Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 3.01 The Gentle And Tolerant White Lotus Part 1

Banana: A'ight, this chapter has 9k word count so it will be split into 3 parts ya.

In the end, Lin Zisheng accepted Zhang Daoling’s feelings. The two spent their whole life together seriously.

After accepting Zhang Daoling, Lin Zisheng found that having another person in his life is not as unacceptable as he thought. At least when he is happy or sad, there is always someone by his side. Lin Zisheng has never been a sentimental person, but he is still human so he knows what tiredness is. For so many years, as a ghost, he can't appear in front of anyone, so all the pressure is left for Zhang Daoling to bear alone, and he never said that he is tired. Even when the people from Mount Longhu found Zhang Daoling and asked him to return to the mountain so he could marry a wife and have children to continue his bloodline, Zhang Daoling still refuse because he already had a unique person in his heart. Zhang Daoling wanted to be responsible for himself and the person he loves. Lin Zisheng knew all of these, but he can’t help Zhang Daoling. He could only accompany Zhang Daoling to persevere and even watched him turn against Mount Longhu because of him.

"Ah Xuan, in this life, the only thing I have never regretted is knowing you." These are the last words Zhang Daoling said before he passed away.

[Host-daren, the task is completed, shall we go back?]

Looking at Lin Zisheng who is still floating next to Zhang Daoling, 001 is a little worried. Its host is a cold person, but not ruthless. 001 also saw what Zhang Daoling has done for its host for so many years, so, understandably, its host is reluctant to leave.

"Return ba." Lin Zisheng sighed slightly. Looking at the man on the bed, Lin Zisheng didn't know what is his feeling now.

Although Zhang Daoling had a head full of gray hair, perhaps because he practices Taoism, his appearance is not much different from when he first saw him.

[Host...] 001 wanted to say something, but looking at Lin Zisheng's calm face, it didn't know what to say for a while.

"Return!" Looking at another person lying silent on the bed, Lin Zisheng slowly closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he has returned to the white space.

[Host-daren, are you okay? Do you want to rest for a while before starting the new task?]

Although the sooner the task is performed, the better for them, 001 also understands that host's mood is not so stable now. If they rushed the tasks, it will only make its host lose control.

"It’s fine, this matter is not enough to shake me." After saying this, Lin Zisheng squinted his eyes and leaned on the recliner, refusing to talk anymore. So, 001 quietly shut its mouth.

[System scanning, the last world mission is being summarized...]

[Scanning results, the total number of missions in the world  is 5, including 1 main mission, 3 side missions, and 1 adventure mission, with a completion rate of 120%.]

"120%? 001, is there an error in the system?" This result surprised Lin Zisheng. Isn’t 120% completion rate sound a bit abnormal?

[To answer host’s question, the summary is given by the main system so there won’t be any possibility of error.]

[The following Missions are completed:
Main mission - receive 300 EXP, 800 points;
Side mission 1 - receive EXP 100, points 300,
Side mission 2 - receive EXP 100, points 300,
Side mission 3 - receive EXP 300, points 800,
Adventure mission EXP ? , Points 5000,
Special rewards: attribute points 10, you can draw twice in the points lottery.

Among them, side mission 2 and 3 reached completion at 120%, adventure mission reached completion at 150% so your EXP and points rewards are doubled. At the same time, the enhancement system is activated. Does the host accept all mission rewards?]

"Yes." Hearing the task reward, Lin Zisheng knew that the gain this time os definitely much greater than last time.

[For points lottery, does host want to use your 2 lucky draw opportunities now?] 001 blinked its small eyes, almost blurted ‘draw, draw, draw’. There will definitely be something good from the lottery.

"No." Lin Zisheng refused without hesitation because he saw another button next to the draw button that says - 10 consecutive draws. Also, there is a note beside it saying, [10 consecutive draws will guarantee an orange-type item. Dear, aren’t you going to try it?].

[Ah, all right then.] After hearing Lin Zisheng’s refusal, 001 feels a bit regretful, because there are really many, many, many good things in the points lottery!

"By the way, 001, why is the EXP reward for the adventure task showed a question mark?" It is the first time Lin Zisheng saw a question mark in the reward list.

[That, ah, that is completely up to your luck. If you have good luck, you might get up to thousands. But if you are unlucky, you might even get only a point, it's entirely a matter of your character (luck) yo~]

Lin Zisheng: Haha, what a pit!

[Calculation completed. The total of all missions is EXP 800 + 1500 (adventure task), points 8200. Attribute points 10, you can draw twice in the points lottery. (Banana - The attribute point and draws are just repeated announcements, LZS didn’t get it twice, just FYI)]

After announcing the total calculation, 001 is stunned. Its host’s luck is really too OP. Although there are people getting thousands of EXP in the adventure task, most of them are at intermediate or even advanced adventure tasks. Right now, its host-daren got it in the elementary level adventure task.

[You now have 10 attribute points, do you choose to allocate it now?]

"Yes." Just 10 attribute points can make his overall attributes have a considerable improvement.

"Physique +2, Physical fitness +2, Intelligence +3, Luck +3." Looking at his attribute column, Lin Zisheng made a decision.

[The distribution of attribute points is completed, the current attribute is changed]
[Physique: 10 + 3 (Mission reward) + 2 (novice gift pack)]
[Physical Fitness: 10 + 7 (Mission reward)]
[Intelligence: 10 + 2 (novice gift pack) + 3 (Mission reward)]
[Luck: 10 + 1 (novice gift pack) + 3 (Mission reward)]

[The system detects that the host's current EXP is 2730 points and has reached the threshold for an upgrade. Does the host choose to upgrade?]

"Yes." Although Lin Zisheng didn't know the specific benefits of leveling up, it would definitely bring him a lot of benefits.

[Host, please wait a moment. This system will make a final summary.]

[Host Information]  
[Name: Lin Zisheng]
[Gender: Male]
[Age: 23]
[Attribute point: 0]
[Current level: Level E]
[Current experience: 1230/5000]
[Current Points: 9120]
[Currently acquired skills: Kickboxing, shooting, close combat, interrogation, bloodline suppression]

[Physique: 10 + 3 (Mission reward) + 2 (novice gift pack)]
[Physical Fitness: 10 + 7 (Mission reward)]
[Intelligence: 10 + 2 (novice gift pack) + 3 (Mission reward)]
[Spiritual power: 10]
[Mind: 10 + 5 (Mission reward)]
[Power: 10]
[Agility: 10]
[Charm: 10]
[Luck: 10 + 1 (novice gift pack) + 3 (Mission reward)]

[Summary is completed, does the host want to accept the data of the next world?] Speaking of this, 001 paused for a while, and then with a cautious tone, it asked [Host-daren, you… do you want to rest for a while? We are not in a hurry.]

Lin Zisheng smiled and gently shook his head. He knew what 001 is worried about, but instead of staying in the white space, he might as well do something to keep himself busy.

Seeing that Lin Zisheng had decided, 001 helplessly transferred the information of the next world to Lin Zisheng.

The next world is an easy world too. This world tells a love story between a patient with split personality disorder and a gentle and kind girl. The story is not a glamorous one, but emitted warmth everywhere. The male lead is a successful person. Perhaps caused by the divorce of his parents and the abuse of his stepmother when he was young, the young male lead suffered serious mental trauma. In order to protect himself, another personality is born. As he grows up, both the main personality and alter personality knew about each other’s existence and were able to co-exist in peace. However, when the male lead's father knew about the disorder, he forcibly made the male lead see a psychiatrist he found for him.

The female lead is working as the receptionist in this private psychology clinic. The two met and gradually became acquainted with each other. The main personality is gentle while the alter personality is irritable. Although the two are completely opposite, they didn’t make any difference in the female lead’s heart. She doesn’t think that the male lead has mental problems. In this way, under the comfort of the female lead, the male lead’s split personality disorder is no longer serious, and he is no different from normal people. Because he spent a long time with the female lead, the male lead fell in love with this gentle girl.

"If this progress continues, this should be a story similar to the Prince and Cinderella falling in love and go happily ever after. What’s there to be changed?" Lin Zisheng looked at the plot and suddenly felt a little boring, this world is not challenging at all.

[No, host-daren. You only say this because you didn’t see the end.] 001’s cat face looked very distorted when it said this. [The ending of this world is when the female lead finally discovered that she loved the main personality more than the alter. After the alter personality found out, he appeared in front of the female lead and killed her. He cut her body apart and proceed to commit suicide, plunging into hell with the main personality.]

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, such a dog blood story!

Lin Zisheng imagined countless possibilities, but he had never thought about a plot like this. This female lead deserves to be a white lotus, and she is also very good at seeking death. An obvious happy world with Happy Ending (HE) can be played until it turned Bad Ending (BE) by her. This is also some ability.

"What's the mission in this world?" Lin Zisheng rubbed his eyebrows, he had a bad feeling about this. Sure enough, when 001 announced the missions, Lin Zisheng's expression changed.

[Main mission: Rescue the female lead and help her escape the fate of being dismembered. Reward : EXP 500 & 1,000 Points. Failure will deduct 1,000 Points.]

[Main mission 1: Let the female lead fall in love with you, and then abandon the female lead. Mission reward: EXP 300 & 600 points. No penalty for failure.]

"Wait, what kind of task is this?" Looking at this task, Lin Zisheng felt that the black line on his head [=_=||] was falling down, "Make the female lead fall in love with me and then abandon her? What task is this, 001? Your white lotus rescue system has finally changed genre to nurturing scums system?"

[This… I also don’t know, this task was issued by the main system. I don’t know the specifics.] Seriously, when 001 saw this task, its face also has black lines on it. What is this?

"Is the system trying to force the female lead to blacken and kill me afterward?" Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows. He glanced up and down at 001 as if he wanted to see what the main system meant through it.

[Host, please rest assured, there will never be that kind of thing happening!] 001’s tone is very confirmed. Although it is not clear why the main system released this task, 001 can affirm that this is definitely for the sake of host-daren.

"Forget it, let's continue to announce the other missions." Since Lin Zisheng doesn't understand it, he’ll just ignore it for now. So far, neither 001 nor the main system has done anything to harm him. This time he’ll reluctantly believe the main system for the time being and think of it as doing this for his own good.

[Main mission 2: Help the male lead to cure his split personality, and get recognition from both personalities. Mission reward: EXP 300 & 600 points. No penalty for failure.]

[Random mission: Obtain feelings from the alter personality. Mission reward: For each kind of feeling you obtained, you can get some character enhancement points, skill points, or equipment enhancement stone.]

Upon hearing the final mission, Lin Zisheng had a question, "What is this character enhancement point, skill point, or equipment enhancement stone?"

[Character enhancement points are used to strengthen the overall attributes of your character. Skill points are used to improve the level of your skills. As for equipment enhancement stones, they are used to improve the quality of your equipment.]

Sensing that Lin Zisheng may not understand its explanation, 001 further explained. [I won’t talk about the character enhancement points. I think you should understand that as well as skill points and level. They are very easy to understand. I will explain the equipment enhancement instead. It is mainly to improve the level of special weapons you obtained in some worlds, such as treasure equipment in the fantasy/xuanhuan world, or wands/staffs/swords in the magic world.]

Hearing that, Lin Zisheng has some understanding in his heart. He nodded, "Let's go then, to the next world."

[Alright, going to the 3rd world . Host-daren, please prepare for transmission, 3, 2, 1——]

After 001 finished the countdown, Lin Zisheng disappeared from this white space and went to another world...

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