After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 3 - Studies love her!

After the siblings left, Zhong Youyou was not idle either. The thick makeup on her face was really uncomfortable, so she urgently wanted to wash her face.

She didn’t know what the original owner was thinking. The foundation was messily applied all over her face and it was really layered on thick. She had to pour out almost all of the makeup remover from the bottle and vigorously rubbed at her face before she finally removed all the makeup.

It felt so much more refreshing now. Zhong Youyou sighed then raised her head, her eyes suddenly widened and she became stunned speechless for a long time.

The important characters in the original novel were all good-looking. She, a vicious supporting female partner throughout the story, naturally had the assets to compete with the heroine. It was just that the original description of the supporting female was "an exquisite and gorgeous face, with beautiful eyes and charming aura", and it was in a completely different direction from the noble, pure, elegant and refined Meng Shixuan —— but it didn’t mention just how pretty she was!

Damn this was way too good!

Zhong Youyou was stunned. She couldn't help but keep touching her face in the mirror. She pressed down on her face with her fingers and that patch of fair skin blushed a beautiful red. She really wanted to kiss her charming and lovable reflection in the mirror.

What was the reason that made the original owner regularly put on too much smokey makeup, making herself look like a hostess in a nightclub? Was the original owner too depressed?! Was it because she had a terrible sense of taste or was it deliberate revenge against Father Zhong and Mother Zhong? It should be the latter. She must have thought that the more depraved she was behaving, the more Father Zhong and Mother Zhong would pay attention to her.

Zhong Youyou wiped her face dry. Seeing that she was cleaner and more appealing to look at, she turned around and changed from her pyjamas into her school uniform.

Before she transmigrated, the original owner hadn't gone to school for three days. Now the injury was almost completely healed. Was there a reason not to go to school? The servants of the Zhong family were cynical and Zhong Youyou didn't want to stay here alone to face them.

There was pain still radiating from the wound on her right arm, so Zhong Youyou tried to carefully put it through sleeve while grimacing in pain —— she couldn't help but mock the original owner; that unlucky girl. To even have the guts to commit self-harm. It was a pity that you died so tragically in the original text and no one gave you another glance!

After opening the original owner's wardrobe, Zhong Youyou became stunned again.

What exactly was this cabinet that’s full of such gaudy things?! Leopard print lace leather pants! You were really determined to play the terrible supporting female role to the very end! No wonder no one looked at you whenever you were out even though you had such a delicate and beautiful face! Because they were immediately frightened away by your cheap clothing before their line of sight even moved to your face.

Zhong Youyou pinched a pair of spicy-looking skinny leather pants with two fingers, and she really couldn’t look at it as she threw it straight into the trash can without hesitation.

These clothes couldn’t really be worn anymore and the colourful hair was very unpleasant. Zhong Youyou decided to go cut her hair first before going to school.

When she left the room with a schoolbag, Housekeeper Zhang and a few servants were cleaning the living room. Seeing her coming down the stairs, they were wholly shocked. No, it wasn’t shock, but rather utter disbelief.

Housekeeper Zhang glanced at the door of the villa, thinking it was the Eldest Young Miss Meng Shixuan’s friend from another prominent family who came —— but no it wasn’t that. How could the Second Young Miss Zhong Youyou, who always looked like a ghost, and was rebellious and rude, wear her school uniform so well?

You must know that Housekeeper Zhang was over forty years old and had worked as a housekeeper all her life. She had a low-level of education and was ignorant and very conservative. She mostly hated Zhong Youyou because of the stubbornness that seemed to come out from deep within the marrow of Zhong Youyou's bones.

This girl was simply terrible and highly disagreeable.

But now that Zhong Youyou suddenly removed her makeup, put on her school uniform properly and even fastened the buttons to the highest one, she looked like a good girl, which really made them unable to recognize her.

Also, that face…

A flower in a vase that had been looked at for a long time was not as dazzling as a wildflower that was seen for the first time. The two bodyguards at the door were accustomed to seeing Meng Shixuan's pure and noble type, and had long been used to it. But suddenly seeing Zhong Youyou with a clean face and her exquisite facial features after removing her makeup, it was as if lightning had struck the ground, suddenly exploding before their eyes, making them unable to turn away. Her face was absolutely breathtaking.

Zhong Youyou sneered for the original owner.

The original owner's later twisted and morbid disposition was caused by these people. Father Zhong and Mother Zhong’s loathing, Zhong Xiyou's contempt, and Shi Zhitang's indifference were the main reasons, but the people who looked at her with scrutiny all day with "she is really inferior to Meng Shixuan" written all over their faces were also part of the reason.

She tidied her school uniform, strode out of the villa and glanced at Zhang Ma: "Where is the driver?"

There were two drivers in the Zhong family. One followed after Father Zhong and Mother Zhong on their business trip and the other, naturally, had just sent Zhong Xiyou and Meng Shixuan to school. There was an empty car in the garage and no driver. Wasn’t she asking in vain?

Besides, she usually walks a few stops by herself to take the bus to school. She very rarely took the car to go to school. She did it so much that the driver was disdainful and never waited for her. What was wrong with her today? Why has her temperament changed drastically?

Housekeeper Zhang was surprised, "Second Young Miss, where are you going?"

Zhong Youyou coldly said: "Why do you care where I go? I want to go out, so I ask you, where is the driver?"

—— Zhong Youyou never dared to speak to them like this before! Zhong Youyou was indeed rebellious and a shamate before, but inwardly felt inferior and sensitive. She was cautious most of the time in this family and her body was covered in thorns. But right now, this tone, this attitude, was as if she had changed into another person!

Housekeeper Zhang and several other servants were stunned for a while.

Seeing that the servants were too slow, Zhong Youyou frowned: "Are you deaf? Call him to come back quickly, I want to go out."

There was a hint of command in the unrestrained tone of her voice.

The original owner was too stupid. Since she entered this house, she should really regard himself as the Second Young Miss. She didn’t consider herself as the second young miss, but revealed her inferiority complex instead. She walked to school and sat at the corner of the dinner table. So would anyone in this family treat her as a person?

Sure enough, while Housekeeper Zhang was shocked and frightened, she still felt anger rise to her head. This little girl seriously thought she was the Second Young Miss of the Zhong family —— but when she was about to talk back, she remembered that earlier in the morning, the little young master seemed to have gone insane and treated this little girl very well…...

She didn't dare to act rashly for now and forced the anger down.

She gritted his teeth and said, "I'll call him right away."

Zhong Youyou sneered and said nothing.


She didn't have to walk by herself and arrived at the barber shop with ease. She was in a great mood and her face was no longer deliberately unsmiling. After asking the driver to leave, she smelled the scent of oranges. It turned out that there was a premium fruit shop nearby, so she couldn't help but walk in.

Oranges were sweet and sour with high vitamin content. They were her favorite fruit, but when she had no money, she even had to worry about buying a single fruit. But now, she was someone who had 90 million!

Zhong Youyou couldn't help but be elated.

90 million!

Even if she saved a bit, she wouldn’t be able to finish spending it in this lifetime!

She subconsciously walked to the clearance sale area and only reacted after picking two of them —— why was she still meticulously picking them?

"I'm really accustomed to being poor." Zhong Youyou walked to the fresh area happily while ridiculing herself. The fresh section was really different. The oranges were big and round, and the color of the glossy skin looked simply delicious!

No, there was an imported area over there. Zhong Youyou was overjoyed and moved horizontally to the imported area, opened the bag, and frantically threw the oranges in —— Yes, throw! Throw like I’m throwing balls! The sweet and sour aroma permeated all around her, and she was so happy that she felt dizzy!

It must be said that Zhong Youyou was an orphan in that world. Apart from worrying about her bestie, she had no other worries. It would be great if she could start a new life in this world.

Then she threw the orange bag into her school bag, walked into the barber shop, and immediately surprised the people in the shop.

After removing the makeup and revealing the original face of the original owner, even if the hair was coloured like withered chicken feathers, it still couldn't hide her delicate and bright features. No matter who sees her, they will unconsciously focus on her face and automatically ignore her bad hair.

Compared with the other ordinary-looking girls in the waiting area, the stylist at the barber shop was extremely cordial to her and walked over almost immediately.

Zhong Youyou has no opinion on hairstyles. The original owner's face would look great no matter what hairstyle she had and said: "Cut it short, dye it black and soften it."

The barber said regretfully: "Don't you want to get another hairstyle?"

"No need." No matter how you spin it, the original owner was still an 18-year-old student. Hair dyed green and blue was really a hindrance to the school’s appearance, but short straight black hair would look more youthful and beautiful.

After making a decision, Zhong Youyou closed her eyes.

In the end, after the stylist finished, she still hated to see her go and gave Zhong Youyou her business card and asked her to come again in the future. Even if her hair had looked terrible before, her hair quality was still very good, and besides, with such a beautiful face, she would look good in any hairstyle. Just her sitting here in the shop was like having a living signboard!

Zhong Youyou looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied.

The short black hair reflected her bright appearance. Her stunning and delicate looks didn’t dwindle, but also merged into a clean and clear look. This was a hundred times more pleasing to the eye than the “colourful” look before!

She went to school just like this, turning heads along the way.

The school where the siblings of the Zhong family studied at was a well-known aristocratic school in this city, with a high enrollment rate and high tuition. Of course, Zhong Xiyou and Meng Shixuan, the two siblings, naturally performed well, and they were both in advanced classes. But Zhong Youyou, this child who was found halfway, had terrible grades and could only study in a poor class that could not keep up.

Not only that, she hadn’t learned English before the age of fifteen, so even if she could speak it now, it was a vulgar English with a heavy Chinese accent, and she was laughed at by the entire class when she spoke! As a result, she didn't have many good friends in the class, so she played with that group of gangsters. Wasn't it because she could find a sense of belonging in that group of people?

At this time, Zhong Youyou walked towards the 19th class of the third year in high school based on the memory in her mind.

She was a little excited —— she was a top student and had no other hobbies in her previous life. Her greatest hobby was just studying. Wandering in the sea of ​​questions, there were no bad subjects, whether it be politics, history, geography, mathematics, physics and chemistry! If it hadn't been for falling sick on the week of the college entrance examination, she would have been admitted to a better university. Of course, she had to go to the exam despite her illness, and in the end she had also taken a Double-First Class in the 985. [note] 985 was a project to build a number of world-class universities and stuff. Double-First Class refers to Class A of a first-class university[/note]

Now, she had a chance to do it again. She was so so happy. She loves studying and studies loves her!

The original owner couldn’t study, heh, but she can!


The author has something to say:

Thank you readers for the "ignorant" nutrient solution, happy!

The plot of the orange comes from another novel of mine, which cannot be written and was deleted.

Blu: Glad to see everyone enjoying the novel! The suffering of the family members (especially the brother) brings joyful tears to my eyes.

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