Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 3.01 The Gentle And Tolerant White Lotus Part 2

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The color of the sky is a bit gray, carrying some uncomfortable feeling, it seems… like it's going to rain. The pedestrians around are so rushed, only a person standing there looks a little dazed. The person simply stood frozen in the middle of the road, no one knows what he is thinking about. Suddenly, a car drove past him. The driver poked his head out of the window and cursed the man for seeking death (standing in the middle of the road) before whizzing away.

Not far away, a man stood under a tree unbeknownst to the person. Watching the person, the man’s eyebrows raised slightly as he asked, "001, are you sure this person is the male lead in the story?"

This person looked good and has a great temperament, but one can’t ignore the feeling of despair lingering on him. Lin Zisheng has learned from the data that the male lead in this world has always been full of spirits, whether it’s the main personality or alter. Hence, this sorrowful man doesn’t look not like a male lead at all.

[Host-daren, I adjusted your arrival time to the moment when the male lead father just learned about his split personality disorder and wanted to take everything away from him.]

After 001 said this, it gave a hehe smile, and looked at Lin Zisheng mysteriously, [This is also before the male and female lead meets for the first time. How about that? Am I considerate enough this time? If the male lead meets host-daren now, does he still have a chance to fall in love with the female lead?]

By now, 001 has discovered that his host-daren has a special ‘bending’ skill. The moment the male lead sees host-daren, he will naturally turn bent, so it is an awesome skill to the missions!

Obviously, Lin Zisheng can understand the underlying meaning of 001. After a snort, he threw a glance at it faintly, causing 001 to raise its hackles.

001: Host-daren is too terrible and I have suffered a strong internal injury, seeking comfort!

"How do the male lead and the female lead met?" Lin Zisheng is quite upset with 001, though he didn't mind taking this shortcut, he didn't want to have any relationship with the male lead anymore.

[The female lead picked up alter male lead when he got injured by someone sent by his father. In order not to involve the female lead in the feud, alter male lead left after waking up. Then they met for the second time in the psychological clinic. When he saw the female lead, he will ‘fall in love at first sight’.] Knowing what Lin Zisheng is worried about, 001 continues to explain to him, [Using self to repay life-saving grace can only happen between men and women. If it is between 2 men, then you can be good brothers.]

Lin Zisheng nodded after hearing the explanation of 001, obviously satisfied with the answer.

At this moment, the rain has suddenly gotten heavy, and all the pedestrians left hurriedly. Only the male lead is still standing in the middle of the road, looking confused, as if he is a child who couldn't find his way home. The shower mist wet his hair, and his clothes also showed signs of getting wet. Lin Zisheng sighed after watching it for a while and walked up to the male lead slowly.

Wenren Lan stood in the middle of the road in confusion. He no longer knows where to go. His father's words are still ringing in his ears, and he suddenly had the urge to laugh out loud. Yes, he is mentally ill, and he should not continue to manage the company like this. Disgusting words like these, it’s probably only his greedy father can say it. Just like when he seized Wenren Lan’s mother’s property, abandoned her, and married his true love. If it weren’t for his true love abusing him in his childhood, how would he become like this?

"Although summer is coming, it's still easy to get sick from the rain." Just when Wenren Lan is about to fall into the darkness and couldn't find his way, a gentle voice sounded. He turned his head mechanically and saw a man smiling gently.

"Who are you...?" Wenren Lan asked, his voice sounded hoarse.

Wenren Lan’s gaze looking at Lin Zisheng's eyes is as if he saw his salvation. The gaze is so eager that it makes Lin Zisheng felt a little uncomfortable.

"I'm just a passerby. Due to the nature of my occupation, I just can't bear to see other people abusing their bodies." After saying this, Lin Zisheng stuffed an umbrella in Wenren Lan's hand, "There’s nothing that can't be solved. Don't look at everything so hopelessly."

"I'm not..." Looking at this gentle man, Wenren Lan seemed to have an urge to talk.

Lin Zisheng shook his head, then stretched out his fingers to point to his eyes, "I can see from your eyes that you did not give up, otherwise I will not come to help you." After saying this, Lin Zisheng lightly smile and ran to the car not far away. He nodded towards Wenren Lan after getting in the car and then drove away.

[Host-daren, can you really do it like this? Doing good thing without leaving a name?] Although this can give a good impression to the male lead, how can it be effective if he doesn’t even know host-daren’s name?

"We will meet sooner or later anyway, right?" If the story of this world does not OOC, he will meet the male lead soon.

To be honest, Lin Zisheng is a little curious. The main personality met a person who has enlightened him, while alter personality met a person who helped him when he is in trouble. Lin Zisheng wondered who is more important in Wenren Lan's heart.

[Host, please stop your ill-intention thoughts. The alter male lead in this world has a violent tendency. You don't want to game over in his hands, right?] Alter personality can even murder his beloved person (FL), so a psychiatrist is nothing at all.

"By the way, I forgot to ask you what kind of identity I have this time." In the past, when Lin Zisheng receives the plot and character details of the world, he would be able to guess his identity but he couldn’t make a guess this time.

[Uh, due to the invisible double male lead, your status as the second male lead has been greatly weakened. You are now almost like a high-level cannon fodder.] When 001 said that, it stayed cautious, afraid of his family’s black belly host will be dissatisfied with it.

"Since I’m like a cannon fodder, can I not follow the plot?" The male and female lead is the pillar that supports the world, while the second male lead is just to assist. If his role right now is a cannon fodder, Lin Zisheng can actually go without following the plot.

[Theoretically, it is possible, but please don't destroy the plot too much.] This world doesn't really need Lin Zisheng, so there is no problem if he doesn't follow the plot too much.

Lin Zisheng smiled when he heard 001's words. But such a bright smile made 001 feel all its hackles are standing up. Host-daren looked so dangerous!

After reading the plot of this world, Lin Zisheng has a certain understanding of the female lead. Although it is stated that the female lead is a gentle and tolerant person, her gentleness and tolerance are not available to everyone. In the beginning, the female lead only went to help the male lead, and also be able to tolerate his abnormality because he looked like a rich man with a successful career.

[Host-daren, the female lead in this world does not love money that much.] 001 is still struggling to keep up with the image. It seems that not only its host-daren doesn’t want to continue with the plot, but he also wants to drag the female lead down and deviate from the plot!

“If you don’t love money, would you go to work in a place like a bar? Even when you are harassed, you never thought about changing the job?”

A place like a bar is indeed a mixture of ‘snakes and dragons’, but there are also many rich people. If one is lucky, they can receive a shocking amount of tip.

In an instant, 001 became speechless. Its host-daren is getting smarter and harder to fool. Heart felt so tired, _(:3」∠)

"Anyway, I can easily take the injured male lead home with me when I leave." Lu Feng, the owner of this body, works as a psychologist. In fact, he has been involved in medical things, and his family background is also very good. Although he is not on the same level as the male lead’s wealth, he is also one of the best families in City B.

[Host-daren, have you made up your mind to grab the female lead’s role?]

"Didn't you asked me to stop with the ill-intention thoughts? I listened to your words, so why are you so excited about this matter?" Lin Zisheng's voice is leisurely, obviously not taking 001's attitude as a thing.

001: Hehe, host-daren, no matter how straightforward you say it, it can't change that you are a  black-bellied person!

Three days later, Lin Zisheng went to a bar near the place where the male lead got beaten and sat in a corner casually. He unbuttoned the top two of his shirt’s collar, revealing a small patch of his chest. Under the dim lighting, his fair skin looked more His meticulous combed hair has been ruffled up by him, and the flat glasses that had been on his nose is also taken off by Lin Zisheng. Originally, with his appearance in a suit and leather shoes, he didn't fit in here. But after a minute, he became abnormally consistent with the feeling of the bar, and the people around him are dumbfounded after seeing this ‘transformation’.

This... how does this man do it?

Lin Zisheng doesn't like places like bars, but the owner of this body, Lu Feng often went to bars to reduce stress when he is studying abroad. Right now, Lin Zisheng is only imitating him as per his memory so people won't think that he doesn’t fit it.

The female lead, Bai Qing, who is not far away also saw the transformation. From a glance, his clothes are obviously high-end custom-made clothes. She understood that this person’s status is definitely not low, and he should be a playful person. Such a person is a suitable goal for her. It’s just that her luck is not so good as the person designated to deliver wine to Lin Zisheng is not Bai Qing, but another person. That person is a newcomer, he seemed to be a college student. He has a beautiful face and gives people a feeling that he is shy when he smiled. That makes people unconsciously get a good impression of him.

[Host-daren, why didn’t the female lead recognize you?] Bai Qing has submitted a resume to Lin Zisheng's private clinic. She should be able to recognize Lin Zisheng as her future boss.

"Female lead won’t pay attention to how a doctor looks like." This sentence roughly translates to the female lead won’t bother with a poor doctor. It has to be some kind of big boss to get her attention!

001 became speechless in an instant.

Just like this, Lin Zisheng sat in the bar all night. Although he ordered a drink, he didn't take a single sip. He didn't want to drive home with the male lead while under influence (DUI) later. Looking at his watch and counting the time, Lin Zisheng can guess that the male lead should get beaten right now. Should he be the hero who saves the ‘beauty’? After another 10 minutes, Lin Zisheng tidied up his clothes and then walked out of the bar slowly.

At this moment, Bai Qing just got off work. Because of her desire to get acquainted with Lin Zisheng, she quietly followed up, wanting to see if she can somehow bump into Lin Zisheng as an accidental meeting. As a result, after a few minutes of walking, she heard the sound of fighting at the front. Bai Qing hesitated. If she went to help at this moment, would she be implicated?

Lin Zisheng had no such thoughts though. He quickly walked over and deliberately lowered his pitch before saying, "Who is there?! Police!"

Perhaps because of a guilty conscience, those people didn't even look at Lin Zisheng. They just ran away upon hearing the yell. Anyway, their task is to teach that person a lesson. Now that person has been ‘taught’ quite miserably, their task is already done.

Lin Zisheng walked into the alley after those people left. Sure enough, he saw Wenren Lan who got beaten on the ground. This man’s expression is no longer at a loss like the last time they met. Instead, he looked like an angry beast, trying to tear anyone who hurt him to pieces. Seeing this kind of Wenren Lan, Lin Zisheng agrees with 001 that this person indeed has some violent tendencies.

"Can you still stand up?" Lin Zisheng smiled and stretched out his hand, looking at Wenren Lan who seemed unable to move.

After Wenren Lan heard this familiar voice, he slowly raised his head. Because the man’s back is facing the light, he could not see the man’s face clearly. But judging from his voice, this man should be a gentle person. At this moment, there should be a gentle smile on his face. Thinking of this, Wenren Lan unknowingly stretched out his hand and took the hand that is reaching to him...

After grabbing that hand, Wenren Lan didn't want to let go. No one had ever reached out to him... to ‘them’ before. This person is the first in his life, so he doesn't want to let go...

This is Wenren Lan's last thought before fainting.

Seeing that Wenren Lan has fainted, Lin Zisheng pulled the person up and slung his arm on his shoulder. He looked at the person in amusement. The male lead is obviously a wild beast with raised hackles but he turned out to be like a well-behaved cat when he calmed down.

"Sir, you..." Seeing Lin Zisheng carrying a person out, and from that person’s clothing, he also seemed to be a rich man, Bai Qing formed a plan in her heart. The man in front of her seemed like he is not easy to get acquainted with. But injured people are different as they are more vulnerable. It may be a good opportunity for her so she said, "I am a graduate from a nursing school and know some nursing knowledge, so you can let me give this gentleman..."

"Thank you, but no need. I am a doctor myself." Lin Zisheng smiled and refused the other party's offer. How could Lin Zisheng not understand her thoughts? But he didn't want to cooperate at all!

Seeing Lin Zisheng helping the man into his car and leaving, Bai Qing gritted her teeth and stared at the direction of his departure. It’s hard enough to meet two real rich people today, but letting them passed by like this, she is not reconciled!

When he got up early in the morning, Wenren Lan, no, it should be the alter personality, Wenren Ling, found that all the wounds on his body had stopped bleeding and were bandaged. It seems that the person from yesterday did these.

Right now, Wenren Ling is a little regretful. He knows who sent those people yesterday. If that person knows that he is rescued, then his benefactor will definitely be troubled. Thinking of that, Wenren Ling can't sit still and struggled to get up. He needs to leave here quickly!

"Get up and eat something." When Wenren Ling opened the door, he saw the man sitting on the sofa outside. His white casual clothes looked very refreshing and with a gentle smile on his face, it made Wenren Ling feel like his heart is warmed.

"No, I don't need to eat. I'm leaving, thank you yesterday, I..." I can't cause you more trouble.

Wenren Ling didn't say this last part of the sentence. He doesn't know why but he didn't want him to know his terrible affairs, maybe... because he didn't want to lose this rare tenderness.

"If you are worried that those who beat you will come to trouble me, don't worry. This is Haicheng Villa area, and they don't have the ability to come in." Who are those people yesterday? With 001, Lin Zisheng can know right away. They are just some small-time gangsters, so he doesn’t have to be afraid.

Hearing Lin Zisheng's words, Wenren Ling revealed a surprised look. Only then did he realize that he had ignored where he is at the moment. Looking around, Wenren Ling found that the man did not lie. He is indeed in the Haicheng Villa area, and he felt relieved. When he looked at Lin Zisheng again, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

"This mister, have we... have we met before?" After saying this, Wenren Ling got taken aback and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. These words sound like a kind of accost.

"We met on a rainy day 3 days ago. You looked so much better now than then." Lin Zisheng looked at Wenren Lan as if thinking of something, then he smiled softly. "I looked at you and thought that you wanted to commit suicide, but now I am relieved to see you so energetic."

After a reminder from Lin Zisheng, Wenren Ling finally remembered when they met with some regrets in his heart. It turned out that he is not the first one to be helped by him. What a pity... At this moment, he is a little envious of the main personality.

"Thank you for that day," Wenren Ling tried to imitate Wenren Lan's appearance, and smiled at Lin Zisheng, "Hello, I am Wenren… Wenren Ling."

Originally, he wanted to say the name of the main personality, but Wenren Ling changed his words right before it’s out. He hoped that he is the first one to get acquainted with this man.

"Hello, my name is Lu Feng." Lin Zisheng pushed a set of breakfast to the front and said, "Sit down and eat something. Although I have applied medicine to your wounds, you still suffered some blood loss. So, you should eat something to replenish your stamina."

"Thank you," Wenren Ling stop being polite. He picked up the breakfast prepared by Lin Zisheng and took a bite. His eyes lit up, "You made it? It's delicious."

Wenren Ling's words are not blind flattery. Lin Zisheng's cooking is really good, and the food he made is in line with his taste.

"Really? Then eat more and you are welcome." Lin Zisheng smiled and narrowed his eyes when he heard the compliment.

"That, Mr. Lu, are you... a doctor?" Thinking of the neatly bandaged wounds on his body, Wenren Ling is a little curious about his profession.

Lin Zisheng got stunned for a moment before chuckling lightly, "En, I can be considered a doctor. But strictly speaking, I should be called a psychiatrist. However, because of my personal hobbies, I dabbled a bit in medicine."

A psychiatrist?

Thinking of what his father said before, Wenren Ling suddenly felt that if the psychiatrist is this person, he might not feel so repulsive with the idea. Perhaps Lan also won’t object.

And so, both men ate their breakfast quietly while thinking of something. After eating breakfast, Wenren Ling politely said goodbye to Lin Zisheng, "Thank you for your hospitality, I will go home to settle my personal affairs first. I look forward to seeing you next time."

After Wenren Ling left, Lin Zisheng suddenly smiled, "This person is somewhat different from what was mentioned in his profile."

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