan was unexpectedly standing inside.

Cheng Jinyu hesitated about whether to go in or not. Jiang Zihan stretched his hand out to hold onto the “open door” button. “Still not getting on?”

“I’m not in a hurry, I’ll wait for the next one.”

Jiang Zihan did not say anything, but his hand continued to hold onto the button. The elevator was prevented from going down. It kept making noises.

There was nothing he could do, so he entered the elevator.

Two people went down together. Jiang Zihan’s eyes kept staring at Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jinyu wore sky blue jeans today and a white t-shirt and white sneakers. It was a very simple dress style and he looked like a university student.

The side of his face was towards Jiang Zihan. Jiang Zihan saw that his eyelashes were very long, like two small brushes.

“How come you're not wearing something formal? Don't have any?” Jiang Zihan contrarily opened his mouth first.

“I do, but today I was searching for materials. It’s more comfortable wearing this.” Cheng Jinyu replied.

“Did you find a material supplier yet?”

“Still haven't decided. We are doing one last comparison.”

“Compare? Why compare?”

Cheng Jinyu brought out the file under his armpits. “This is the investigation and summaries on the selected few material suppliers. Chief Jiang, there's something that I don't know if I should say or not.”

“Say it.”

Cheng Jinyu complied. “I feel that our company's material supply is a bit abnormal.”

Cheng Jinyu said this and handed over the data to Jiang Zihan. “Please take a look. These are the prices I’ve collected from suppliers the company commonly uses. These are the prices of the fabric our company has been using. There are many big discrepancies in between.

“There's also the quality of the material. There are many discrepancies at the manufacturing location. I know that Chief Jiang does not pay attention to these details, but the places have very small differences. In a one-third meter of cloth, the difference is less than a point off.  But every year our company uses over ten thousand bolts of cloth, this discrepancy is very big.”

“These are my initial data. I don’t know if Chief Jiang has an interest in taking a look?”

Jiang Zihan had already taken the data from Cheng Jinyu. He looked at it very seriously and also very fast. The more he looked the more his expression turned dark.

The elevator soon reached the bottom floor. Cheng Jinyu saw that Jiang Zihan was still seriously looking. A small voice reminded him, “We’ve arrived.”

Jiang Zihan stepped out from the elevator, however he did not immediately leave. Instead he sat on the sofa in the lounge to continue looking.

Cheng Jinyu looked at his watch, it was already past midnight.

“Chief Jiang, the data I put together is very basic. It would be better to wait for me to make a more detailed version.”

Jiang Zihan looked at Cheng Jinyu. “You’re in a hurry to go home?”

“Not in a hurry.”

“Can you go over the data carefully with me?”

“Ok,” Cheng Jinyu said.

Cheng Jinyu sat on the sofa and explained in detail what he discovered a few days ago. Cheng Jinyu’s voice was very pleasant to listen to and was very magnetic.

He didn’t have that inferior feeling that he had before. He also didn’t have that distant feeling like he had before. His fingers were very slender, his fingernails smooth and round, and his skin was very white. When his finger was dragging across the paper, it unexpectedly merged with the shiny white paper.

Jiang Zihan listened to Cheng Jinyu speak and saw that his finger kept moving. The fatigue and exhaustion he just felt was completely swept away.

Cheng Jinyu was completely immersed in the work and continued. His soul finally returned when his phone rang.

Cheng Jinyu took out his phone, on the screen was the name ‘Grandson’. The corners of Cheng Jinyu’s mouth couldn't help but smile. He immediately connected the call.

“What are you still doing outside? Still haven’t come back!”

“I’m working overtime.”

“What are you possibly busy with? Busier than me?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “I’m really busy.” Then hung up the call.

Jiang Zihan asked, “Husband?”

Cheng Jinyu looked at him and didn't say anything. He continued to point at the paper and prepared to continue speaking. Only at this time, his cellphone rang again.

Cheng Jinyu picked up. “What exactly do you need?”

“That's what I should be asking you. It’s already the middle of the night and you still haven't come back. What are you doing?”

Cheng Jinyu directly hung up, then turned off his phone.

Jiang Zihan smiled and said, “Forget it, forget it, Your husband is already rushing you home. Hurry and go back, it's already past 1. If there's a problem, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Cheng Jinyu also did not know it was this late. He still had things to do tomorrow and could not arrive late.

Cheng Jinyu said, “Chief Jiang, this is a big situation. Wait for me to thoroughly summarize it and give it to Manager Wang to report. I’ll have Manager Wang talk with you about it.”

“No need for him, you tell me.” Jiang Zihan said.

“This isn’t good.”

“Why is it not good?” Jiang Zihan stared at Cheng Jinyu.

Cheng Jinyu couldn’t argue with him. “Ok,  since this is Chief Jiang’s wish, then I understand.”

“It's very late. There is most likely no more public transportation available. I’ll send you back,” Jiang Zihan volunteered.

“No need, I can just call a taxi.”

“At this time it's better not to!”

“It’s not a problem, I can definitely call one over. I’ll leave first. Chief Jiang, see you tomorrow.” Cheng Jinyu did not give Jiang Zihan a chance to speak. He hurried to leave.

Jiang Zihan sat in his car and from a distance just happened to see Cheng Jinyu walk out from the intersection not too far away. Because it was the middle of the night, the usual sounds of the street were not there. It was more peaceful.

Jiang Zihan stopped on the gas and chased. When he almost caught up to Cheng Jinyu, he saw a Land Rover overbearingly dash to the front of Cheng Jinyu.

The passenger seat door opened. Cheng Jinyu stared blankly for a moment, then sat inside.

Jiang Zihan suddenly stopped his car. The Land Rover sped off very quickly and soon he couldn't see traces of it anymore.

Cheng Jinyu did not think that Gu Bokai would unexpectedly wait at the bottom of the company. “How long did you wait for me?”

Go Bokai was driving. “Just arrived, thankfully you're just one person.”

“What do you mean?”

“I came to catch you cheating.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and shook his head. “Then you must be disappointed.”

“Aren't you just a sales rep? How much does Jiang Zihan pay you a month? Is it worth giving your life away for him? How about I give you five times that amount, ok? If not, how about 10 times?”

“Even 100 time wouldn't do….”

“You little heartless thing.” Gu Bokai immediately wanted to get angry, however turned his head to look over. Cheng Jinyu was leaning against the window and sleeping.

Gu Bokai coldly snorted. “Serves you right. Is that much money worth it?” Although he said this, the car slowed down a bit.

The car steadily drove on the road to the villa and Cheng Jinyu continued to sleep.

Gu Bokai stared at him and said, “White-eyed wolf hurry and get up. You’re pretending to sleep, aren't you? You want me to carry you, don’t you? Let me tell you, I’m not carrying you in.”

Cheng Jinyu slept very sweetly. He simply did not want to wake up.

Gu Bokai sighed, “I really don’t know what you're trying to do.”

Gu Bokai complained, but his hands very gently carried Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu was very light. He had a weight that shouldn’t belong to a fully grown man.

Gu Bokai carried him very carefully and didn't dare to be careless for even a little bit. When the person was set on top of a bed, Gu Bokai let out a sigh.

“I’ve worked hard tonight, shouldn't I get some reciprocation? Not going to talk, huh? If you don’t say anything then I’m taking it as an agreement.”

Cheng Jinyu was breathing deeply in his sleep. He still didn't reply to him.

“Still don't want to talk? That's an answer then. You’re not allowed to back out!”

Gu Bokai said it like this and his lips slowly stuck to Cheng Jinyu’s forehead. Unhurried, he slowly left a kiss mark on his forehead.


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