Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 3.02 The Gentle And Tolerant White Lotus Part 1

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Looking at Lin Zisheng with a broad smile on his face, 001 didn't want to tell the host-daren why the male lead became like this.

"What is it? Do you have an opinion about me?" Looking at 001’s squinted gaze, although Lin Zisheng didn't know what it is thinking, he could still understand more or less the meaning in its eyes.

[No, host-daren, how can this small one dare to have any opinion about you?] After going through 2 worlds, 001 didn't learn many skills but polished its skill in flattery.

"I should be meeting the female lead in a few days. I wonder how the female lead will react after seeing me." Lin Zisheng didn't miss the look in Bai Qing's eyes last night like she is looking at her prey. If she can get in close contact with him, who knows what kind of action she will have?

"But speaking of it, I still have to thank the female lead for this kind of greedy personality, because this side mission is very easy to complete." When he first read the information about this world, Lin Zisheng more or less will feel a psychological burden to complete the mission, which is to get FL fall for him then dump her.

001: Cho... chotto matte. Host-daren, did you awakened your evil side?

"But I'm quite curious about one thing," Lin Zisheng pushed the flat glasses on the bridge of his nose and said slowly while looking out the window. "It is said that every world has its own laws, and something that has been set to happen will definitely happen. Since I took the male lead away yesterday, I wonder in what way will the male and female lead meet today?"

Hearing Lin Zisheng's words, 001 is also taken aback. It just remembered that this is indeed the case. The rules of this world cannot be broken. Just like in the first world, Bai Wei is not qualified to participate in the Christmas ball at all, but she is still brought into the venue. So, no matter how the plot is changed, something bound to happen would still happen.

[Host-daren, you want to watch the scene?]

001 blinked. Seeing Lin Zisheng’s interested look to watch the show, it silently lit a row of candles for the male and female lead in its heart. Every time host-daren wanted to watch the show, someone be in bad luck. Watching the show is a must, but how to enjoy it is something that needs to be carefully considered.

"001, can you find the current location of the male lead?" If they knew the location, they can watch the show in better view.

[Yes, after the end of the 1st world, while the host leveled up, the system bound to the host will also be upgraded accordingly.] This is the reason why 001 and Lin Zisheng have to constantly fulfill missions. They can only become stronger by doing the missions continuously.

"Do you have any new abilities besides this?" Since 001 said that this is the ability acquired after the end of the 1st world, then it should have another new ability after the 2nd world.

[The main system does not tell what the newly acquired ability is, it will only be activated when the host needs it.] While talking, 001 is looking for the location of the male and female lead, [Host, their location has been found. Coordinates: 237, -51, that is the restaurant where the original owner of your body often eats.]

This answer is beyond Lin Zisheng's expectations, but he could understand what is going on when he thought about it carefully. He thinks after they left the alley yesterday, Bai Qing chased behind them all the way to his apartment area. She then wandered outside for the whole night because she couldn’t get in. He has to say, she is really persevering!

"Let's watch it later, otherwise the show hasn't started yet if we go now." Though Lin Zisheng's mouth is smiling, his slightly squinted eyes are obviously ill-intentioned.

At this moment, Wenren Ling on the other side seemed to be in a bad situation.

"Miss, what's the matter with you? I don't think I know you." Although Wenren Ling tried his best to imitate Wenren Lan, the alter is obviously much more irritable than his main personality. Looking at the woman who suddenly appeared in the way, Wenren Ling's impatience became stronger and stronger.

"No, nothing." Bai Qing smiled softly, with a gentle and soft smile. After seeing such a smile, most people would relax their vigilance and would like to talk to her.

Bai Qing's family is not doing good, because her mother is not capable of working. When she was young, she had been dealing with relatives so she developed a pair of good eyes that can see through people and a mouth that can talk favorably with other people. In the past, relying on these two abilities, Bai Qing can be regarded as favorable. Coupled with her gentle and pleasant temperament, very few people would feel badly about her. It's just that today... she seems to have kicked the iron plate.

Under normal circumstances, when someone looked like they have something to say but said ‘Nothing’ instead, people will subconsciously ask what's wrong. After that, the words that Bai Qing prepared beforehand will be able to use. Who would have thought that Wenren Ling would be unreasonable and doesn’t follow the plot? After she said it’s nothing, he really regarded it as nothing and turned around after a goodbye.

"This gentleman, wait, is your health okay? I am a nurse and can help you see the wound." Although she didn’t see the injury on Wenren Ling clearly yesterday, she is sure that he was really injured.

"You investigated me?" After hearing these words, Wenren Ling, who was originally gentle, showed a killing intent. As if a beast that came out of the cage, and it would tear its prey into pieces if one is not careful.

Bai Qing has never seen such a fierce person before. She is so scared that she immediately slumped in her seat. She didn't understand why a simple question would cause this person to change his expression abruptly. Shouldn't injured people need the care of others the most?

Bai Qing’s thought is generally correct, but there is still a difference with each individual. Moreover, Wenren Ling is still in a sensitive period from the injury. If someone investigated his affairs, Lu Feng may get affected. He is the only person who gave him warmth, so how could he be careless in his matters?

"No, no, yesterday... I was by your side when you were injured yesterday. Then another gentleman forcibly took you away. I got a little worried, so I followed up and took a look." Bai Qing looked at Wenren Ling, there is a genuine worry in her eyes.

If Wenren Ling hadn't met Lin Zisheng first, he might felt moved by this person. It's a pity that he met Lin Zisheng first, and Lin Zisheng helped not only Wenren Ling but Wenren Lan as well.

"Then you mean you saved me?" Wenren Ling narrowed his eyes and stared at Bai Qing's neck as if he is studying where to start taking action.

"No, I...I didn't mean that." Seeing Wenren Ling acting like this, Bai Qing couldn't understand how the other party feel dissatisfied with her. She quickly explained, "Yesterday... Yesterday I found you with that gentleman, he, he is a man, so I am worried that he can't take care of you with his roughness."

Bai Qing's voice sounded sincere. Looking at her, one would know that her words are sincere. Although it is said that due to the hardship she suffered in her childhood that Bai Qing has developed a greedy character, but it can't obliterate her kind and gentle side.

"Thanks a lot, is there anything else?" Wenren Ling insincerely thanked Bai Qing and then prepared to leave. Wenren Ling never has good feelings for such uninvited people, so it is already rare that he can spare a few words for her.

"That, sir, can I ask your name, my name is..."

"I'm not interested in knowing your name. I don't think you need to know my name either." Seeing that Bai Qing is going to continue talking, Wenren Ling becomes more irritable. If this person is that gentle man, maybe he is still willing to listen. It's a pity that it's such a long-winded woman in front of him. All Wenren Ling wanted to do now is leaving the restaurant early, "We only randomly met once, miss, you asked too much."

"I...I didn't mean anything special, but, I just saw you hurt yesterday, so... I was a little worried." Bai Qing looked at Wenren Ling with obvious sincerity in her eyes, hoping that the other party could understand that she only want to make sure he is well.

Just as Bai Qing wanted to explain something, the bell at the door rang softly. The door is pushed open from the outside, and a man walked in. He is dressed casually in white casual clothes, but the man looked more eye-catching in this appearance.

The shopkeeper, who had been watching the gossip on the sidelines, walked up quickly to the incoming person and said, "Mr. Lu, you are here. Are you ordering the usual?"

Lin Zisheng looked at the shopkeeper and nodded. With a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth, he replied, "It's the usual, have to trouble you."

After hearing Lin Zisheng’s words, the shopkeeper shook his head and said that it’s not troublesome. Then he got the order to be prepared as soon as possible. The shopkeeper’s attitude is completely different from the indifference when other people entered the door just now. This makes Bai Qing's expression turn a little ugly, but the people around seemed to be used to this kind of treatment a long time ago and didn't say much.

"How is Xiao Hui now? Is he in good health?"

Xiao Hui is the son of the owner of this shop. He got ill a year ago and nearly lost his life due to being misdiagnosed. At that time, the owner of this body couldn’t bear to see such a young life gone so he lend a hand. From then, they connected with this good karma.

When hearing questions about his son, the shopkeeper had a happy smile on his face, "Don’t worry, Mr. Lu. Xiao Hui’s health is almost fully recovered. Thank you very much. If it wasn’t you, my son might have lost his life by that quack doctor." Now when he recalled the scene at the time, the shopkeeper still has a lingering fear.

Bai Qing, who was eavesdropping on the side, felt a little embarrassed. Earlier, she said that Lu Feng might be rough and careless. But now it has been confirmed that the other party is really a doctor, how could she not feel embarrassed?

"Ah Feng." Wenren Ling felt a little uncomfortable seeing how happily Lin Zisheng talking with others and walked forward a few steps, "We meet again."

"Indeed, we meet again." Seeing Wenren Ling walk over to greet him, Lin Zisheng's eyes flashed with an unexpected look. He really didn't expect Wenren Ling to come forward to greet him. After all, Wenren Ling in the world information particularly stated that he is difficult to communicate with.

[Hehe, host-daren, don’t be humble.] 001’s ridiculing voice rang out. [Yesterday you saved him in that situation. Although it’s not much different from the female lead's original script, at that time Wenren Ling is still awake so the impact is completely different. In other words, this wild beast has been successfully tamed by you. Congratulations.]

Lin Zisheng: ...hehe.

"Mr. Lu, he’s your friend?" Seeing someone say hello to Lin Zisheng, the shopkeeper is surprised for a moment. One needs to know, although this Mr. Lu is very gentle, he doesn't have any friends around him. He is always alone, so this is the first friend he saw with Mr. Lu.

"En, can be considered as a yes?" Lin Zisheng went silent for a moment before saying with a smile, "After all, I picked him up yesterday, so it's not wrong to say that we are friends."

Pick... Pick him up?

After hearing this sentence, the shopkeeper and Wenren Ling reacted differently. For the shopkeeper, he couldn't help but start to imagine about how muddled this person(WRL) would be to get lost and get picked up by someone. But Wenren Ling only felt a little embarrassed. That man said...he was picked up by him, so would he(WRL) count as his possession? The little person in Wenren Ling’s heart shook his head, so Wenren Ling threw away this weird idea. He exchanged numbers with Lin Zisheng, then turned and left the restaurant.

"Mr. Lu, I thought that person should be very indifferent. I didn't expect him to be so, en… enthusiastic." A’int it right? The man looked at Mr. Lu like he is his god.

"Actually, I was quite surprised too." Seeing that his lunch is ready, Lin Zisheng took the item and nodded to the shopkeeper. "I will go back to eat first. Talk to you next time."

Just when Lin Zisheng is about to leave, Bai Qing, who had been quiet, suddenly got up and walked to Lin Zisheng's side, "Mr. Lu, please wait a moment."

Lin Zisheng glanced at Bai Qing with a puzzled look, as if asking her what's the matter.

"We met yesterday, do you remember?" Bai Qing became a little excited when she saw Lin Zisheng nodded, "I...I heard that you are a doctor, can you introduce me to a job? I, I am a nursing school graduate."

After hearing Bai Qing's words, Lin Zisheng suddenly laughed, as if he had heard something funny, "Miss, can I ask you something?"

Seeing that Lin Zisheng seemed to agree, Bai Qing nodded immediately, her eyes full of hope.

"I don't mean it badly but I just want to ask something. We just met yesterday, so why do you think I will help you find a job?" After saying this, Lin Zisheng picks his food without looking back. He suddenly wondered if the female lead of this world has a problem with her brain.

001: In fact, it feels that the female lead in every world is abnormal in their head. Otherwise, how could they manage to play themselves to death where they are set to be lucky?

"This lady, you must have some self-awareness. Don't think that having a beautiful face will make everything happen. Sometimes the inside is more important." The shopkeeper has been listening to the dialogue between this woman and the young man just now. At first, he felt that this woman has her purpose, but still quite smart. But now she seems to be just stupid.

Hearing this, Bai Qing's face turned pale and she ran out of the restaurant. Lin Zisheng, who had been standing on the corner of the street, saw this scene, and the corners of his mouth curved up coldly.

[Host-daren, right now the plot has been disrupted by you.] 001 looked at Lin Zisheng with a look of admiration in its eyes. Its host is definitely the first one to break the CP and disrupt the plot so easily!

"Isn’t it better this way? Anyway, I'm just a cannon fodder. Even if the plot is messed up, it will not affect me much." After Lin Zisheng finished saying this, he pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and returned home in a happy mood.

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