The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 299: Signing a Contract, Becoming an Artist

“Beauty, I want one!” said a big boy in his early twenties. He was so impatient to sit on the chair opposite Nan Xun, put a handsome pose and grinned cheekily, “Beauty, remember to draw me as handsome as Ou Gan!”

The onlookers burst into laughter.

However, when Nan Xun finished his portrait, everyone exclaimed in surprise again.

In her drawings, the same boy who was grinning stupidly, under the girl’s brush, his originally foolish aura was long gone and his most handsome side was revealed instead.

With the previous example, people started to ask Nan Xun to draw their portraits one after another.

After five pictures, Nan Xun chuckled while shaking her head, “Apologies, I only draw five pictures a day.”

Under everyone’s regretful sighs, Nan Xun closed the stall and prepared to go home.

After she walked quite a distance, somebody suddenly exclaimed in realization, “Isn’t that beauty the violin beauty who stirred up a lot of fire recently?”

“The real person is more beautiful than in video!”


Nan Xun walked halfway, suddenly turned her head to look at the thin man behind her with wariness, “You seem to have been following me for quite a long time, are you planning to rob me?”

The lanky man couldn’t help but wanted to laugh and cry at the same time when he heard this. He handed her a business card and asked straightforwardly, “Are you interested in entering showbiz?”

Before Nan Xun could reply, Little Eight already yelled excitedly, “Quick, accept it! This is the future gold-medal agent Zhao Rui! Celebrities under his radar are all famous! Also, Yixin Entertainment is ranked in the top ten nationwide, the company has abundant resources and never treats artists badly, it’s very suitable for newcomers to develop!”

Nan Xun looked at him, and then glanced at the business card offered to her, “Yixin Entertainment? Are you an agent under Yixin Entertainment?”

Zhao Rui had small shrewd eyes and smiled like a fox, he said, “You’re Shan Shui, I can see that you’re a girl with a dream of becoming a star, your eyes can’t deceive me.”

Nan Xun bent her mouth and asked something irrelevant, “If I follow you, would I be able to play with Ou Qian in a few years?”

Zhao Rui was stunned for a second, but he quickly replied calmly, “It depends on your own ability. If you only have a good appearance but no effort to make progress, it would still be a ‘no’ even if you were to be given all the best resources there is. But if you do what I said, and willing to work hard enough, I’ll definitely make you play with Ou Qian in five years at most.”

Ou Qian’s celebrity status was at the utmost top, and even the current first-tier actresses may not be able to play with him.

But what Zhao Rui promised was that he will let Shan Shui occupy the title of first-tier actress within five years!

Upon hearing this, Nan Xun simply nodded, “Okay.”

On the second day, Nan Xun signed a contract with Zhao Rui for a period of exactly five years.

Every newcomer had to fill out a resume when they first enter the company, Nan Xun ‘swish swish swish’ finished writing and gave it to Zhao Rui.

Zhao Rui looked at the education column and frowned slightly, “You actually only have a vocational high school degree?”

Nan Xun slanted her head and smiled at him, “Isn’t that great? I’ll become a role-model for non-professional actors who in the entertainment industry in the future.”

Zhao Rui; “...…”

Hehe, so optimistic ah. Doesn’t this little girl know that highly-educated celebrities are currently popular now?

Zhao Rui supported his forehead with one hand and asked, “Why do you want to enter showbiz?”

Even if he truly believed that Shan Shui was one with a dream to be celebrity, but he still wanted to hear how she will answer this question before then decide what route she will take from then on.

Pure? Sexy? Perhaps straightforward?

Zhao Rui secretly expected that it wasn’t the last one, the straightforward celebrity would easily gather die-hard fans, but they would also more likely to offend people. With such an actress, his work-life would definitely be filled with cleaning up the mess instead.

Nan Xun paused, then smiled and said, “Brother Zhao, are you sure you want to know my answer?”

“Little sister, you’re going to rebel just after signing under my care? Whatever I ask you, you should give the answer seriously. It’s very important.” Zhao Rui said with a straight face.

“I thought Brother Zhao already had a certain understanding of me before signing me in.” Nan Xun paused and smiled, “I want to enter showbiz for only one purpose, and that’s to get closer and closer with Ou Qian, slowly ensnare him before finally eating him whole.”

Zhao Rui’s mouth twitched, he reached out to rub his temple, “I thought that reply was just you trying to sell a hype.”

That divine reply had already caused a lot of waves in the entertainment industry, although it was quickly beaten down by other waves, Zhao Rui always remembered this girl named Shan Shui that replied domineeringly to Ou Qian’s comment, saying that she wanted to climb on him.

Nan Xun replied with a serious face, “Whether it’s the circulated video or my reply to the male god Ou Gan, they were all true. What hype? Even if I want to overemphasized something, I would never do that to my male god!”

Zhao Rui: …

He signed a very promising newcomer, but unfortunately the newcomer is Ou Qian’s fan, and her strange reason for entering showbiz was to get closer with Ou Qian.

Hehe, he suddenly felt very tired.

After signing the contract, Nan Xun was quickly put into training, Zhao Rui invited a special teacher to teach a group of newcomers alongside Shan Shui.

Nan Xun logged on to her Man-Man account then followed Yixin Entertainment and her agent Zhao Rui, she also changed her profile note to ‘artist under Yixin Entertainment’.

Then, she took a picture of Ou Gan’s sketch that she drew last time and upload it on Man-Man, along with a sentence, “Good night, my male god Ou Gan, づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~

Instantly around ten comments every second are flooding into her comment section.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Poor Woman: Aaaahh, my big sis Shan Shui not only plays violin but also draws aaahhh, the sketch is soo good!

Cute Girl: An art student passing by, OP’s foundation is absolutely solid, worshipping!

Black and White Dreams at Fingertips: Hehe, who know if she drew it herself or not, maybe she asked someone else and said as if it’s her own! However, the painter must have just eaten a drumstick, since the picture of my Great Ou Qian is too beautifully greasy! [T/N: intimate, delicate]

Xiang’s Winter: If it’s really this internet celebrity called Shan Shui who drew my Great Ou Qian this beautifully, I’d also want to turn from the black road. [T/N: turn from a hater to a fan]

Meowed a Little: Ha ha, just a sketch can buy you all? I beg you to stop tarnishing my Great Ou Qian, a low woman like you isn’t worthy of him!

Slight Daylight: Upstairs, didn’t you see that the internet celebrity in your mouth has become Yixin’s artist? I’m a person who value works, if she really can put forward such a decent work like this, I’ll allow her to fantasize about my Great Ou Qian, after all, Don’t everybody also fantasize, cough…

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Nan Xun closed Man-Man after a look.

From this day on, she would study under the teacher during the day, then draw a sketch of Ou Qian and upload it on Man-Man every evening as well as paired it with a line of scorching hot and blunt words.

The sketches drawn must also be detailed one by one, drawn from every kind of Ou Qian’s image from every television scene also have to give it a beautifying effect.

At the beginning, there were a lot of people who blackened Shan Shui, but after Nan Xun persisted for a whole month, the comment area surprisingly became harmonious.

Whether it’s a fan or a black fan, every night, like young eagles waiting to be fed, they wait for Shan Shui’s post obediently.

Shan Shui lived up to their expectations, no matter how busy her day was, she will post a sketch of the male god before going to bed.

There were him in ancient costumes, modern ones, gentle eyes like water, sharp and fierce eyebrows, like an evil spirit and demonic fairy, indifferent like a banished immortal.

Shan Shui drew everything there was.

One day, Shan Shui didn’t come back until late from her study.

Thus, she wanted very much to squeeze a nap before drawing but fell asleep accidentally.

When she abruptly woke up in the middle of her sleep, the comment section on her Man-Man account had already exploded with loud noises.

The top comment came from the male god, the great Ou Qian.

He asked: What about today?

The posting time was 23 : 59 : 59

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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