In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 3 - The Escape from the Apartment Part two


I tied the sheets tightly to the balcony.

After trying to slightly pull on it, there didn’t seem to be any problems.

“Only a little more. Let’s go slowly.”

I moved to the floor below.

Opening the balcony, looking around at the surroundings, there didn't seem to be anyone there.

However, I had to be on my guard.

I should probably carefully move forward.

It seemed like the room was owned by a student like me.

There were a baseball glove and bat put there.

“If I’m to crush the brains, a bat would be more convenient…”

Hesitating, I picked up the metal bat.

And then, I forcibly stuffed it into the rucksack.

The handle was sticking out a lot, but it somehow fit into the bag.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I went down the sheets to the floor below, and was finally able to get to the first floor and stand on the ground.

I checked the surroundings.












I heard a screaming voice.

Heading to the direction of the voice, a man on the balcony of the apartment building on the other side of the street was wrestling with a zombie.

However, I could do nothing but watch.

“Bastard! Don’t come here!”

The man hit the zombie, and the zombie sunk its teeth into him.



The man fell down from the balcony along with the zombie, making a crushing sound.

“It’s ‘reality’... This is ‘reality’, huh…”

Telling myself that, I moved as carefully as I could to not make a sound.

The reason I thought to be quiet was that the beings I killed (that might be dead already) were zombies.

The important point was that the eyes were cloudy.

Their field of vision was most likely white.

Or they might have already lost their eyesight.

In the case that they used their smell to sense the enemy, it would be hard, but to erase one’s sound was possible.

Crunch… crunch… crunchcrunch.

There was a sound of shoes stepping on gravel from the parking lot of the apartment building.

Moreover, it was that constant rhythm.

Slowly moving closer to the parking lot, I waited by the wall.

There, a zombie was staggering around.

It was one person, seemingly a middle-aged office worker.

Let’s do an experiment on this guy.

First, I threw a large stone I found nearby.


The stone hit the ground and made a sound.

“Uuu.. aa”

The zombie staggered to the place where the stone hit the ground.

For the next try, I wanted to try with a pebble, but it moved the same.

(I’m sure of it… it perceives sound. Furthermore, it’s pretty accurate.)

Next is the experiment with their perception of smell.

(It’s scary, but there’s no other way…)

Raising the bat high, I assumed a stance where I could always hit it when necessary.

And then, I lightly kicked a stone at my feet.

The zombie headed this way.

(Ugh!? I-it’s scary after all!)

But this was an experiment.

I had no choice but to endure it.

The zombie came into the swinging range of my bat.

And then, the zombie came to a stop before it started wandering around the pebble.

It seemed like it couldn’t smell me.

“I’ll ease your misery.”

Muttering absentmindedly, I slammed the metal bat in the zombie’s face as it came toward me.

There was a hollow clunking sound from the bat, and the zombie’s head became dented.


The zombie fell down.

After confirming it was laying still, I started walking again.

My destination was the school I went to.

“Well then, let’s do my best!”

I encouraged myself.

Immediately after.


I heard a voice behind me.

“N…No way…”

I looked over my shoulder.

Around ten zombies were there.

“Damn it!! They gathered after hearing my encouragement!?”

I ran as fast as I could.

And behind, the dead ran after me.

“Ueee!! I’m escaping!”

I ran to the road faster than I had ever done before.

Luckily, the zombies didn’t seem to be able to run, so I somehow managed to shake them off.

I quickly stepped into an alleyway, and sat down to take a breath.

“Hah… Hah… Some…how…”

Breathing heavily, I cast my gaze down.

“Wha!! What!?”

A child's head came rolling.


I stuck to the wall, distancing myself from it.

The head seemed to come to a stop and didn’t give a sign to move again.

And then, I noticed it.

The fact that I had raised my voice.

“Ah! Shit!”

There were two ways in the alley, the way I took to enter it and the exit leading to the main street. However, zombies came staggering from both ways.

I had been driven into a corner.

It was exactly that kind of situation.


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