Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 298 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(14)

Princess royal residence inside the imperial city. Su Rui and Su Wan were engaging in intimate activities.


Su Rui caressed Su Wan’s hair and asked, “Did you embroider the brocade bag for Yue Qing?”


Su Wan answered, half in a daze. “Do you like it? I’ll have Nanny Zhang embroider a few ones for you tomorrow. She has great embroidery skills. If we were to sell this in Jinxiu Lane, it’d probably be worth five ingots of silvers!”

General Su was speechless.

So what Master Yue treasured for life was actually only worth five ingots of silvers?

Fine, he should be happy that he doesn’t know the truth.

The next day, Su Wan and Su Rui didn’t get up until really late. Her Majesty had dismissed court activities for three days due to her wedding. All the officials within the capital also welcomed a rare three days worth of break.

“Liu Ying?”

The moment Su Wan got up, she couldn’t help but call out her name. Liu Ying was an unreliable maid. She suddenly missed Bi Lou a lot.

“Her Majesty!”

At this time, a figure rushed in like a gust of wind.


“Bi Lou?”

Seeing her face, Su Wan froze for a moment. “When did you come back?”

“Replying to Her Majesty, this maid had been back since yesterday. It was too late when I returned so I didn’t dare to disturb you and the military officer.”

Bi Lou immediately responded respectfully.

“Oh? Then what about Lu Changge?”

While fixing her clothes, Su Wan smiled and asked.

Hearing Su Wan mention General Lu’s name, Bi Lou couldn’t help but smile foolishly. “General is in his residence packing up his things. He’ll be coming to the princess royal residence this afternoon to ask for my hand.”


Su Wan lifted her brows. “Is he going to propose or ask to get married?”


Bi Lou froze hearing the question. “This maid doesn’t know. It’s all up to the princess royal.”

It made sense for Lu Changge to propose but if Su Wan didn’t agree, he could only ask to get married, now?

Speaking of, Su Wan had only heard of his name but never saw him before. She wanted to see who Lu Changge was today.

In order to avoid suspicions, Su Rui ate in the princess royal residence before returning to his military officer residence. Only Su Wan’s trusted aides knew about their relationship. Even Madam Feng from the Feng Family knew nothing.

However, General Su had been waiting for so long that he didn’t mind waiting a few extra days.

Noon had just passed. Lu Changge had arrived in front of princess royal residence wearing formal clothes and an invitation.

Under Su Man’s control, this was the first time Lu Changge had visited princess royal residence personally. Speaking of, he had complicated feelings!

Life was like drama. There were no spoilers.

Before returning to the capital, Lu Changge only thought about attending Her Majesty’s wedding and then staying in the capital for a bit to be with his family. Who knew that he’d be ambushed by Bi Lou.

Speaking of Bi Lou, his feelings became even more complicated. He, a grand and magnificent general, had led the troops to kill immunerable people. Yet, he was calculated by a woman in the end.

Cough. Of course, he didn’t suffer from this either.

Lu Changge was a simple person. He was straightforward and simple-minded. If someone treated him well, he’d do the same to them.

Bi Lou was his now so he believed that he should take responsibility of her, right?

However, Lu Changge became nervous upon arriving in front of princess royal residence. Even if he was willing to marry Bi Lou, will the princess royal allow him?

According to Luanfeng Country’s rules, Bi Lou was considered a third-fank female official. Although her rank was lower than his, she had the support of the princess royal. She was also a woman too. If the princess royal refused to let her marry him, will he have to stoop down and let her marry him?

Lu Changge was conflicted over this but quickly walked into princess royal residence’s door in large strides in the end...

Princess royal residence, parlor.

Su Wan wore a deep purple palace dress and smiled at the nervous-looking Lu Changge. “General Lu, you’re joking with me right? You want to marry Bi Lou but what right do you have to mention that?”

Lu Changge’s expression changed a bit. It wasn’t like he didn’t know about princess royal’s arrogance and harshness. He had prepared himself mentally already.

“Your Highness!”

Lu Changge gradually stood up and looked seriously at Su Wan sitting above. “If Your Highness is willing, this official will naturally be grateful. But if Your Highness thinks otherwise, then...this official is willing to get married to her.”


A smile flickered through Su Wan’s phoenix eyes. “Lu Changge, you’re an important general. As a man that frequented the battlefield, you’re willing to stoop down and get married to a woman?”

“There is no such thing as stooping down or not. This official is willing to take responsibility of Bi Lou. That means that we’ll be together. What’s the difference between marrying or getting married then?”

Lu Changge understood the situation well.

“Lu Changge, if you get married with Bi Lou, Her Majesty will probably not trust you anymore. Have you thought about all of this?”

Su Wan stared at Lu Changge’s eyes and continued to pressure.

Her Majesty...

Lu Changge hesitated for a moment. “I throw myself into the battlefield so that I can service the country. Even if I’m not a general in the future, being a soldier is the same thing.”


Su Wan stood up and patted her hands. “General Lu, Bi Lou didn’t misjudge you. I am comforted in giving you her hand. You’re right. As long as two people are together, there is no difference between getting married or marrying someone.”

“Your Highness?”

Lu Changge was surprised to hear Su Wan’s approval that easily. Of course, he hadn’t heard about princess royal’s inspiring and tragic love story since he had just returned to the capital. Later on, Lu Changge found out about Su Wan and Yue Qing. He couldn’t help but lament that princess royal was a sensible person and everyone misunderstood her...

Everyone in the capital was shocked to hear that Bi Lou was getting married to Lu Changge. After all, Lu Changge was with Her Majesty. Yet, he married someone from the princess royal residence. There must be an inside story.

Su Man had just gotten married so she was in a great mood. However, hearing that Lu Changge was going to marry Bi Lou, her great mood faded.

Don’t mention that she admired Lu Changge but she refused to have even an ordinary general side with Su Wan!

For this, Su Man had summoned Lu Changge into the palace several times to discuss this. She wanted to dispel Lu Changge’s thought about marrying Bi Lou. However, he was overly stubborn. No matter what Su Man said, he refused to give up. In the end, Lu Changge ended up taking off his official attire within the imperial study and resigning in order to comfort Su Man...


When Yue Qing walked into Qingning Palace, Su Man had just tossed a teacup on the ground with a dark face. “Bunch of useless things!”

“Your Majesty, please calm down!”

A number of servants were on their knees. Su Man was about to continue venting her anger when she saw Yue Qing coming in. She waved her hands and dismissed the servants.

“Your Majesty, are you still angry over General Lu?”

Yue Qing took a few steps forward and looked at Su Man with a gentle gaze. When she heard his words, she couldn’t help but sneer, “Heh. I don’t know how the people from princess royal residence convinced Lu Changge but he’d rather resign from his position in order to marry Bi Lou! He clearly doesn’t know the situation he’s in. What a pity that I’ve always admired and valued him! I want to see how he’s going to ask the princess royal to let her marry Bi Lou when he has nothing!”

Su Man was sure that this was Su Wan’s conspiracy. Will she still allow her trusted aide to marry him when he is useless to her?

No way!

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