Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 30: Almost Forgot To Take The Task

In order to prevent her 10 million from being divided with others, Chen Yu was determined to not give the two Heavenly Masters Qin and Liang the chance to move.

Chen Yu transformed the Profound Strike Talisman into a long sword with evil energy, and pointed it straight to the flying living dead. However this time, the living dead didn’t rush to Tong Chao who had fainted on the ground like the previous two times, but directly went to fight with Chen Yu instead.

Although Tian Fei couldn’t see anything, but Chen Yu’s fierce movements and the air flow fluctuations were enough to make him aware of the violent battle.

As for the three Heavenly Masters on the side, Jiang Hui didn’t say anything. He had seen Chen Yu’s skill yesterday, but it was the first time for Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou to see Chen Yu fight. They saw how Chen Yu was already able to use talismans at such a young age. This skill and talent couldn’t be achieved with just hard work, even they themselves were unable to easily use these techniques.

Both of them saw clear shock in each other’ eyes before they turned their eyes to the scene again, only to see the living dead that made Heavenly Masters in Imperial City all turned upside down, was avoiding Chen Yu everywhere.

Actually, it wasn’t Chen Yu that the living dead was avoiding. Although Chen Yu had special techniques, but that living dead’s cultivation still couldn’t be suppressed by Chen Yu’s. What he was afraid of was the evil aura in Chen Yu’s hand. The crimson evil aura, which was extracted from some kind of zombie, unexpectedly terrified him. Last time he was stabbed by that was sword, he had to swallow two souls before he barely recovered.

There were only four days left for the living dead to resurrect. He looked to Tong Chao who fainted and laid on the ground not far away, determination to win was apparent in his eyes. Tonight, this night, he must swallow this child’s soul.

While thinking, the living dead pretended that he can’t win and deliberately retreated three meters back. When Chen Yu saw it, she chased him without thinking, but when she just took three steps forward, Chen Yu’s movements suddenly stopped. Her face was in pain, and she suddenly fell to the ground.

The living dead seemed to have expected this sudden change. He glanced at the faintly flashing red light in the opposite building, a successful smile plastered on his face.

I clearly reminded you that you’re looking for death yesterday.

The living dead need to resurrect once every thirty years, excluding this time, he had been reborn a total of eight times, how could he hadn’t met such a powerful Heavenly Master in more than two hundred years of his ‘life’?

But no matter how powerful the Heavenly Master was, they still can’t contend against human weapons. His cultivation base might not be on par, but he still had money, and money equals strength in human world.

The living dead saw that Chen Yu had lost her fighting capability, although she didn’t die immediately, it’s apparent that she didn’t have the power to stop him no more. He glanced at the two Heavenly Masters who were flying over not far away, there was a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. Since he came prepared tonight, he definitely won’t fail.

The living dead raised his hand and let out two screams full of hostility, these two screams contained evil energy that he specially collected from two one-hundred year old ferocious ghosts. Although he couldn’t hurt these two Heavenly Masters, but he only needed one minute to swallow the living soul anyway.

The living dead hindered Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou with these two ghosts, and under Jiang Hui’s horrified look, he rushed towards Tong Chao, who had just awakened from a coma and was trying to get up.

“Young Master Tong, run!” Jiang Hui couldn’t get away from Tian Fei’s clutch, so he could only scream in horror.

“Huh??” Tong Chao still didn’t understand what was going on when suddenly it became pitch dark in front of his eyes and his whole body was shrouded in a black veil.

“Young Master Tong!” Jiang Hui almost went limp on the ground in shock.

Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou directly sacrificed their magic weapons in order to quickly defeat the ghosts in front of them and save Tong Chao as quickly as possible, but they both knew in their hearts that they might be too late.


At this moment, a clear shout sounded in the dark night, they only saw the dark mist that enveloped Tong Chao just now was suddenly trapped by a golden, peculiar formation composed by seven talismans. A divine light glimmered, a murderous aura soared, the living dead wailed horrendously, and a figure was revealed from inside that black mist.

“Seven Killing Array?” The living dead was obviously someone who had seen the world before, and he hit the nail on the head as he revealed the formation.

Chen Yu didn’t have time to chit-chat with him, the two Heavenly Masters next to her were about to clean up the ghosts. She had to send the living dead away quickly, no one was allowed to steal her merit ah. Thinking like this, Chen Yu’s hand movements became a bit faster unconsciously, while her right hand did some formations, her left hand threw the compass in the air.

While spinning, the compass stopped right in front of the living dead, and with rapid rotation, bursts of spiritual power continued to flow out to form a hollow vortex.

“You’re going to open Spirit Gate?” The living dead found that Chen Yu was planning to open Spirit Gate and immediately struggled even harder, “It’s useless, my body carries vitality, it won’t open.”

Chen Yu saw that the spiritual track has been established, so the next thing to do was to activate the formation to temporarily dissolve the dense vitality inside the living dead’s body.

That’s right, it just disappeared temporarily. Chen Yu still didn’t have such high level of spiritual power that can directly eliminate the living dead’s vitality, so she can only depended on the Seven Killing Array. It only took a moment for the murderous aura of Seven Killing Array to devour the exposed vitality of the living dead, and the Spirit Gate finally gave a reaction.

Chen Yu mobilized all of her spiritual power to maximize the Seven Killing Array’s murderous aura. There was a golden-red flame of murderous aura inside the dazzling golden divine light, raging and flashing, devouring the living dead’s dense vitality.

Crack… Following the sound of a heavy gate opening, majestic cloud suddenly appeared, making the midsummer night look as cold as winter.

Qin Feiming and Liang Huazhou had already dispersed the ghosts at this time, they were now staring dazedly at the opening Spirit Gate that appeared so suddenly.

It’s the living dead, wouldn’t it be impossible to open Spirit Gate?

While Jiang Hui, who saw a Spirit Gate for the first time, was completely stunned at this time.

Seeing that Jiang Hui was not struggling anymore, Tian Fei let go and rubbed the goosebumps that emerged on his arm because of the sudden cold.

However at this time, facing the Spirit Gate that was really opening in front of him, the living dead began to struggle frantically. The lingering black mist around him kept on churning over and over, his evil energy trapped firmly by the Seven Killing Array.

“I can give you money, I have a lot, a lot of money, ten million, twenty million, thirty million? You can have as much as you want.” The living dead shouted as he saw Chen Yu who was approaching him.

That’s right, Heavenly Masters are also humans, as long as they’re human, they won’t dislike money

Oh sh*t! Jiang Hui, who knew that Chen Yu loved money, suddenly turned pale. Your mom, even a ghost can be so rich nowadays?

Chen Yu fixedly looked at the living dead with blinking lights inside her eyes. This kind of look had been seen by the living dead so many times already, this was the look of a human being after being tempted by money ah. Just when the living dead thought that he can avoid disaster, Chen Yu fiercely pushed the living dead into the Spirit Gate.

The moment the living dead entered, Spirit Gate closed with a creak, at the same time, the compass in the air stopped spinning and returned to Chen Yu’s hands, she said with a bitter face, “Although I’m avaricious, but money still has to be received in a right way.”

Tian Fei saw that Chen Yu didn’t move after getting the compass back, the surrounding temperature was also warming up a little bit so he guessed that the matter should have been resolved. He immediately walked to Chen Yu and asked, “Miss Chen Yu, has the matter been resolved smoothly?”

“Assistant Tian…” Chen Yu raised her head, with tears trickling from her eyes pitifully.

“Miss… Miss Chen Yu, you… what happened? Did you get hurt?” Tian Fei was shocked when he saw Chen Yu’s expression.

“I-I just lost ten million ah!!” She can receive 20 million from exorcising the living dead, but that living dead just told her that he can give her 30 million, a full difference of 10 million ah, it felt like one of her feet entered the Spirit Gate itself ah.

“Uh…” For the first time, the courageous special force guy didn’t know what to do.

At this time, the two Heavenly Masters Qin and Liang, who saw the living dead sent away in such crude and simple manner by Chen Yu, walked to Chen Yu’s side with a gentle smile and asked, “Heavenly Master Chen, may I ask how you opened the Spirit Gate just now?”

“Huh?” Chen Yu was still inside the sorrow of missing that ten million, so she replied listlessly, “My grandfather taught me the Seven Killing Array.”

“Seven Killing Array?” Qin Feiming looked at Liang Huazhou and asked, “Brother Liang, do you know of Chen family in metaphysics circle?”

Liang Huazhou thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“Little Heavenly Master Chen, if your grandfather is in Imperial City now, I wonder if we can have the honour to pay a visit?” Someone who was able to teach such an excellent granddaughter, and also, with a learning of such extremely formidable techniques, Qin Feiming was naturally very curious about Chen Yu’s grandfather.

“My grandfather isn’t in Imperial City.” Chen Yu hesitated and said, “But if he comes, I’ll help you ask.”

“Okay, then I have to trouble Little Heavenly Master.” Qin Feiming took out his phone and said, “Then, let’s exchange contact information first.”

Chen Yu casually took out her phone and added a WeChat account, without knowing that she became one of the few people in Imperial Capital who owned the WeChat of the two future successors of Qin and Liang family.

After a while, the unconscious Tong Chao woke up, he learned from Jiang Hui that the living dead had been eliminated and ran excitedly to Qin and Liang to ask for proof, “Uncle Qin, Uncle Liang, did that monster really had been sent off? Then, I won’t be in danger anymore, right?”

“Yes, Tong Chao, you have to really thank Little Heavenly Master Chen this time.” Qin Feiming smiled.

“Little girl, I didn’t think you really have some ability.” Young Master Tong began to speak with confidence again, “Don’t worry, you saved me, I definitely won’t treat you badly. Although you’re a bit dark, but the foundation isn’t bad, one of these days I’ll give you a proper repair…”

Chen Yu looked at the guy who started to ridicule her as dark and was struggling on whether she should punch him after she took the money or if she should beat him first and take money later when suddenly she heard Liang Huazhou talking to Qin Feiming on the side, “Since the living dead has been removed, then tell someone to delete the task on Metaphysics Website.

“Wait a minute!”

Qin Feiming who was about to talk, was startled by Chen Yu’s sudden shout. He looked at Chen Yu in surprise and saw that she quickly took out her phone, logged in to Metaphysics Website in front of him, turned to the task page, rapidly took the task, then swiftly submitted it. From beginning to end, it only took her less than one minute.


A dumbfounded Qin Feiming immediately took his phone, “Heavenly Master Qin, the A-level task that you posted this morning was accepted and submitted just now, please check, if the mission is confirmed, we need to pay the other party five million RMB.”

Although Qin Feiming had seen it with his own eyes, but he can’t control his mouth to ask, “Who is it?”

“The other party’s ID is Exorcist Xishi.”

Qin Feiming hung up the phone, and looked strangely at the complacent ‘Exorcist Xishi’, this is such a convenient profit, give or not give ah?

“Although the fee is a bit more expensive, but it’s still several millions ah, hahahaha~” Chen Yu saw that Liang Huazhou was looking at herself, so she said gratefully, “Heavenly Master Liang, thanks to you for reminding me just now, otherwise I would almost forgot to take the task.”


Didn’t you heard it just now? That mission was posted by me and Qin Feiming ah.

Tian Fei was also astonished with Chen Yu’s ‘shamelessness’, but comrade Tian Fei who was very clear inside and outside, just calmly took out his phone and said to his brothers who were hiding outside, “The matter is resolved, gather!”

After a while, six big men suddenly appeared in the mansion’s courtyard, they accompanied Chen Yu to settle the bill before leaving.

When Chen Yu left, Jiang Hui said with great joy, “Oh gosh, luckily the card has enough money.”

Author’s NOTE:

Tian Fei returned to dormitory and reported today’s battle with other assistants.

Tian Fei: Miss Chen Yu just pressed her phone and received five million more.

All assistants: That’s amazing, such a wealthy husband ah!!


Lol, Chen Yu, as usual, is raking in money left and right ღවꇳවღ

Alright, Novi will take over for the next 10 chapters or so~

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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