Flower of Azure

Chapter 3 - Treating Wine Like Song

Green leaves casting deep shades over pavilions and bowers by the pool bring a delightful cool.

The pomegranates in early bloom look like frowning red brocade.

Young swallows chirp and orioles warble their song while cicadas on high willow trees trill along.

A sudden shower, with raindrops like pearls or dew, beats on new lotus leaves.

How many people can live to a hundred years? Do not let golden hours and fine scenery slip away! Our poor destiny cannot be turned another way.

It is better to invite friends and enjoy with our peers, good wine and songs we sing low.

Be tipsy while we may, and let the sun and moon come and go like shuttles to and fro!


The greenery stretched for miles, and the lakes filled with lotus leaves were vast and numerous. It was a sunny day, the painting boats on the West Lake were like shuttles, singing and dancing as they floated.

“Brother Luo, let me raise a toast to you as a token of appreciation, and for your decision to travel here from Ailao Mountain upon receiving my letter. I heard that Brother Luo has reached the seventh stage in your practice of the Innate Astral Sutra.”

“You are too kind, Brother Xuanyuan. You and I have been friends for many years. As long as Brother Xuanyuan requires something, I will definitely come to your aid even if I have to plunge into a sea of fire.”

Ban Ruohua pouted. “Brother Xuanyuan, you are not being fair. I have also rushed over from Southern Xinjiang to give you a hand, so why didn't you thank me as well?! I will no longer help you in the future!”

When Xuanyuan Zhan heard this, he immediately responded, “Why of course I am thankful for your help as well. Big thanks to sister Ruohua who arrived just in time. It was only with your help that the casualties were reduced.”

Xuanyuan Zhan treated the two of them with wine with a smile.

Luo Xuan pretended not to see the way Ban Ruohua was looking at him silently.

“Brother Xuanyuan, since you could not annihilate the Demon Sect this time, what do you plan to do next?”

Xuanyuan Zhan said with a serious tone, “Although we failed to defeat the Demon Sect this time and suffered heavy casualties, the Demon Sect has also suffered heavy losses and its strength has been greatly reduced. I believe it will take a long time for them to recover from this, so they will not be making any moves for the next few years. However, Nie Xinghai's martial arts are unfathomable. He is also far-sighted and very ambitious. I'm afraid that if this person is not eliminated, he will surely bring us great suffering in the future! It is a pity that Shaolin Wudang refused to help as they wanted to protect their reputation. They also look down upon the Demon Sect. I always feel that Underworld Prison will be a great catastrophe to the martial arts world in the future. I am afraid it will be even more difficult if we want to eradicate them later on.”

Luo Xuan lightly smiled and took a sip from the cup of fine wine without any further comment.

“I think Brother Xuanyuan is being too much of a worrywart. Since you have Big Brother Xuan on your side, there’s no need to be afraid of those old farts. Someday I might just burn his lair with a poisonous fire!”

Xuanyuan Zhan looked at her. Her unconvinced expression paired with those pursing red lips made her look especially adorable.

“Let us stop talking about that. It is not easy for the three of us to finally come together. I think it’s been almost a year since we said our goodbyes at Huashan! Come on, let’s talk about happy things. If you don’t get drunk, you’re not allowed to go home!"

The way Ban Ruohua looked at Luo Xuan was full of tenderness. “Brother Xuanyuan, you’re making jokes again! It's the same every time. None of you have ever gotten drunk. Every time it would be me who goes down first.”

Xuanyuan Zhan chuckled. “Alright, alright. Then I will toast you with three glasses this time!”

“Fine. Cheers!”


The three of them drank all the wine on the boat and talked in great delight...

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