“Rachel! So you’ve woken up! I'm really glad!”

The door opened in a bang, and Rachel’s mother came to the bedside. When Rachel felt her mother’s cold hands touching her cheeks, she was so moved that her eyes became hot. She had resigned to not being able to see her mother anymore.


“Rachel, you’re still pale. Come on, let’s have the doctor have a look at you.”

Rachel’s mother had the same black hair as her daughter, styled into a chignon. She was a fairly beautiful woman. But with her sharp eyes were slanted upwards, she looked harsh.

Even so, Rachel's mother was neither cold nor strict. Unlike her appearance, she was a quiet and gentle person, overflowing with love.

“Then I’ll start the examination. First, I will examine her whole body and check the flow of her magic.”

Rachel didn’t notice Donald, the royal doctor with white beard, standing behind her mother. It was probably because of her mother's energy.

Sarah was peeking at her behind the doctor, worry bleeding out her face.

Rachel couldn’t put out her strength since she woke up. She could only lay down, feeling Donald’s warm magic power flowing throughout her sluggish body.

“This is…”

“Doctor, how is it? She's recovering, right?” Rachel’s mother asked, worried after looking at Donald’s grave look.

But Rachel had vaguely realized what Donald was going to say.


“Her magic power is dying.”

She used to have such overflowing magic power. And yet, she almost couldn’t feel any of it now. Even in the midst of confusion, she would naturally notice that.

“No way,..”

“Mistress, please stay strong!”

“I’ve never heard of magic power dying…!”

Shocked by the doctor’s words, Rachel’s mother staggered, pressing her head. Sarah supported her waist at once.

“It's normal that you never heard of it. I’ve only read about it in books. It’s actually my first time dealing with this situation.”

“What should we do!? How can we get her magic power back!?”

Rachel’s mother grabbed the doctor’s arms and gave a shrill cry, but Donald only shook her head with a complicated look.

Rachel was just staring at them, absent-minded. Despite her mother feeling upset about the news, she actually felt refreshed.

No one in this world had no magic power.

Most nobles had a lot of magic power, and most commoners had a few of it.

The amount depended on the size of the tank where the magic power accumulated. It was similar to a barrel. Depending on the person, the size would differ, be it like a washbasin or a well.

Originally, Rachel had abundant magic power. Her accumulated magic power was usually as much as the water in the lake.

If her magic power was dying, that means her magic power tank would disappear.

Then, the lack of magic power would weaken the immune system that protected her body. Colds and the like easily took a turn for the worse. Moreover, she would feel constantly tired, making it difficult to walk on her own.

If her magic power tank was as small as a washbasin, she would have no trouble living under the condition that she had to fill it with magic power. But now, she almost had none of it anymore.

There, Rachel was convinced. This might not be her getting forgiven, nor a temporary dream.

Wasn’t this the punishment she received for harming and troubling others?

In her previous life, she tried to use her magic power to harm the Saint. That’s why she lost it now.

If so, Rachel believed that she was really fortunate.

This time, she was the only one suffering. Now she didn’t’ have to hurt anyone. She didn’t have to torment other people.

Sarah and the coachman didn’t have to die.

The Saint didn’t have to suffer because of her jealousy.

Maybe she could really start over her life.

Relieved, Rachel couldn’t stop a drop of tear falling from her eyes.

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