Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 3.03 The Gentle And Tolerant White Lotus Part 1

"Whatever you want, I'm fine with anything." Due to the male lead in this world is a bit younger than the original Lu Feng, Wenren Lan and Wenren Ling are just like his younger brother, in Lin Zisheng's eyes. Hence, the pampering and care that he would give his sister are poured into them, making him treat the ‘two people’ more gently.

"Okay. Then, Ah Feng, let's have afternoon tea first. Then we go to the movies, and finally have dinner, okay?" Wenren Ling became happier when he heard Lin Zisheng's answer. It is a correct decision to sneak out earlier today.

Lin Zisheng smiled and rubbed Wenren Ling’s head. Then he fastened his seat belt.

Sensing a strong brotherly love from Lin Zisheng, Wenren Ling expressed his dissatisfaction. He couldn't tell why, but he felt a little uncomfortable being looked at like a younger brother.

"Aren't you busy with your work?" Lin Zisheng asked, seeing Wenren Ling with a complicated expression. What happened to this person?

"It's not busy at work. There’s Lan to deal with it anyway so I just need to deal simpler matters." Although Wenren Lan and Wenren Ling are the same person, because of their different personalities, they are good at different things.

Wenren Ling handles things straightforwardly and crudely. The moment he decided, he will settle the matter directly, and he will not be soft with his approach. But Wenren Lan is just the opposite. His thinking is like a mountain road with 18 curves and bends. After scheming others, he could even make the victim return to say thank you, so Wenren Lan handles most of the official issues in order to maximize the benefits.

Lin Zisheng is a little bit dumbfounded after hearing this answer, but he also understood that it’s the truth. Wenren Ling's personality is indeed not suitable for handling too delicate things. After he interacted more about these ‘two people’ for a while, Lin Zisheng also knows the two people better.

Wenren Lan is calm while Wenren Ling's strength value is off the chart. These two people are simply the most complementary existence. Similarly, Lin Zisheng understood the reason for the two people to form such a personality. Lin Zisheng didn't know very clearly about the Wenren family, but the scandal was so big back then and the owner of this body hadn't gone abroad yet. Some news can easily be heard of even if one didn't deliberately inquire about it.

Wenren Lan and Wenren Ling’s father abandoned their mother right after the death of their grandfather, old master Wenren. Their father even forced their mother to death in order to obtain the Wenren family’s assets. No one could guess the outcome but the result was everything Wen Hao did was in vain. Also, the reason why Wenren Lan is still alive is because his father Wen Hao now lost the ability to create new offspring. Of course, apart from him, there are quite a few people alive in this world who know the inside story of this matter.

The reason why Wen Hao lost his fertility is not from natural causes. The old Wenren had already seen Wen Hao's ambitions and knew that once Wen Hao took charge of the Wenren family, whether it is his daughter or grandson, they would meet the dead-end! That's why the old Wenren would think of such ruthless trick and strike first. As long as Wenhao has no offspring, then at least his grandson can survive. The reason why Lin Zisheng knows about this is because the old man Wenren asked Lu Feng’s uncle for help.

After a while, Wenren Ling took Lin Zisheng to a coffee shop. After seeing this coffee shop, Lin Zisheng smiled. This person is paid attention and understood his likings.

"I know their cake is very delicious, so let's try it today?" There’s a hint of pride in Wenren Ling's voice as if he is proud to show that he understands Lin Zisheng's preferences.


Seeing the other party presenting the shop like he is offering a treasure, Lin Zisheng had a smile in his eyes. Very similar. There are a lot of times when Wenren Ling acted quite like his sister, so he always unconsciously added those affections onto this person.

The two walked into the coffee shop and the gaze from people around them are a little weird. Most of the people who came to this coffee shop are lovers. Of course, it’s not like people of the same gender didn’t come here together, but the atmosphere between them really makes people think of something else. Can’t help it, who made Wenren Ling's gaze so hot when it fell on Lin Zisheng? It is almost burning a hole in him.

After ordering Lin Zisheng’s coffee and desserts, Wenren Ling simply sat there and stared at him blankly. Due to them are quite familiar with each other, Lin Zisheng would occasionally remove his flat glasses, the one which made Wenren Ling feel very obtrusive. Whenever the glasses are removed, Wenren Ling couldn't help but stare at those slightly raised phoenix eyes, until the other party couldn't help frowning.

"Ah Feng, your eyes are so beautiful." Wenren Ling saw Lin Zisheng frowned and sighed in regret. It would be great if Ah Feng could let him take a few more looks.

"If so, how about I just take off my glasses?" Lin Zisheng smiled, took a sip of the coffee that was just served, and squinted his eyes with enjoyment. This shop is really good. It seems that he can come here to drink coffee when he’s free in the future.

Hearing Lin Zisheng's words, Wenren Ling opened his eyes wide. After a long while, he hesitantly said, "Don’t. Ah Feng, you should wear glasses. It makes people think that, en... you are very trustworthy. Yup, that’s it."

After saying that, Wenren Ling secretly patted himself in his heart. He didn't want to share his own little welfare with other people. Ah Feng already have many ‘bees and butterflies’ flying around him when he didn't take off his glasses. If he takes it off, then… Thinking of this possibility, Wenren Ling struck a big cross in his heart. This absolutely cannot turn into reality.

"Sir... Sir, please let me go. I am a decent person and don't want to be someone else's mistress!" A somewhat sharp voice sounded, causing Wenren Ling to frown. He chose this place because he heard that the environment is famously good, what's going on now?!

Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows after hearing this voice. Perhaps Wenren Ling did not recognize the voice, but he recognize it right away. This person is the receptionist of his private clinic - Bai Qing.

"Ah Feng?" Seeing Lin Zisheng suddenly reveal an inexplicable smile on his face, Wenren Ling's heart felt alarmed. No matter who the woman was just now, she must have attracted Ah Feng's attention!

"Wait here, I need to settle something and will come back soon."  At this moment, being the hero to save the beauty should be able to improve a lot of favorability points. After thinking of this, Lin Zisheng stood up and walked towards Bai Qing.

Wenren Ling could only grit his teeth and watched this scene unfold. So he followed behind Lu Feng helplessly. He wanted to help Ah Feng to be alert, in case the woman turned shameless and start to bother him.

At this moment, the two people at another table not far away didn't even know what is going to happen, and the farce is still going on.

"Sir, please be respectful. This is a coffee shop. Please don't behave inappropriately." Bai Qing said righteously. She chooses this place to work because of the safe environment. Most of the customers are reputable people and they won’t do anything bad in the public. She didn't expect to encounter such an odd one out today.

"Don't pretend to be innocent here. Just say it, as long as you agree to follow me, you can state how much money you need." The other party's voice is very contemptuous, making Bai Qing's face flushed in an instant. Humiliation filled her eyes. What does he mean by that? Does he think of her as those cheap women?

Bai Qing does love money and doesn’t mind selling out her marriage for money, but all of this must be based on being able to get married. If she is just a mistress who will come and go at his will, she will never agree!

"Sir, please have some respect!" Bai Qing struggled hard, but couldn't break away from the big hand gripping her wrist.

"Tsk, you really love to act!" After saying this, the man stretched out his hand to Bai Qing’s face, wanting to touch her.

With a ‘PA’, everyone present is stunned. Although it is said that this store encounters very few weird customers, it is not uncommon. Every time they met such a person, they would choose to swallow their anger, but today this person’s temper is really strong!

"Beech, how dare you hit me?!"

Feeling the hot and scorching pain on his face, the man's expression looked distorted. No one has ever dared to hit him in his life. This woman ‘ate a leopard’s guts’ huh?! The man raised his right hand high and slapped towards Bai Qing's face fiercely. People who are close enough even faintly heard the wind whistling. Obviously, this slap is not weak. If hit, Bai Qing's face would probably be ruined.

"It's not a good habit to hit a woman. This is a public place, it’s better to have a little bit more manners." Just when the opponent's hand is about to fall on Bai Qing's face, a big hand held the man's wrist. Although the accompanying voice sounded gentle, the strength gripping his hands is not small at all.

"You, who are you?! Let go!" Feeling the pain from his wrist, the man made a scream like a pig.

Good for nothing people like this who likes to hit women are usually gutless. Just exerting a little bit of strength can scare the man into releasing the hand holding Bai Qing. Seeing the other party let go, Lin Zisheng pulled Bai Qing behind him. Then he looks at the man with a bit of disgust in his eyes, "Who am I? Boss Wan, I haven’t seen you for a few days and you don’t even remember who I am now. This Lu is really ashamed."

Banana: Sorry to break immersion here. Just want to clarify the weird sentence above. Lin Zisheng said 陆某, which directly translated as Lu someone. The word ‘someone’ here is used when people refer to themselves using just their surname, which there’s no way to translate it properly in English _(;3/ dies

Hearing the surname Lu and the sentence ‘haven’t seen for a few days’, Wan Qi shuddered. He remembered this Mr.Lu clearly. A few days ago, he wanted to discuss a business with the Lu company. But when he saw this person whose aura is nice and clean, coupled with the fact that he didn't know the identity of this person, he had some bad intentions. For that, he paid a heavy price. Hence, when he saw this person, the muscles of his leg would unconsciously spasm.

"No, I dare not. Mr. Lu, how dare I not know you? Are you drinking coffee here too? It’s my treat, my treat!" Now, Wan Qi hastened to express his submission. If this man really seeks trouble with him again at this time, he might as well go and kill himself.

"Ah Feng came with me, so there is no need for you to treat him!" Wenren Ling said with a cold voice. His expression looking at Wan Qi is full of malice. Wenren Ling doesn't like other people to approach Lin Zisheng, no matter who it is.

Because of Lin Zisheng, Wenren Ling would often go to that restaurant where he usually dines. After going back and forth and getting acquainted with the owner, Wenren Ling came to know a lot about Lin Zisheng. From the shopkeeper’s mouth, Wenren Ling learned that he(WRL) is one of Lin Zisheng few friends. Upon knowing that, Wenren Lan and Wenren Ling were happy for several days. Now if another person caught Lin Zisheng's attention, they would be very upset.

Hearing the rebut, Wan Qi turned his head and wanted to swear. But after seeing Wenren Ling's face, his whole body trembled. The two giants in City B appeared in such a small coffee shop and saw him taking advantage of a waitress, what kind of sin he did in his last life?!

"Since you two have an appointment, I won't be bothering you then." After saying this, Wan Qi threw a few hundred yuan bills on the table and hurriedly left. He doesn’t want to seek death by continuing to stay in the cafe.

"Doctor Lu, thank you for your help."

Seeing that person left, Bai Qing felt like her whole body is going to turn jelly. She never thought that she would encounter such a thing. If Lin Zisheng didn't show up in time today, she’s afraid the end won’t be good for her.

"Don't be so polite, at the very least, you are still my employee. I can't just stand by when I see you in trouble outside."

Lin Zisheng's words are very reasonable, and he has always been very gentle in the eyes of outsiders. For people who are in trouble, helping others is a matter of course.

"No matter what, Dr. Lu, thank you." Bai Qing smiled at Lin Zisheng after saying this. Then she turned and left. In fact, she wanted to stay here and talk to him more, but Wenren Ling's eyes on her are too sharp that she didn't dare to stay.

Seeing Bai Qing keep glancing back while slowly leaving, a smile appeared on the corners of Lin Zisheng’s mouth. It seemed that the side mission is not so difficult to complete. Lin Zisheng can’t make himself to deliberately seduce the female lead and abandon her after making her fall for him. But if this is the other party’s wishful thinking, what does it have to do with him? Lin Zisheng knows that he is being hypocritical, but he just wants to live for himself. He wanted to go back to his own world by any means.

"Ah Feng, do you like that person?" After they returned to their original seats, Wenren Ling asked carefully. He didn't like to know that there’s someone in Ah Feng's heart. That would make him worry about whether Ah Feng would leave behind him for other people.

At the moment, Wenren Ling seems to be a person who has been living in the dark, and Lin Zisheng is the only sunshine in his dark life. Right now, there might be someone who will take away his sunshine, how could Wenren Ling not worry?

"I don't like her, but if I see my employees in trouble outside and doesn't help them, it's a bit unethical to me." Of course, Lin Zisheng also took the opportunity to complete the side task for himself.

In this manner, the two chatted with minimal words. After drinking the afternoon tea, Lin Zisheng and Wenren Ling went to the cinema to watch a movie. Not sure what this man was thinking, but Wenren Ling chose the most popular romance movie, making Lin Zisheng yawned from time to time.

"Ah Feng, is the movie I chose today too boring? I'm really sorry." Wenren Ling's voice is full of apology. He only hoped to spend more time with Ah Feng today, but completely forgot whether Ah Feng would like this movie or not.

"It’s okay, let's go to dinner."

Wenren Ling took Lin Zisheng to a western restaurant as he planned, but he didn't expect to bump into a person he didn't want to see - Wen Hao.

"Why are you here?" After seeing Wenren Ling, Wen Hao's eyes were full of disgust, as if he is not looking at his own son, but an enemy.

"Heh, you can be here, so why can't I," Wenren Ling said faintly and his tone is full of disgust as well, "I'll be taking my leave if there’s nothing to say."

After saying this, Wenren Ling pulled Lin Zisheng away. Since there is an annoying person, they won’t be having dinner here to avoid feeling nauseous.

However, though Wenren Ling wanted to leave, the other party is unwilling to let him go. Especially when that person saw the person standing beside Wenren Ling, the gender is a man. Wen Hao has had some thoughts in his heart over the years. He tried to place a woman beside Wenren Lan more than once. If he can grasp Wenren Lan within his control, the Wenren family’s business will become his and his wife's. But no woman ever appears beside Wenren Lan, so Wen Hao can’t do anything about it. And now, a man appeared next to Wenren Lan, making him doubt that this kid prefers males instead of females.

Tsk, how disgusting. You already have a mental illness, and you are adding [homo][se][xual] to it? Wen Hao felt sick to think such a person is his own son! But this is also a good opportunity. This man doesn't look like a rich man. As long as he can be controlled, won't Wenren Lan listen to him obediently then?

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