His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 3 - Sisters

Shen Family’s Eldest Miss and Second Miss were daughters of Shen Xiao’s concubines. The two’s temperaments differed from Shen Ziqiao. They were raised by Old Madam Shen’s side at a young age. Don’t mention how they acted noble and elegant, but they were also refined and gentle. Compared to Shen Ziqiao, they acted more like young married daughters of a noble house.

“Grandmother, we heard you obtained a fine jade. We specially came to see it for ourselves.” Before seeing the two sisters, a tender and soft voice rang.

Shen Ziqiao tilted her head and looked over. The mottled bamboo curtains were moved to the side and two teenager girls walked in. The one in front was Shen Family’s Eldest Miss, Shen Ziwen. She wore a pink muslin embroidered with butterfly designs coupled with a pleated skirt. She was charming and beautiful, wearing a bun. It could be said that she was a delicious meal. Her hairstyle appeared to be beautiful, but complicated. She wore golden and silver hairpins, almost blinding Shen Ziqiao in the process.

Following Shen Ziwen was the Second Miss, Shen Zifen. Her figure wasn’t as round and full as the Eldest Miss. She was delicate and dainty, with smooth and fair skin. She wore a Chinese silk tapestry designed dress embroidered with pipa designs. She wore a faint smile and there were two small dimples.

When she was reading the novel, the author almost never described the two ladies directly. Seeing the girls for herself right now, they didn’t look bad either. She just didn’t know whether they had a good or bad relationship.

Shen Ziqiao was a bit suspicious. Did she really transmigrate into the book or a space similar to the plot of the novel?

“Hey, third sister is here. Didn’t you go to the Thousand Buddha Temple?” Shen Ziwen glanced at Shen Ziqiao before walking to Old Madam Shen’s side. She picked up the palm-leaf fan from the maid’s hand and started fanning Old Madam Shen.

“Did the third sister encounter the Ninth Prince?” Before Shen Ziqiao could respond, Shen Ziwen continued.

Old Madam Shen humphed with a dark face.

Shen Ziqiao didn’t understand her two illegitimate sisters’ temperament, so she didn’t dare to lower her guard. But no matter what they said, she lowered her head and kept quiet.

“Grandmother, didn’t you say you want saute lotus seeds? I learned how to cook it, so I’ll make it tonight at dinner for you to taste.” Shen Ziwen smiled happily, saying to Old Madam Shen.

Old Madam Shen loved her two grandsons most. But compared to Shen Ziqiao, she still treated her two illegitimate granddaughters in a pleasant attitude.

“Rather than having the heart to lose face at the Thousand Buddha Temple, why not stay at home and be like your two sisters? Learn how to cook and sew.” Old Madam Shen glanced at Shen Ziqiao coldly. She picked up [Virtuous Ways] from the table and delivered it to her. “You are not to leave your room until you have finished copying this book ten times.”

She casually picked up [Virtuous Ways]. Could it be that Old Madam Shen has tons of these books here? Will there be [Rules of a Female] and [Biographies of Exemplary Women] here as well?

However, Old Madam Shen didn’t mention Qi Zheng at all. Was it possible that she didn’t know yet?

“Yes, grandmother.” Shen Ziqiao grabbed the book, secretly thinking that this was fine too. At least, she would have time to process this magical transmigration nightmare.

Hopefully this was really a nightmare.

Old Madam Shen ordered the two maids to personally send Shen Ziqiao back in order to prevent her from secretly running out halfway.

Shen Ziqiao had the same thoughts. She didn’t know where her room was.

She returned to her own courtyard to see two maids standing on the stone steps in guilt. The moment they saw her, they ran over and said, “Third Miss, you’re back.”

The majority of the servants here were probably other people’s spies...

Otherwise, how could Old Madam Shen have known she had gone to the Thousand Buddha Temple the moment she turned around? If it weren’t for Sheng Peiyin’s help that she broke away from her four personal maids, maybe it wouldn’t be as simple as copying [Virtuous Ways] right now.

She shouldn’t alert the others for now. She’d stay quiet and get used to her surroundings before deciding the next step.

Although Shen Ziqiao wasn’t loved by Old Madam Shen, Shen Xiao pampered her a lot. Therefore, she lived pretty well in the Shen Family. She had her own courtyard. However, she was crafty and unruly, treating the servants strictly and sternly. As a result, the servants at home don’t like her.

The courtyard was in the north facing the south. There were three huge central buildings and private rooms by the two sides. Shen Ziqiao walked inside. There was a partition in the room. The kang stove bed facing the window was a scarlet red. There were four red chairs with flower designs. Tall tables were set on the two sides of the chair along with vases and other utensils.

By the left side of the kang stove bed, there was a beautiful vase placed on the table with fresh flowers inserted...

The surroundings looked pretty nice.

“Third Miss, the Eldest Miss is here.” Shen Ziqiao just sat down on the bed when a maid reported outside.

“Oh, let her in.” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly sat up straight and replied.

Not long later, Shen Ziwen lifted the curtains and walked in. She wore a smile on her charming face. In a clear voice, “Third Sister, I personally cooked snow pearl and edible tree fungus sweetened water for you. I know you like it cold, so I had servants add ice to it. I personally brought this over for you.”

“Weren’t you by grandmother’s side?” Shen Ziqiao glanced at the tray in her hands. She didn’t know that Shen Ziwen was that thoughtful to her.

Shen Ziwen walked to the empty seat on the other side of the kang stove bed. However, she didn’t dare walk over and sit down. She placed the tray on the table, her gaze carrying worry. “How could you have just dismissed grandmother’s maids? If it weren’t for them, grandmother wouldn’t have known you went to the Thousand Buddha Temple.”

“Oh.” Shen Ziqiao faintly answered, appearing dispirited. She felt tired and dull.

Shen Ziwen thought that it was because Shen Ziqiao got punished to transcribe the book by the Old Madam that made her dispirited. Shen Ziwen smiled and comforted, “Isn’t it just ten times? This sister will transcribe it for you. Father isn’t here, so please don’t collide with grandmother. Otherwise, no one can protect you.”

“No matter whether father is here or not, grandmother is still the one with the final say.” Shen Ziqiao didn’t like sweets, so she didn’t even touch Shen Ziwen’s snow pearl and edible tree fungus sweetened water.

“You’re quite obedient today. Do you fear grandmother now?” Shen Ziwen was confused. In the past, Ziqiao would’ve exploded and said that she wasn’t afraid of that old witch. Yet, she didn’t even react at all today.

She sat by the wooden stool by the bed and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t blame grandmother for being biased. Just tolerate this for a while and wait for father and elder brother to come back. Naturally, everything will be fine then.”

Shen Ziqiao listened impatiently to these words. She waved her hands and said coldly, “I’m tired. If sister doesn’t have anything else to say, you should head back then.”

Listening to Shen Ziwen’s words, it didn’t seem like she was here to advise her to become obedient, but rather adding oil to the fire and making her hate the Old Madam even more.

Shen Ziwen was stunned for a while. The gentle smile on her face slightly stiffened. “Then I’ll head back.”

After she left Shen Ziqiao’s Qiao Xin Courtyard, Shen Ziwen saw Shen Zifen walk over. “Elder Sister, how is it? Did that fool curse the Old Madam out inside?”

“She doesn’t seem to be acting right today. Something probably happened in the Thousand Buddha Temple. Have a maid go make inquiries.” Shen Ziqiao was like a completely different person today.

“I heard grandmother say that father and elder brother are coming back.” Shen Zifen said.

“Before they come back…” They must ruin Shen Ziqiao’s reputation. Otherwise, as an illegitimate daughter, she’d have no chance in getting a decent marriage proposal.

She was already sixteen years old today, the age for discussion of marriage. However, father only made plans for Shen Ziqiao. He never considered for her.

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