The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 298: Selling Paintings, Beautiful Woman in White

After Nan Xun left a ‘seeking death’ reply, she went to pour herself a glass of water to drink.

However, in just that little time she took to pour and drink a sip of water, the comments below had already exploded like a bomb.

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Young Child Pei: F*ck, where does this ghost named Shan Shui emerge from? What does her reply to my Great Ou Qian mean?

Four Words: Damn, she said thank you, is she the violin beauty in this video?!

Little Sister Peppa Pig: Oh my god, if this person is really the violin beauty in the video, isn’t she too thick-skinned?! She actually said that she’s going to climb my male god??

Blooming Flowers on the Road: Sh1t, I saw the video and thought that this beauty look like a sweet and innocent young girl with courteous bearing, but… wtf, her image changed so fast.

Poor Woman: F*ck, isn’t this our reborn big sister Jin Mao? My big sis Jin Mao is so mighty and domineering, her ultimate goal is actually climbing Mr. Perfect Ou Qian, so cool ah, my big sis Shan Shui!

Like Calling My Mother: Upstairs, who is sister Jin Mao?

Little Wood:  I have a bit of impression, isn’t she an eighteen-line* internet celebrity? But she used to look hideous, how come she suddenly changed like this? Is it plastic surgery? [T/N: not famous]

Left Bank Blazing Fireworks: Upstairs, it’s not plastic surgery, big sis Jin Mao appeared on the same day before and after removing makeup, have you ever seen a plastic surgery that can be healed up within the same day? She’s so beautiful ah.

Caterpillar: How is it beautiful? Such a low internet celebrity dares to long for my Great Ou Qian, so shameless, her wickedness won’t be resolved for a lifetime.

Su Family’s Cocoa: I think this Shan Shui is very domineering ah, not just everyone could actually dare to say such a thing, hehe, I’m waiting for big sis Sole Water to climb my Great Ou Qian. #watching a good play.jpg

Cute Smile: Cocoa ah, if this internet celebrity can really climb on my Great Ou Qian, I won’t say anything, I’ll just directly eat poop. #disdain.jpg

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Nan Xun quickly scanned the comments, many were blackening her until she was almost as black as the bottom of a wok, one part was biting sarcasm, while the other few were either supporting or just leisurely watching.

After a while, her reply reached the top comments.

However, no matter how shocking her reply was, the male god Ou Qian didn’t respond to her again, which was within Nan Xun’s expectation.

His ‘beautiful person, beautiful tune’ comment above might just be written by that big boss when he’s in a good mood, so he left a comment casually. He usually won’t watch this kind of video the second time, let alone looked at the comments below.

If Nan Xun really wanted him to see, she could just directly @/him, but this could easily arouse the male god’s resentment, so even if she was being impulsive, Nan Xun still maintained a portion of intellect.

Nan Xun closed Man-Man, then logged into her broadcast bank account, the income column at the back end had already shown her last month’s income that was a whole two-fold of the previous month, most views were from Shan Shui’s ‘suicide’ broadcast.

Nan Xun submitted an application for withdrawal. Thus, two days later there was an extra amount of money transferred into her bank card.

Based on Nan Xun’s recycling principle, she also put all of Shan Shui’s clothing into auction online, and with this, she got another not so small earnings as well.

Little Eight clicked his tongue in amazement.

“Women ah, they really won’t miss any chance to make money.”

Nan Xun, “No other choice, I need money urgently, first will be clothes and accessories, next I want to buy a lot of teaching materials to learn from. Although this sister has a good acting talent, it would be embarrassing I didn’t know some basic knowledge. Finally, this sister still wants to buy pretentious musical instruments like violin, piano or whatever.”

And like that Nan Xun practiced in seclusion for a month.

Within this one month, she learned everything about acting, repeatedly played male god’s film and TV’s works back and forth every day. That way she was learning while watching at the same time.

Surprisingly, it turns out she was actually a scholar tyrant. To the point of she, herself, afraid of her own capability once she actually got serious.

Looking at her determination, Little Eight had already become her number one fan even before she entered show business.

Nan Xun occasionally went to Man-Man to post one or two updates, lest her Man-Man account would be overgrown with grass from being left for too long.

However, Nan Xun found she just needlessly anxious after all since her reply to male god Ou Qian previously, her followers had increased by 200,000 overnight, and a month later, her Man-Man’s followers has already reached one million!

Shan Shui has been in the internet celebrity circle for two years only managed to have around 150,000 fans, but Nan Xun actually able to multiplied her followers into one million in just a month because of her brazen reply!

That’s why some often said… shameless people are invincible.

Naturally, little Eight was somewhat excited as well.

“Dear da, you’re so amazing, some third-line* celebrities might not even have this many fans!”

[T/N: somewhat famous]

Nan Xun said indifferently.

“Don’t you see that many people who followed me on Man-Man just want to curse on the comment section to blacken me? Those offensive comments might as well drive any weak-hearted person to commit suicide, but fortunately, this sister’s mentality is so formidable ah, no effect at all.”

After a slight pause, she suddenly laughed.

“One can be washed white if one is blackened first. It’s hard to say when these black fans will transform into true love fans.”

Nan Xun chose a simple dress with a scattered flower pattern from her new filled wardrobe, paired with a pair of comfortable and light but nevertheless still luxurious white soft shoes.

After all when she wasn't talking, she actually really looked like a gentle and demure young lady. And when she laughed, it felt natural and unrestrained.

Bringing her easel and paint brushes, Nan Xun then went to the public square in front of A city’s clock tower.

Little Eight couldn’t understand her actions and asked

“What are you doing? Are you going to sell paintings?”

Nan Xun nodded

“I’m a bit poor recently, so I’m going out to make some money.”

Little Eight; “……”

Nan Xun laughed twice.

“Silly Little Eight, I lied to you, actually I’m going fishing.”

Little Eight; “.......”

The Bell Tower in A City was a free tourism attraction, so naturally there were a lot of tourists there.

Nan Xun sat in a corner of the town square, propped up her easel and put a sign next to it with a line of beautiful black regular script.

Sketch portraits

50 yuan/each.

No one cared at first, but Nan Xun wasn’t idle, she picked up a pencil and began to draw on the drawing board.

With just a few smooth strokes, the characters on her drawings have become alive.

“Oh gosh, so look-alike ah!”

One person suddenly exclaimed.

Then gradually, there were more and more people gathering around Nan Xun. Their awe of admiration too soon followed.

Nan Xun’s painting wasn’t someone else other than Ou Qian, who has long been engraved in Shan Shui’s mind like a stigma, his every frown and smile, every act and move.

After all no one knew them perfectly like Shan Shui.

Right now the drawings showed a scene of Ou Qian playing piano.

Furthermore, her work hasn’t yet been completed yet when someone beside her exclaimed.

“I have seen this before, it’s the front cover of a magazine called <Dream Art>. It really does look similar! This girl is so amazing, she didn’t need to look at any reference at all!”

Nan Xun put the completed work aside for exhibition, then she looked up and smiled at the onlookers

“Do you want to have a portrait drawn? Fifty yuan a piece. It will be finished in 15 minutes.”

She smiled so beautifully ah, her eyes and brows were curving gently, bringing a spring breeze that passed through people’s heart.

It gave an impression of the girl who was holding a drawing board in one hand, and behind her was a bunch of bells full of ancient charm. She’s wearing a white dress with fluttering hair, as beautiful as a painting.


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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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