Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 3

Ah Jin walked home.

The bloodstains on her neck had been dealt with.

What appeared to be serious was actually nothing more than a break in the epidermis.

San Qi spoke in her ear, "Did you just expect that she would use more strength?"

"Oops, I was found out." Ah Jin wasn't a bit concerned.

San Qi ground his teeth, "I told you not to waste your breath. You'll be back in space even if you die. Our contract has been made, don't try to sneak away."

"Right San Qi, I forgot to ask you, what will happen if I fail the mission?"

"It'll deduct energy."

"But I don't have any energy. Am I not going to just disappear."

San Qi didn't need to glance to know that Ah Jin must be looking forward to it now.

"Beautiful for you. It takes energy to erase, too. That's a lot of energy for you to waste. If you don't have it, it's deducted from your partner. We're in the same boat now. If I run out of energy, I'll be discarded. As for you, you'll probably be thrown into the system prison, doing hard labor. When you pay back the energy you owe, then you're free."

"So that's how it is." Ah Jin was thoughtful.

San Qi warned Ah Jin again, "You shouldn't always have a twisted mind. It’s useless."

"How will we know if we don't try, hehe."

San Qi was already seething in space.

It was even noisier to listen.

Only then did Ah Jin appease it, "Just kidding. But your company is so cheap, you need energy for everything."

San Qi calmed down after hearing her say that, "Can't help it, the world has its own set of rules."

San Qi didn't see Ah Jin's eyes filled with mischief.

Back home, as always, no one was around. There was money left by Yu Jin's mother on the table. Ah Jin ordered takeout and stayed home to study.

After all, the original character hoped to get a good university.

Yu Jin's family was well off, and although she didn't have the warmth of an ordinary family, her mother had given her the best living conditions.

After Yu Jin committed suicide, her mother was heartbroken and felt that she had failed to properly bring up her daughter, so she resigned from her job and cried every day until she remarried.

After reviewing her lessons, Ah Jin turned on her computer to look up the world's laws, news, and current events.

After some thought, she still picked up the phone to call Yu Jin's mother.

On the other side, Yu Meiling, who received a call from her daughter, was also surprised.

She knew her daughter was introverted and rarely contacted her for anything.

Did something happen? Yu Meiling quickly picked up the phone, "Hello, A'Jin."

Ah Jin was stunned. Yes, Yu Jin's nickname was A'Jin.

"Hey, mom, it's Saturday. I’m going to take the day off."

Yu Meiling just realized that today was the day her daughter would be home.

"A'Jin, mom was busy and forgot. Have you eaten yet? Do you have enough money? Ah, mom may not be home until late tonight. If you're bored, go out and play with your friends, mommy will give you money."

Ah Jin listened quietly. She continued after her message, "Mom, I've got enough money. I'll wait for you tonight. I want to talk to you about something."

Yu Meiling was happy inside when she heard that her daughter was finally willing to talk to her about things.

She used to ask her how she was doing at school. Still, her daughter avoided answering, and she always thought it was because her daughter was rebellious and didn't want to talk to her, but now she was pleased that her daughter had taken the initiative to speak.

"Okay, I'll be back early today, so you wait for me at home."

"Okay, bye, mom."

"Hey, bye-bye."

Ah Jin felt it was necessary to let Yu Jin's mother know about these things.

After all, no matter how much they were tossed around, Yu Jin was only a minor, and she was already having suicidal thoughts, which was no small matter.

San Qi did not understand, "You know the reason why you killed yourself. It was just as painful and sad for your parents when you died."

Ah Jin lowered her eyes and didn't answer before saying after a while, "Suicide makes me happy. Suicide makes me intoxicated."

San Qi looked at this drama queen, "Hey, hospital? There's a psychopath here."

At 9pm, Yu Jin's mom returned home from work and saw the light on in Yu Jin's room, so she went to knock.

Ah Jin opened the door and saw Yu Jin's mom smiling face.

It was clear that Yu Jin's mother really loved her.

"A'Jin, have you had dinner yet? Mom will give you some noodles for your next meal, we'll eat them together. I haven't eaten it."


Fifteen minutes later, mother and daughter were each carrying a bowl of noodles and two plates of small pickles.

Smooth noodles, a light soup base, topped with a medium-boiled egg, sprinkled with green onions and delicious little pickles. It was delicious.

Mother and daughter didn't speak to each other, eating attentively.

Ah Jin's nose was a little sour.

This was the original character's sentiment.

It had been a long time since the original character had eaten the noodles that her mother prepared.

After finishing the meal, Ah Jin took the initiative to clean up the dishes.

Yu Meiling was again relieved, feeling that her daughter had really grown up.

After the cleaning was done, the mother and daughter sat down and started to talk.

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