Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 296 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(12)

Su Man and Yue Qing’s wedding was set at the end of the month. At this time, the entire capital was immersed in happiness over Her Majesty’s wedding.

Su Wan had recovered from her “cold” after a while. She had resigned from her role as the leader of the imperial hidden guards. The officials in the morning court rarely saw the princess royal now as well.

For a moment, the officials on the court weren’t sure about Su Wan’s actual attitude. Princess royal’s officials all lied low and kept silent.

The streets were spreading rumors that the princess royal was hurt by love and planned on resigning for real.

But in reality—

Su Rui: Wife, you’re withdrawing your move again. You can’t do that. Let me kiss you~

Su Wan: When did I ever? Who saw it? Bi Lou, tell the truth!

Bi Lou was speechless.

Master, this maid is blind from all the lovey-dovey affections.

Really? Whoever lost had to kiss the other party once. Whoever won had to kiss the other party twice. Are you guys playing chess at this point? You’re just showing off your love in public. Have you considered my feelings?

As the ex-leader of the imperial hidden guards, Bi Lou thought that she could just follow Her Highness her entire life. She didn’t need a man nor did she need love. But now...

Bi Lou just wanted to say: Please bestow me a man and let me stop being single~

“Your Highness!”

While Su Wan and Su Rui were arguing over the number of kisses (how boring are you guys?), the housekeeper from the princess royal residence quickly walked to Su Wan and said, “Your Highness, the Clothes Department has sent the new Chinese-style gown they made over here. Should I place it in your bedroom?”

“Yes, put it there.”

Su Wan waved her hands and then at Su Rui. “Okay, let’s not play anymore. They’ve finished making the clothes. Now, I’m just waiting for Su Man and Yue Qing’s wedding.”

Right. In the blink of an eye, it was going to be the end of the month.

Su Rui couldn’t help but look at Su Wan. “You’ve had the outfit custom-made so are you planning to attend Her Majesty’s wedding?”


Su Wan shook her head and said, “I just need to set up the last show. As an experienced film empress, I need to stand until the end!”

Right. True, you are indeed the film empress for the past three years.

It was fine for Su Wan to not attend Her Majesty’s wedding but as the military officer, Su Rui had to go. Ever since he rejected Chi Xueyuan, Su Man held a grudge against the Feng Family but it wasn’t important. General Su really didn’t place the small Luanfeng Country in his eyes.

Apparently, General Lu Changge, was going to return to the capital for Her Majesty’s wedding. Only after he had come would everyone be here.

Ah, there were too many targets in this world. General Su was speechless. Just how dissatisfied must a woman be to have all these men? Plus, they’ve even called it “true love.” Shouldn’t they be known as a fickle?

“Wife, Lu Changge will probably return to the capital in three days. How do you plan on dealing with him?”

Despite Su Wan losing the imperial family’s hidden guards, she still had her personal guards and mercenaries. They were really good trump cards.

In this world, though Su Rui was just a military officer and had outstanding martial arts skills, he had no actual military power. The military power of Luanfeng Country was in Su Man’s hands. Besides her, only Chi Xueyuan had a tiger tally and able to dispatch troops during an emergency.

Lu Changge...

He was a brave and outstanding general!

Su Wan kept her head down and thought about it for a while before looking at Su Rui, smiling. “I heard that Lu Changge puts a lot of value into comradeship and is a responsible man.”


Su Rui immediately recalled the original plot’s content.

Lu Changge and Su Man admired one another but the two had a neutral relationship. What advanced their relationship was when they suddenly gotten drunk once.

Wine was a good thing. It was amazing!

It was common for people to act according to their desires after getting drunk.

“Wife, did you want…”

Su Rui immediately had a guess inside his heart while Su Wan only smiled mysteriously. Then she turned to look at Bi Lou, “Bi Lou, I have something for you to do and only you can do it!”

“Your Highness, please order!”

Hearing that she finally had a mission again, Bi Lou immediately stood up straight. Ah, am I finally going to escape from the sea of bitterness?

“If there are no accidents, Lu Changge’s troops will be entering the capital in three days. There are four more days until Her Majesty’s wedding. I don’t want him to attend her wedding so…”

“This subordinate understands. I will kill Lu Changge within three days before he can even enter the capital! Even if I have to die, I’ll make sure to drag him along too!”

Bi Lou swore and interrupted Su Wan’s words. Though Lu Changge was really powerful, Bi Lou believed that it was no issue if they were just dueling. Even if she couldn’t win him, she was sure she could injure him heavily.

“What are you talking about?”

Su Wan smiled and took out a bag of powder from her arms. “Here, take this. You can do this!”

Bi Lou was speechless.

It’s not what I think is it?

Your Highness, you want me to be a pervert? And to a general that commands a magnificent army?

Bi Lou suddenly felt a lot of pressure.

Seeing Bi Lou frozen there, Su Wan couldn’t help but narrow her phoenix eyes. “What? You can’t do it?”

“I promise to complete my mission!”

Feeling the pressure in the air, Bi Lou immediately grabbed the suspicious bag of powder and responded solemnly.

“Okay, you can go and get ready. Leave the capital by tonight and don’t startle anyone.”

After dismissing Bi Lou, Su Wan was in a better mood. She thought that she was the best master in the world. She knew that Bi Lou was lonely so she gave her a male lead to fool around with. Mn. Best if Bi Lou gets pregnant in the process. That way, the princess royal residence will become more lively.

“Will Bi Lou succeed?”

Su Rui glanced at Bi Lou’s figure in the distance and couldn’t help but ask.

Naturally, they didn’t question the girl’s loyalty for Su Wan and Su Rui could tell that Bi Lou was also simple-minded. She was slow in detecting her feelings.

“If you want her to slowly warm up someone’s heart, no way. But if you want her to force herself on someone else, she got this. She’s practiced!”

Cough. Of course, what she referred to was when Bi Lou executed her missions while she was still an imperial family hidden guard. This girl never knew to admit defeat. She always had an unyielding attitude.

Su Wan chose Bi Lou because she was inspired by General Su. Male leads were all of excellent quality so she may as well give one to Bi Lou~

As a result, a certain male lead hadn’t made it back to the capital and was already calculated.

Of course, this method could only be used to deal with Lu Changge or Li Xiao, people who weren’t so close to the empress. If they were Liu Luo or Yue Qing however, they needed to resort to another method.

Yue Qing...

Thinking of him, Su Wan couldn’t help but narrow her eyes. She had put a lot of effort into this show. Now, she only needed one thing.

My lover had gotten married but the bride isn’t me. What should I do? This was a pretty good title.

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