Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 297 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (13)

April 29, Su Man’s wedding. The empress’ marriage was a magnificent and unprecedented event.

According to Luanfeng Country’s traditions, the ceremony would begin from the morning to dusk. As for the party implicated in the wedding ceremony, Yue Qing was in the princess royal residence right now.

That’s right. He used to be from the princess royal residence so it was considered his maiden home. Though Su Man and Su Wan opposed one another, Su Wan had given up her power as the leader of the imperial family hidden guards. Su Man naturally allowed her to marry Yue Qing off. This was the reason why the wedding sedan chair from the imperial city would come straight to the princess royal residence.

In reality, Su Man had tested Su Wan before. If Su Wan really had schemes, she should be revealing herself by now right?

At this time, morning had just broken and the  entire princess royal residence was dyed in bright red symbolizing happiness.

Yue Qing wore a bright red outfit sitting quietly inside his room when he heard a pleasant zither melody from outside the room. This was...

Hearing the resentful zither music, Yue Qing was moved and he subconsciously stood up, opening the door.

The spring wind blew at his face.

The pure white pear blossoms bloomed. Under the snow white background, Su Wan walked over with her face bare of makeup and wore a bright red phoenix robe. She glanced down with her phoenix eyes and was now caressing the zither under the tree. The sorrowful zither music slowly filled the air from the backyard of the princess royal residence, echoing on the silent long street.

This song was overly sorrowful and resentful. Plus, Yue Qing had never heard anyone play this song before. He was a bit immersed.

The zither music was over now.

By the time Yue Qing snapped out of his trance, he saw the beautiful woman under the pear tree.

This was the first time he thought Su Wan was really beautiful. Shedding her pretentiousness and indifference as well as sternness, she was left with a pure sense of beauty.

The pure pear blossom petals fell from the sky and landed on Su Wan’s shoulders. She walked over to Yue Qing as if she didn’t feel them. “Do you like this song?”

“I do.”

Yue Qing hesitated and exclaimed with difficulty. It was true that he liked the song but it was also heartaching.

“I’ve never heard of this song. Princess royal, did you create this song?”


Su Wan shook her head. “A hidden master created this song...for his lover. The title is [Wishing for my Lover].

Glancing ahead, he just wanted his lover.

Wanting a lover...

Yue Qing’s gaze flickered. “It’s a good title and song but when Your Highness played the song, it’s overly sorrowful and resentful.”


Hearing Yue Qing’s words, Su Wan only smiled faintly. She lifted her hand to take out a beautiful purple brocade bag. “I won’t be attending your wedding ceremony today. This is...the gift I got for you. Accept this. From now don’t belong to the princess royal residence.”

Saying this, Su Wan’s hands trembled as she shoved the brocade bag into Yue Qing’s hands firmly before turning around quickly.

“Su Wan.”

Yue Qing couldn’t help but call her.


Just like the day he saw her outside the imperial study. He didn’t understand why she did all this.

Su Wan didn’t look back hearing Yue Qing’s words. She gradually lifted her hand to touch the petals falling down the tree. She exclaimed in a low voice, “Empresses are usually the ones in charge in the Luanfeng Country. It was normal for noblewomen to have multiple male concubines. My father was the former empress’ male attendant. He was deeply in love with the former empress although she had no feelings for him. He still couldn’t help but fall in love with her. In the end, he even died for her. I recalled that was when I was eleven. Father died and left peacefully. I screamed in front of his deathbed, asking him why. Why? Why did he have to be so stupid? He said because...of love! Because of love! Heh.”

Su Wan sneered, tears threatening to fall. She turned around and looked at Yue Qing teary-eyed. “Was that love? Just like how Liu Luo loves Su Man and how you also love her? What about Su Man? She loves Liu Luo and you, and even more people in the future. But because I’m not the daughter of the man he loved, I deserved to be abandoned? Yue Qing, tell me. What did I do wrong? I just wanted a man who truly loves me for who I am and grow old with him. Why? How come heaven was unwilling to grant me such a simple wish?”

In the end, Su Wan started to choke.

“Su Wan…”

Yue Qing took a step forward. He had never seen such a weak Su Wan.

Princess royal used to be the synonym for murder and cold-blood.

She was lofty and mighty with deep calculating thoughts. Everyone thought that she wanted the world but she just wanted a lover.

Yue Qing’s heart couldn’t help but ache for her. For her and for the relationship he lost.

Love. What sort of love was considered carved to the bones?

“Su Wan.”

Seeing the sparkling and translucent tears falling from Su Wan’s fair face, Yue Qing subconsciously wanted to wipe her tears but Su Wan avoided his touch as if she was about to touch electricity.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t be nice to me anymore. I’ve given up on you.”

As she said this, Su Wan looked up to see the man in front of her. “From today on, you belong to Su Man. As for me, I’ll find a man that belongs to me one day. I don’t care for his wealth or his talent. I just want him to love me. I’ll be willing to do anything for him!”

Saying this, Su Wan lifted her right hand and the dragon dagger slipped out from her sleeves. A silver glint passed by and Su Wan’s scarlet sleeve was cut off. The scarlet satin was tossed into mid-air by Su Wan and then landed on the ground just like the clean white petal.

“Yue Qing, from today on, we’re done for. The next time we meet, we are strangers!”

Su Wan placed her dagger away and left without hesitation.

Despite tear stains on her face, she still turned around elegantly and calmly as if she had transformed back into the noble and arrogant princess royal.

Yue Qing still stood there even after Su Wan’s figure disappeared. He stayed froze for a moment before suddenly bending over to pick up the red satin dropped on the ground by Su Wan.

She wanted a lover that would grow old with her.

Yue Qing couldn’t help but tighten his grip on the red satin. He gradually lifted his face and then closed his eyes. The spring wind seemed to be whispering in his ears.

There are trees in the mountain and branches in the tree. However, you don’t know that I love you.

When evening descended, the noisy imperial city finally quietened down.

The red candles flickered within the tent of the harem’s bridal chamber. Su Man and Yue Qing had just exchanged a cup of wine. Seeing the self-indulgent man in front of her, Su Wan couldn’t help but exclaim in a good mood, “Yue Qing, do you have any wishes? You’re my man. I can satisfy whatever wish you have.”

Yue Qing smiled faintly. “There’s nothing I want. Your Majesty, you don’t have to spend so much effort.”

“There’s no way a person has no desires. Even a saint will have a wish. Yue Qing, tell me. What do you want?”

Su Man enjoyed seeing Yue Qing’s aloof expression. She couldn’t help but act cute with him.

What did he want?

Yue Qing froze before blurting, “Finding a lover and growing old with her.”


Hearing Yue Qing’s words, Su Man smiled charmingly. “Yue Qing, you know how to say sweet nothings too! You’re mine now. We’re obviously going to grow old together. Don’t worry.”

Yue Qing smiled faintly at her words but he felt incomparably melancholy...

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