After Getting a Job in the Nether World, I Became Famous

Chapter 3 - I Have a Special Acting Technique

Mentioning a navy Wuchang? Does he or does he not know what Yin Yang theory is?

Old Bai’s face darkened and he said, “Stop speaking nonsense!”

The fan in his hands waved, seemingly gentle, and yet it fanned a huge gust of wind, blowing Cheng Haidong’s soul away and letting it drift towards his body. His soul returned to his body.

Lan He looked at Song Qinmin who was hiding behind the door, his body half out. It’s his turn.

After passing away, people should report to the city first, but Song Qinmin stayed in the Overworld. This attracted Old Bai to come and reap his soul, and as to why he could stay in the Overworld……

Old Bai said with a straight face, “This house was made with many details, and there are many anchor objects. Ghosts would easily get lost when they enter. According to the laws of creation, they cannot affect the house’s owner. He used this to hide, but since you’re a living soul, you won’t be affected, and can go in to retrieve him.”

Old Bai’s words were not only to explain to Lan He, but also to scare Song Qinmin.

Sure enough, Song Qinmin heard it and was flustered. He originally thought that these two were the same as the previous two officials who could not catch him. He immediately ran into the house.

Lan He suddenly thought of the guides who had bragged about Yantang village’s fengshui layout, it seemed like that fengshui master from a hundred years ago, while he might not be Gui Yuzi’s descendent, he was really a professional!

Even though he was a spirit, he was not a real ghost. When he entered the house there was indeed no discomfort, so he threw out his chains.

Lan He threw them out casually. Song Qinmin and him were separated by a few meters, but the reaping chains had already accurately looped themselves onto Song Qinmin’s body. Song Qinmin was not a powerful ghost in any case, he was just stubborn and borrowed the ancestral house’s power to stay in the human world.

Bound by the reaping chains, the old man immediately became rigid and could not move.

Lan He pulled back the chains and Song Qinmin floated towards him accordingly. There was basically no weight and he was pulled outside by Lan He.

“Grandfather, grandfather, please let me go, I don’t want to leave.” Song Qinmin pleaded.

“Grandfather, grandfather, don’t call me that.” Lan He said, “I think you should just cooperate with our work.”

Song Qinmin: “......”

He did not know why the Nether official would call him a grandfather, in the legends, Wuchang should have lived for hundreds and thousands of years, and he felt that his way of speaking was somewhat familiar……

Song Qinmin thought about it carefully, it was similar to the youth division of the residents of the village that went to his house to work.

“Tell us why you’re hiding, staying in the human world to be a ghost, after a few years, there would be absolutely no offerings for you and you would only be able to endure starvation. Eating once a year, that’s not a good life to live!” Old Bai said with a strange tone, “Look at how many wild ghosts there are that roam the overworld, they cry while thinking about how much they want to go back to the Nether World.”

Song Qinmin had just passed and he did not know a lot. He stubbornly said, “I’m not suited to work in the government (Lan He: ?????). When the village encouraged planting tea, I took the lead in planting tea, when they said they wanted a change in policies, I supported them…… But I had saved money for a long time for myself, for dealing with my affairs after passing away. But my son is not filial and is trying to fool me, the money I left is not even half spent, I’m not willing to leave just like this!”

Song Qinmin began to complain about his sons, it seemed that he was really unhappy.

His sons were also extremely disrespectful to the dead, Lan He asked Old Bai, “Can we help him?”

Old Bai did not consider it and said, “Humans and ghosts walk separate roads!”

Lan He thought about how the old man had even pushed the gold and silver banner that was supposed to bring luck and could not help saying, “Is there really no way? For example, if we walk by his son’s house and steal the money back to arrange for offerings, he can leave peacefully.”

Song Qinmin had not even said anything when Old Bai suddenly said, “Then we have to charge a handling fee of 30%! Old Song, do you agree!”

Lan He: “......”

He thought that Old Bai’s hat should say “Says Yes To Money”.

Song Qinmin said with confusion, “ye…yes.”

So they turned towards Song Qinmin’s son’s house and found a stack of cash in the bedside table. This was what Song Qinmin had saved.”

He did not have any pension and still grew tea when he was old to earn money, so he was not accustomed to depositing money in a bank and still wrapped his money in a piece of cloth. There were five and ten dollars in the stack, all loose change.

At this time, Song Qinmin’s family were still holding a vigil at the mourning hall and there was no one at home. He stuffed something into the drawers, muttering, “This stinky brat……”

“Alright, let’s go,” Old Bai hurried him from the side.

“Let’s wait a little while,” Song Qinmin begged, “my grandson is still in his third year of elementary school, this year he’s graduating to middle school, I still want to see him. Also, my tea leaves……”

After one thing, Song Qinmin still had so many regrets and concerns.

Lan He saw how he begged and thought to himself that the reason why the old man did not leave the overworld was not only because of his concerns that were not reconciled. No matter if it was hate or love, he did not want to leave the fireworks of the human world, he only wanted to continue being here, living his trivial and even unsatisfactory life.

This was a situation that Old Bai was used to and he said coldly, “How dare you disobey the orders of an Underworld official, the new ghost will follow me to the Nether world!”

Song Qinmin burst into tears when he heard that, “Let me stay one night, just let me stay one night!”

Lan He did not know what to do, he suddenly felt a strong emotion throughout his whole body, confusion, unwillingness, fear and even hopelessness. It seemed like a rushing tide that submerged him quickly.

Lan He was agitated and his whole person was wrapped by this strong and complicated emotion. His heart felt suffocated. He looked at Song Qinmin and realised, this should be Song Qinmin’s feelings, and uncomfortably said, “How come I…… I seem to have felt his emotions.”

Old Bai looked at him with a measured gaze, “Humanity is really complicated.”

Lan He: “What do you mean?”

Old Bai: “When people are recently deceased, their emotions are at the most intense and rich. Reaping the souls of these people would transfer those strong emotions. The more sensitive the person, the easier it would be to be transmitted…… I didn’t expect that you could lie to ghosts and empathise with them! If you recall the hard heart that you had when you lied to me, you would not feel this way!”

Lan He: “......”

In any case, Lan He had gained new knowledge, just like water conducts electricity, reaping also transfers emotions, and he had a more profound understanding of why people said that the benefits from working in the Nether World were not worth it, and why some Impermanents were half-crazy.

This kind of soul-to-soul communication had a greater impact on a person than any other thing, and it was very easy to get wrapped up into the emotions of the dead.

It was a little like when actors were too deep into their acting and started regarding themselves as a deity…… Lan He took two deep breaths and pulled himself out of the strong emotions.

The Nether World officials had reaped to many souls, and even if they were as sensitive as Lan He, they would have been numb to any emotion by now. Old Bai threaded Song Qinmin’s soul onto his own chain, telling Lan He, “It’s late now, I’ll accompany you to the intersection. Let’s meet next time.”

He sent strong hints while rubbing his hands.

Lan He: “...... I got it.”

The next day.

Song Qinmin’s son had completed his vigil and needed to pay for the drummers in the funeral procession, so he led them to his house to get the money.

As a result, he opened the drawer containing the money in front of the drummer and only saw a pile of joss paper!

— In contrast, Cheng Haidong’s story from the previous night became less interesting.

On the first day when he said that he had experienced the phenomenon of the “Ghost sitting on the bed”, quite a few people had believed him. But Lan and Bai Wuchang, as well as the hat that said “Since I’m Already Here”, was much less believable, even comedic in nature. No matter how Cheng Haidong described the strange atmosphere from that night, no one could believe him.

Cheng Haidong complained in frustration. “I’m speaking the truth, Lan He, what time did you sleep last night? When I returned last night, it was at the courtyard that I met old man Song. After that, he took me away, and it was Lan Wuchang and Bai Wuchang who let me come back.”

“No, you were dreaming and now you’re exaggerating. I’ve never heard of the Nether World having a Lan (Blue) and Bai (White) Wuchang.” Lan Wuchang said, “Did you stare at Miss Hua for too long?”

Miss Hua was their group’s makeup artist and she often wore a blue and white striped T-shirt.

Cheng Haidong: “.......”

What did this have to do with anything.

He ruffled his hair, it couldn’t be that he was dreaming, “That’s not right, that can’t be right, I definitely saw it……. Sigh, all of you don’t believe me and can’t see them. I’m the only one who can see them, could it be that I was chosen by the heavens?”

Lan He’s gaze wandered. He didn’t know if Cheng Haidong was the son of heaven, but he himself must be the son of earth……

Even though he insisted that he had seen a ghost, everyone did not believe his second story, and because he was poor, Cheng Haidong could only continue to work honestly.

Fortunately, Song Qinmin had already been reincarnated so Cheng Haidong could pass his days peacefully.

Soon, the ten day filming ended and the filming crew gathered at the village for a while.

Cheng Haidong and Lan He clinked their cups together, “What do you have arranged next?”

Lan He said, “After half a month of rest, I’ll enter a new production, what about you?”

Cheng Haidong was waiting for him to ask, hands propped on his waist, he said, “Preparing to go enter Liu Chunyang’s crew!”

Liu Chunyang was a well-known director in China and he had been in the industry for many years. After establishing his own style, his productions became well-known and well-received. Aside from that, Liu Chunyang had also started out as a photographer, so entering his crew, it would mean that Cheng Haidong would learn a lot and his resume would look much better as well.

“Liu Chunyang is going to make a new movie?” When Lan He was busy filming, he could barely check his phone a few times in a day, so he did not know about this. “You’re amazing.”

Cheng Haidong: “Hehe, it’s because I’m following my teacher……. It’s still being prepared, my teacher will start looking at the script with me when I go back. I heard that someone has already sent in an investment, his movies will definitely not be short of money.”

“Not only the fact that the movie would not lack money, it would also not lack actors.” Lan He sighed emotionally, Liu Chunyang’s roles were very popular and hard to come by, it was just a pity that Liu Chunyang had a temper of his own, he liked to use his old teams, no matter if the role was big or small. He was especially cautious when choosing new actors. As a result, the roles available for other actors were extremely limited.”

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go to pay our respects to the director.”

At this time, someone called them over, so Lan He followed at the back of the crowd.

The director was in good spirits and talked to each of them one by one. It was fate for them to meet, after this crew separated, no one knew if they would ever have the chance to work together again.

“Lan He.” The director patted Lan He’s shoulder, “I feel that you’re really good at acting.”

The director and Lan He had already worked together twice, even though Lan He’s roles were all not important, but the director had seen Lan He’s effort and diligence, as well as Lan He’s good attitude.

“Thank you, director.” Lan He replied quickly.

“Sometimes, you have too much technique, and the emotions are hidden by that…… Regarding this, you’re still young, you should accumulate and experience more of life.” The director had already drank too much and his words were unclear.

Lan He nodded earnestly.

The director said regretfully, “As for more chances, wait a little while…… This would be harder to predict compared to effort.”

Lan He smiled, “As long as everyone is happy.”

“Yes, as long as everyone is happy.” The director raised his cups and suddenly burst into tears, “I think I shot really well! Why do investors not spoil me! The one who met the ghost wasn’t even me, where is my fate and where are my opportunities! I really want to film a big production!!’’

Lan He: “......”

The next day, Lan He returned to Beijing. He was originally from the Hunan province but he drifted to Beijing. The company helped him rent an apartment and the occupancy rate was quite high. He was just an unknown actor, there was no need for him to live in a place that had particularly good privacy.

Lan He came back and was busy preparing for the next movie, but it hadn’t even been twio days when he received a call from his company, telling him that there was a change in plans, the production crew that he had signed on with had encountered issues and so was disbanded on the spot.

Lan He’s professionalism and outward appearance are enough for him to obtain many audition opportunities, but whether he can pass through the initial test, the final selection, and the final role that he would receive, these depended on too many variables.

Even if he received a role and signed a contract, it could still turn out to be this way, with the crew disbanded. Even if he entered the crew, there could also be incidents that happened.

After working for a few years, Lan He knows how to adjust his mentality to deal with disappointment even after giving his effort.

He made himself two dishes to eat well… well, he didn’t dare to eat too well, he had to maintain his weight. In any case, he comforted himself by eating.

When he woke up on the second day, while brushing his teeth, he received another call from his company, saying that there was a decent role in an idol drama, the company had also sent in the resumes of suitable actors from their company. They had tried for Male Number 3 for Lan He, so he went to the initial audition.

Lan He had just lost his job, so he forced his spirits up and went to the appointment on time. The director had produced an idol drama previously that did quite well, so even a Male Number 3 character…… The competition would still be a little fierce.

The production crew was housed in a  big building. Lan He was issued a scene from the script. There were a lot of people in the waiting room. He held the script, and as he read it, he had a flash of inspiration. After waiting for about 2 hours, he was called into the office.

Lan He had checked the director’s information, so he could recognise that the big-bellied, middle-aged man talking to another guy in a peaked cap in front of the floor-to-ceiling window was the director for this drama, Wang Mao.

“Director Wang?” The producer shouted towards the back. Wang Mao nodded to the peaked cap man and returned, the peaked cap man still standing at the window. This whole time, he had only shown his back.

Wang Mao raised his chin and said to a female staff member nearby, “Maomao, be his acting partner.”

The girl called Maomao then stood in front of Lan He.

She wasn’t an actress, she was only a director’s assistant, so she did not know how to act, her job was only to be a placeholder when needed. But because Lan He was attractive, she was happy to be the placeholder.

Even though she did not know how to act, she had been a placeholder for so long that she had memorised all the lines. She had a vague understanding about what the actors had to try to express.

The movie was an original script, this scene was about the female protagonist’s brother, Male Number 3. Because he did not approve of the male lead, he had quarreled with the female lead, and at this time, Male Number 3 was already terminally ill.

Once the handsome guy entered his character, his eyes had changed, and he said coldly, “If you want to be with him, it’ll be over my dead body.”

Maomao was stunned. The previous actors had mostly used the extrovert trait of Male Number 3 to express their emotions, their body language becoming more rich, when they came they would grab her shoulder. Their lines would also express hatred towards the male lead and their unwillingness to lose to the male lead with regards to their career, then reveal facial expressions that expressed the bitterness of suppressing their illness.

Maomao could not tell what standard they were on average, usually she could only differentiate them by ‘awkward’ or ‘not awkward’.

However, at the moment, Maomao did not have the capacity to care about other things. Lan He’s eyes looked like they were looking into her heart. Even the dog blood lines were particularly persuasive when spoken from him.

His eyes were nailed onto her, they seemed like they had condensed all his strength. On his tough facial expression, it seemed like the galaxy was tilting, not only was he unwilling, it seemed like there was something else behind it.

Maomao was completely shocked and even forgot to follow up with her line. She seemed a little scared, his look was too complicated, even without an explanation, it made her think of… it made her think of someone who would be near death……

Maomao did not notice that as the scene went on, the room went unknowingly silent and everyone’s gazes were attracted to them.

It was also unclear when the man with the peaked cap by the window had turned towards them, silently watching.


“That’s interesting……” Wang Mao rubbed his chin and spoke with the producer, “The delicate expressions are very intense and the layers are rich. I’ve even got goosebumps.”

A young actor who could portray life and death so vividly…… It was rare!

He was keenly aware that this was an actor that could add colour to the character.

Male Number 3 was a supporting role, as a sister-con, a lot of the time the role was comedic. There was of course a backstory but it was quite common and not much would be revealed. If an actor’s interpretation was done well at this time, it would be persuasive and can completely raise the depth of the character.

The producer also nodded. This was really rare, the character did not mention that he was sick and there were a few actors previously that were pretty good, but when compared to Lan He, Lan He’s portrayal was too persuasive. Lan He managed to show these emotions by restraining them, so it increased the overall personality of the character as well.

The producer had not even spoken yet, when the guy in the peaked hat said, “Hm, I’ll consider it.”

“En…...en? What are you considering? What does this have to do with you?” Wang Mao replied, “Big brother, it’s us who are choosing the roles now.”

The guy in the peaked cap did not say anything and just pressed down on the brim of his cap.

Wang Mao rolled his eyes.

At the side, Lan He closed his eyes and breathed out from the bottom of his heart, slowly exiting his character.

It was a little interesting, at that moment he had suddenly recalled the same feeling that he had felt when he met Old Man Song.

— Even though Old Man Song and Male Number 3 in an idol drama seemed to be totally irrelevant to each other, and even the scenes were different, but human nature always had something in common.

The emotions that he felt when he first communicated with a soul had given him a huge impact and impression, and because of his impermanent state at that time, it was difficult for him to forget that kind of feeling.

When he was acting, he could not stop recalling it and unconsciously immersed himself into that state again, integrating it into his role.

Towards Maomao who had partnered him for the scene, he said, “Thank you.”

“No, it’s nothing……” Maomao stuttered, looking at the rejuvenated Lan He in a trance.

“Not bad, the interpretation was very good.” Wang Mao walked over, “Lan He, right?”

Lan He noticed that the man in the peaked cap also walked over but he could not see his face clearly. It did not matter to him as there were always many staff, so he only extended his hand to Wang Mao, “Hello Director Wang, yes.”

Wang Mao shook hands with him, “The performance was very intriguing, I liked it a lot. Could you give us another impromptu scene?”

Lan He was very happy. Testing him meant that Wang Mao was interested in his acting, and the chance of obtaining the role would be a little higher.

“Alright, let me think about it.” He was still thinking about what to act, when he saw a figure floating in from the window, it was a dead man’s face holding a chain, the high hat with the words “One Look Produces Talent”, it was humans’ good friend Old Bai.

“Important business! Come come come!” Old Bai said with his eyes locked onto Lan He.


Lan He was anxious as he realised that Old Bai had started to take out the official documents, but he was unable to stop him……

What was more important was that this office was so big, the moment Old Bai took him away and his soul left his body, his body would topple and his empty shell of a body would seem to be exactly the same as a dead body. How would he explain this to everyone? Even if he said that he had contracted a strange disease, it wasn’t a good excuse?

No way, he had to make it clear to Old Bai that he could not be summoned casually. He was different from those who were working as Impermanents full-time, and he could not leave as when he wanted to. Not only did he have his own job, he still needed to act like he couldn’t see ghosts in the Over World!

Lan He thought about it hurriedly and said to Wang Mao, “Director, I’ll act out for you a scene of dying on the spot.”

Wang Mao: “...... Huh??”

He had not even reacted, only to see at the next moment, the young man had already grabbed at his heart, his face showing agony before lying on the ground without moving.

Wang Mao: “......”

Wang Mao was stunned, only after a while did he burst out laughing.

Dying on the spot? Young people nowadays, in order to make an impression on the director, they really were courageous.

When he laughed, the other people could not help laughing as well, and the office was immediately filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

The man in the peaked cap said abruptly, “Good acting.”

“Hm?” Wang Mao looked closely and his expression immediately underwent a change. Lan He was more than just silent, “Don’t ever say that acting as a corpse does not have any technical difficulty, look at this young man, even his chest fluctuations are gone.”

Everyone stared at Lan He, but could not find any flaws.

When television dramas had death scenes, audiences usually liked to stare at them, pointing out where the “corpse” still had breathing where their eyelids were still fluttering. Every time this happened, the production team wanted to complain, the actors had already tried their best, you couldn’t expect them to really die, how could they not need to breathe?

But the young man in front of them, he really acted very well, it was so real that it was incredulous, even his lips seemed to have paled.

Maomao could not help it and went to touch Lan He’s hand, and even when she tried to touch it again to check, she trembled and said, “Director Wang, how come, how come it seems like he’s…...cold……”

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